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10 Ridiculously Cheap Holiday DIYs


Christmas is just around the corner and if you’re still to trimming the tree and setting up house for this special holiday, check out these 10 ridiculously cheap holiday DIYs!  They are easy to create and cost pennies. cheap-holidays-pinterst

1. Button Silhouette Deer Art – Cost $2 for Canvas SONY DSC

Use leftover buttons and hot glue to create this cute holiday art that can stay out the entire season.  Find the entire tutorial HERE.

2. Updated Nativity Set – Cost $6 for Dollar Tree nativity figuresSONY DSC

Update this dollar store nativity set by painting all of the figures one solid color of paint.  Use leftover house, craft, or spray paint to make this DIY cost-effective.  You can find the full tutorial HERE.

3. Winter Fur Pillow Cover – $5 for a quarter of fur fabricSONY DSC

Stitch up a quick envelope pillow cover with a quarter piece of fur and recycle a piece of clothing from the “get rid of pile.” (We all have one, right?) Find the full tutorial HERE.

4.  Repurposed Ornaments with Paint and 5. Japanese Inspired Paint Brush Ornaments cost – free


Have some ornaments with paint missing or turning colors?  Update them with spray paint or craft paint.  You can read the full tutorial HERE.

5. Snow Wall – cost of cotton balls – $2


This DIY is a little time consuming but the winter wonderful effect is so much fun.  String cotton balls with a needle and thread and hang.  You can read the full tutorial HERE.

7.  Snowflake Pillow – cost- free


Do you have a plain jane pillow that could use a little sparkle this holiday season?  Create a snowflake pillow with safety pins.  This creative idea came from Danny Seo’s book Upcycling.  You can find the book and my tutorial HERE.

8. Music Flower Garland – cost- free


Print out your favorite Christmas carols to create this pretty musical garland.  You can find the full tutorial HERE.

9. Gold Twine Trees – cost – $3 for gold spray paint


Use craft, printer, or construction paper to create the cone shape then glue twine around the paper cone to make the tree. You can find the entire tutorial HERE.

10.  Ribbon Tape Ornaments – cost – ribbon tape $1


Shop your local dollar store for ribbon or washi tape.  Add interest to plain ornaments with stripes and crosses.  You can find the full tutorial HERE.

Just a few more days my friends!! If you want more Christmas inspiration, check out 11 amazing Christmas tablescapes HERE.  You can tour our entire Christmas home HERE.

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