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Beautiful Ideas for How to Dress a Bed Like a Designer

Learn how to dress your bed like a designer with beautiful ideas and bedding tips to create a perfectly layered bed that fits your style.

Well hello there! I think one of the best ways to start the morning is with a made bed.  Dressing a bed only takes a few minutes and the benefits last all day.

A made bed sets the tone for the rest of the house and can boost your mood and productivity. It also aids in a more restful night’s sleep by reducing the chance of getting tangled up in sheets and blankets and uneven warmth from too much or not enough coverage. It can also reduce the amount of dust that settles.

A beautiful bedroom with white and blue linens, velvet green headboard, and a mural and wreath on the wall.
How to Make a Bed Like a Designer

How to Dress a Bed Like a Designer

When it comes to selecting new bedding items, there are a variety of factors that should be taken into consideration. Here are some tips on how to choose the right bedding items for your bedroom.

  1. Consider Your Budget – Before you start shopping for bedding, consider how much you can afford to spend. If you’re on a tight budget, look for affordable options like cotton sheets or synthetic fibers such as polyester and rayon. You could also look into second-hand stores or online retailers for good deals. Places like Ross, Home Goods, and TJMaxx will also have affordable options and you can feel the material in person.
  2. Choose Quality Materials – Quality is important when it comes to choosing the right materials for your bedding needs and can make a difference in a restful night of sleep. Look for natural fabrics such as cotton and linen which are known for their breathability and comfort; however, if you’d rather go with synthetic materials then make sure they’re made from high-quality threads and thread count that won’t easily pill or fray over time.
  3. Pick Colors That Match Your Decor – When selecting colors, try to match them with other elements in your room such as window treatments, rugs, art, and home decor. Neutrals with an accent color or colorful printed throws or pillows are a safe bet when styling a bed!
A bright white bedroom with a mural and green velvet uphosltered headboard on the wall with matching window treaments and bedding in french blue and white.
Cotton Duvet in Blue and White on a Beautifully Made Bed

What to use to style a bed like a pro

  1. Quality bed sheets (bed linen) and pillows
  2. Shams and throw pillows
  3. Duvet and duvet cover
  4. Blankets and throws
  5. Bedskirts and dust ruffles
  6. Coverlets or quilts

A simple formula for creating a designer bed

The anatomy of a made bed:

  • Optional bed skirt
  • Fitted sheet
  • Flat sheet
  • Pillowcases
  • Pillow shams
  • Duvet
  • Throw pillow (s)
  • Quilt or coverlet
  • Throw (optional)
  1. Start with a fitted sheet and a flat top sheet. The flat sheet should be laid upside down if you fold the top of it back at the head of the bed so the decorative hem would show right side up. Hospital corners generally work to keep those ends tucked in at the foot of the bed unless you’re my 6’1″ husband. 😉
  2. Make sure you use pillows sized for your mattress. Regular for twin or full, queen size, and king size. Otherwise, they can look wimpy. Pillowcases face the inside of the bed for a neat appearance.
  3. Use pillow shams on a second set of pillows. Euro shams and two sets of regular pillows can look luxurious but just using two sets of pillows can be easier to keep up with and has a more modern traditional look that is still professional. Designers use both options!
  4. A duvet is almost always used by designers! It’s best to have a light and heavy duvet if you live in a place with four seasons. Otherwise, choose a comfortable weight year-round.
  5. Fold a second duvet, quilt, or coverlet at the foot of the bed.
  6. Add accent pillows (throw pillows) and a throw blanket for more interest in fabrics with fun textures like velvet, suede, silk, fur, and different colors and patterns.

How to make a beautiful bed

Now it’s time for the fun part, playing around with bed styling.


Whether to use a bed skirt or not depends on the shape of your bed and your preferred decorating style. No bed skirt on a metal frame or platform bed can look clean and sharp.

A beautiful boho vintage girl's room with bird wallpaper and pink paint, brass twin bed, global textiles, green velvet curtain and pillow on basket chest at the foot of the bed.  A light oriental rug on the floor.
Bed Styling with Global Textiles

Of course, bed skirts are great for preventing dust under the bed and hiding box springs. Using a pattern, pop of color or over-the-top fringe is a great way to add your personal decorating style!

Pillows, shams, and throw pillows

Let’s address pillows and shams next. Use 2-3 sets of standard pillows with your sheet pillowcases and shams. Try leaning them straight up and down against the headboard in different orders to see what looks best making sure a decorative sham is in front.

Layering bedding like a designer with a printed sham, white ruffle, sham, and blue and white throw pillow with a white quilt and grass woven headboard.  A campaign style chest with blue and white and brass is next to the bed.
Layering Bedding Like a Designer

Skip the shams all together and lean large throw pillows in front of your pillowcases.

How to dress a bed with layered pillows in global prints on a white coverlet.  A beautiful gold canopy bed.
Global Textiles Throw Pillow Styling

Layer two sets of pillows flat and accessorize with throw pillows. An odd number in different sizes work well centered.

Beautiful green tropical pillows take center stage on a gold canopy bed with white coverlet and khaki green walls.
The Throw Pillows take Center Stage
Beautiful green tropical pillows take center stage on a gold canopy bed with white coverlet and khaki green walls.  Floral lamp shade and art are styling with the bedside table.
How to Make a Beautiful Bed with Throw Pillows

A single accent pillow in front of each set of pillows makes an elegant yet simple symmetrical style.

Green and blue bedding in a white bedroom with a mural and global textiles.
Quilt and Duvet with Cover for Summer
A blue and white parisian inspired bedroom with a wall mural, velvet uphosltered headboard, and large area rug.
Tone on Tone Decorating with Blue

Duvets, Quilts, and Coverlets

The last step is layering with an additional blanket at the foot of the bed and a throw blanket causally tossed across the made bed.

Style a bed with neutrals for a relaxing room like this boho neutral bedding with a gold canopy bed and asian eterge.
Layered Textures

I love to add a warmer quilt in the cold winter months for a cozier and more comfortable vibe. You can also switch out your duvet for a heavier one in winter.

A layered red quilt looks cozy with blue and white bedding in a blue and white bedroom wtih a mural on the wall and a wreath above the bed.
How to Dress Up Your Bed in Winter

Sometimes a quilt or coverlet covers the bed while a duvet or throw is folded at the bottom.

Soft lighting and reading lamps in the bedroom to have a hgyye home.
Bed Styling with Cushions
Mix floral and geometric prints for accent pillows and throws on white bedding with a gold canopy bed with white walls and curtains.
Mix Floral and Geometric Prints for Accent Pillows and Throws

My latest trend is to use our light quilt on the bed with the duvet at the bottom during summer months and the duvet on the bed with the quilt at the bottom for winter months.

Modern eclectic bedroom with layered bedding, mural on the wall, and bench at the foot of the bed.  A wreath hangs over the bed.
Modern Eclectic Bedroom with Layered Bedding

Additional Tips:

  • Fold the duvet/blanket at the foot of the bed in thirds so you can easily pull it up in the middle of the night when you get chilly. 🙂
  • Use a mattress topper for additional comfort and fullness on a flat or too-firm mattress.

Check out my friends’ posts on creating a cozy retreat in the bedroom and a beautiful DIY modern headboard with caning!

Use these interior design tips for making a beautiful bed in the mornings! Leave me a comment with any questions or thoughts. I read each and every one.

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