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10 Easy Ways to Simplify Your Decor


It’s time for spring cleaning! Learn how to simplify your decor with 10 easy decluttering, organizational, and decorating tips. Print out a list of things you can get rid of right now.

Don’t you love that feeling you get when you step outside, close your eyes, and feel the warm sun on your face?   There is something about Spring and first sunny-warm days that energize and inspire to make changes.  So while you are making that list to spring clean, if your spaces are feeling a little heavy, cluttered, or dark, it may be time to simplify your home decor too.

10 Ways to Simplify Your Decor

10 Easy Ways To Simplify Your Decor Pinterest
10 Ways to Simplify Your Decor

1.  Stick to 3-4 main colors in your interior spaces and keep all of the big pieces of furniture in your room neutral.  Using soft neutrals with your wall colors, couches, dining set, and large area rugs will help showcase whatever color palette or style your into for the season.

Learn how to change a room style for cheap!

2.  Don’t over-accessorize. They say less is more, and it is true here too!  If you have been accumulating a lot of decor accessories or other things (shh! I won’t tell!) on your flat surfaces, try removing all of it and only putting back a few favorites.  You can store the rest and switch it out again next season.  If you don’t miss it after six months; sell, donate, or throw it away!

Find tips for decorating table tops and shelves.

minimalist decor for Spring cleaning
Simple Sofa Table Styling

3.  Make sure all of your necessities are organized and stored for easy access.  Baskets and bins under the sofa or coffee table work great for games/puzzles/toys.  A basket next to the sofa, chair, or fireplace can hold your throw blankets.  If there are items used daily, make sure they are within easy reach and have a “home” that’s conveniently placed in the space you use them the most. 

Curtains Mirrors Lighter
Basket Storage and Simple Wall Decor

4.  Pull your furniture away from the wall to let the space breathe.  Even if you don’t have space to place your couch in the center of the room, leaving 3 to 4 inches between the wall and furniture will make a difference!  You may also be surprised at how much space you will have with a cozier arrangement. 

Christmas Home Tour Tree Candle Light Edited 81
Texas House – Living Room
Living Room Birds Eye Summer Tour 640x464
Open Living Room

5.  If you have dark curtain panels or heavy window treatments that are outdated, replace them with a neutral sheer or cotton panel.  Also, make sure your curtains are hung tall (3-4 inches from the ceiling) and wide (4-6 inches from each side of the window or door). 

They should touch the floor or right below the window sill.  If you are keeping dark curtains closed for privacy, hang a double curtain rod and attach sheer curtains behind so you can still have natural light but not worry about peepers. 

inspired by Miles Redd curtains turquoise
Blue Curtains with Sheers

6.  Organize your bookcases and shelves.  Get rid of any unread books (that are months old) and books that you don’t plan to reread.  Use these easy steps for styling a bookcase.  Make sure there is empty space remaining on each shelf to give visual rest.

7.  Put all of your small kitchen appliances away under the cabinets or in the pantry.  If you need smaller items to stay out, coral them on a cake stand or large dish/tray.

Learn more about organizing a kitchen and creating stylish storage containers.

Wood diffuser on kitchen counter with oil essential oil bottle. Bright and white kitchen.
Simple Kitchen Decor

8.  In the bedroom, store away winter bedding or extra blankets and pillows until next season.  Need extra storage space in your room?  Try using a storage ottoman at the foot of the bed (or baskets/bins under a bench).

Soft lighting and reading lamps in the bedroom to have a hgyye home
Spring Bedding
bedroom teak bench
Bedroom Bench

9. Gather your bedside necessities in a tray.  Use larger pieces of furniture like a desk or small dresser, or tuck a basket underneath a leggy bedside table if you need additional space for storage.

minted floral lampshade
Beside Table with Basket Underneath

Learn how to style his and hers bedside tables!

10.  To get a kick start on decluttering, grab a box and get rid of these items in each room right now!  Subscribe and print out the list as a PDF HERE.

Things To Get Rid Of Watermarked
Things to Get Rid of Right Now

Follow along with Instagram stories “Spring Cleaning Tips”  for decluttering, organizing, and pretty storage solutions. Use these tips to simplify your decor on a weekend and enjoy spring to its fullest!  And check out A Guide to Spring Decluttering and Decorating. Do you have any tips to add? Which one was your favorite?  Leave me a comment and let’s chat.


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  1. Kathy, these are such wonderful tips! I am definitely decorating-challenged, and I learned quite a few things by reading through this list. (Also, I love your piano! I am a high school choir director turned stay at home mom…so I share your love for music!)

    1. Thanks for the sweet comment Meredith! I’m rehearsing with a H.S. Choir right now for their Spring concert. 🙂

    1. Thanks! It drives me crazy when all of the furniture is up against the walls. I like cozy seating arrangements. 😉

  2. Great tips, thank you. Especially like the ideas of pulling the furniture away from the wall, and also putting the smaller kitchen appliances away. On the latter point, we’ve actually used this article as a prompt to sell or give away some appliances – some are seldom used and take up space when they’re not used 95% of the time. Thanks as always for the inspiration!

  3. Wow!! Kathy. Those orchids look so beautiful. Just can’t wait to implement some of your tips in my home. I am sure they will be loved by my family members. Thanks and keep decorating.

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