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$100 Room Makeover: Renter Friendly Eclectic Master Bedroom


How far can you take $100? Check out a global eclectic master bedroom makeover with renter-friendly DIYs and decorating tips.

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What do you get when a military spouse is living overseas in a traditional Japanese rental house? A global eclectic styled small bedroom with boho vibes for $100.

Global Eclectic Master Bedroom $100 Makeover

week 1: Master Bedroom Plans | week 2: Master Bedroom Update | week 3:  DIY Basket Wall Art | week 4: Global Eclectic Master Bedroom (you are here)

Howdy! I’m Kathy and if you haven’t guessed it, we are a military family stationed in the beautiful country of Japan. It hasn’t stopped me from participating in fun challenges like this $100 room makeover hosted by my friend at Lemons, Lavender, and Laundry.

In fact, it was just what I needed to complete our master bedroom albeit temporary housing but still an important peaceful haven to enjoy our time across seas.

Use rugs to hide rental floors hard or carpet like I did with a cute boho rug on linoleum floor in a Japanese rental home with DIY basket wall art and a brown club chair .
Global Eclectic Bedroom

And today’s the day for the final reveal after a month of renter-friendly DIYs and creative room arranging to get the most out of our small space.  The $100 Room Makeover challenge is complete!  Without further ado, welcome to our global eclectic master bedroom. 

Let’s do a quick recap. As I mentioned before, we are in a traditional Japanese home in Iwakuni, Japan.  The bedroom is small but has plenty of closet space with floor-to-ceiling built-in closets and lots of natural light.  

There’s a beautiful large garden window with a deep windowsill and glass sliding doors that open up to an upstairs balcony overlooking the backyard and neighborhood. Here’s how it looked a month ago right after Christmas! 

Japanese rental bedroom before a $100 makeover showing a gold canopy bed, windows, and white bedding.
Small Bedroom Before
Built in floor to ceiling wardrobes in a Japanese rental home bedroom with white and walls and ceilings.
Small Bedroom with Wardrobes
A bedroom vanity with an art decor desk painted in grey ombre looks darling with a tall silver mirror next to a gold canopy bed.
A Desk as a Vanity

And here’s the inspiration board I shared with my plans in the first week.  I’ve been infusing global eclectic style throughout our home so I knew that I wanted to take that direction with our bedroom too. Inspiration came from Kyoto’s bamboo forest, a silk kimono that I bought second-hand, and boho-global accessories.

A global eclectic master bedroom plans and inspiration for a $100 room makeover with gold canopy bed, bamboo forest, kimono fabric, plants, rugs, and baskets.
Global Eclectic Master Bedroom Mood Board

image sources going clockwise  Bamboo Forest image | Gold Quatrefoil Bed | Woven Wall Hanging | Capiz Shell Pendant | Hanging Planter Macrame | Faux Cowhide Rug | Traditional Rug |  Plant | Threshing Basket | Blue African Bowl | Beaded Decorative Wall Basket |  Silk Kimono Fabric image

The $100 Room Makeover Reveal:

The first thing you notice is that the sea of plain jane wallpaper is now featuring my DIY basket wall art created with thrift store threshing baskets, paint, and dollar store or rather the 100 Yen store air plant, and push pins.

The brown linoleum floor is covered with a pretty new rug I found at a local home decor store.

$100 room makeover with global eclectic style using threshing baskets painted in soft pastels hanging on a white wall with a red rug and camel toned club chair in the corner.
DIY Basket Art Wall
Create DIY wall art with painted threshing baskets and adorn with an air plant for boho vibes.
Pastel Threshing Baskets

I decided at the last minute to move a chair into our room from downstairs and I’m so glad I did.  It looks perfect in the corner and helps balance the other side of the room. 

I found a pair of them second-hand when we were living in Okinawa and they both fit beautifully in our living room. But this house has a much smaller living space so one downstairs and one upstairs is perfect.

A bedroom corner for the $100 room makeover featuring a camel toned club chair, red rug, colorful baskets on the wall, and a small window with brass bells hanging.
View of Bedroom Corner

The bedding I already had.  I would have loved to throw in a kilim pillow or two (with all the painted basket colors) but it wasn’t in the budget.  Maybe down the road… (which I did do later for an Iris Apfel-inspired bedroom refresh!)

I did use thrifted shibori fabric and made pillow covers to mix with the other eclectic patterns.

A $100 room makeover in a Japanese rental turned a plain room into a cute eclectic master bedroom with white walls, gold canopy bed, mixed patterned bedding, and a cute vanity area with a tall silver mirror, copper lamp, and woman's bust.
Eclectic Master Bedroom $100 Room Makeover

I found a solution for my husband’s side of the bed which was difficult to work with since I had centered the bed on the wall and his side was the bedroom door.  

The side table I placed there is so tiny, I opted for a pretty gold mercury lamp from IKEA and a tall wire basket, both I had brought with our limited household goods, on the wall to fill the empty space.  The little wood table was another purchase in Okinawa.

Small bedside table decor showing a little wood two drawer chest in white next to a gold canopy bed with a wire basket and mercury glass small table lamp.
Modern Eclectic Bedroom
Small bedside table decor featuring global eclectic accessories like a wood scalloped box, Moroccan tray, mercury glass lamp ,and plant.
Small Side Table Ideas

My husband has just enough room for his glasses and water glass now.  I moved the tall lamp that was on his side of the bed to my side.  Its narrow base opened up more room on my desk-turned vanity with the help of a large mirror.

A new boho wall hanging was a major purchase for this makeover and looks lovely in the vanity corner.

A renter friendly bedroom on a budget showing a cute neutral corner with a desk as a vanity with chair, pillow, and tall mirror.  A cute boho wall hanging in on the corner wall.
Bedroom Vanity Area

Simple DIY art that I created for a bathroom in our Okinawa house is now on the vanity with a few of my jewelry boxes and of course, the fabulous Daphne wearing my grandmother’s costume jewelry.

Use a desk for a vanity!  A close up view of the vanity top with DIY marker art, makeup brushes, plant, burled wood box, and woman's bust with necklaces.
Daphne wearing Grandma’s Necklaces
A cute plant on a blue and white plate and burled wood box  in a master bedroom makeover.

We found the perfect solution for the tv (I shared a little peek last week.) with a thrift store cabinet for $50. It was in a cute second-hand shop called Dragonfly right down the street!

I have a feeling we’ll pick up many souvenirs to take back to the states with us from there. They have lots of shibori fabric, kimonos and traditional clothing, home decor, tea sets, and furniture.  

This pretty cabinet is the right height and has beautiful carvings and colors on the drawer fronts.  A second-hand suitcase and stack of books fit nicely in the top cubby which I think originally had doors. My husband’s neckties are stored neatly inside.

A tall and narrow black dresser with carved drawers and cubby opening.  A small tv sits on top in the corner of a bedroom.
Small TV Stand
Small tv stand ideas like a tall black cabinet in global style.
Global Styled Tall Dresser

The garden window was tricky because I had planned on using most of our budget for plants but it went towards the cabinet. So instead, I was able to purchase one live plant (with a mix of plants in it) and group it with faux plants and shells I had around the house. 

A large garden window sill with faux and live plants in a cute vignette are in a Japanese rental home.
Garden Windowsill with Plants

I think it worked out nicely! You really would never know I mixed real with faux and it fills the garden window as I wanted.

A garden window decorating idea showing a large sale with a plant inside.
Large Shell with Plant

And this is the view from our window. Aren’t the Japanese roofs gorgeous? And that my friend, is a bamboo forest right behind our neighborhood. Someone pinch me, please.

Our Japanese neighborhood view of houses and bamboo forest.
Bedroom Window Views

The last detail was hanging a shell capiz hanging a friend gave me for my birthday two years ago. It’s my renter-friendly solution for a chandelier as it only needed little command hooks around a pot light.

Here you can see just how small our room is. This is one half, and yes, that is about a foot and half from the foot of the bed to the sliding doors and wall.

A rental master bedroom makeover in Japanese home showing small bedroom with white walls, wardrobe, baskets on the walls, and a gold canopy bed.
Finished Bedroom Makeover

And the other half. Surprisingly there is plenty of floor space and all of our clothes fit in the closets and drawers.

A view from a canopy bed to a garden window with cute boho furnishings.
Finished Bedroom Makeover

I’m so happy with how everything came together.  Not bad for only being in our rental for 2 months. We moved in just for the holidays.

A renter friendly $100 global eclectic master bedroom makeover over showing a collage of pictures from the room.
Bedroom Makeover Reveal Graphic

Here’s the $100 Makeover to-do list!

What I wanted to add:

Plantsa garden for the windowsill

Colora mix of bedding and textiles from my house free

Texture100 yen store baskets 

Interestan eclectic mix of decor elements (from “shopping” the house) free

LightingDIY shell chandelier and appropriate bedside lighting


Wall hanging -$30

TV cabinet -$50

Large plant with basket -$15

Baskets and push pins -$7

Total: -$102

I’m so looking forward to seeing all the reveals this week.  Enjoy!

The $100 Room Challenge, one room, one month, $100 graphic.
$100 Room Challenge
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  1. Your bedroom is beautiful. I love the way you mix and match texture with color and prints. It definitely lives up to your Global Eclectic title. And that cabinet! So great and worth the money. Great job.

  2. Wow, I love this Kathy! I LOVE that bed, and you really packed a lot of style and charm into that little bedroom! I still love those floor-to-ceiling cabinets…I love how your place maximizes space in a smaller footprint! Awesome job!

  3. Oh my goodness! The room literally has come to life. I love the solution you chose for the television. Great storage! Love the basket art too! Well done 🙂

  4. Wow! What a difference! The basket above your husband’s night stand is perfect. And your view is amazing. I’m gathering plants for our master bedroom, and I really like what you did with yours. Great inspiration!

  5. Incredible! I really love all you’ve done with this space and how you mix different styles and periods and textures and patterns together – it’s amazing how cohesive it all ends up being. Not everyone can do that successfully but you more than pulled it off.. Just LOVE it!

  6. Hi Kathy, wow congrats on the move to Japan. How exciting!!! I hope you are feeling at home ! Tiny bedroom but cozy! I love what you did, the capiz caught my eye! Where did you get it from? I see a different one in the list above than the one you have hanging (I think)? Christine from Little Brags!

    1. Hey Christine! We just love it here. We were two years in Okinawa but we moved to mainland Japan about a year ago. The capiz pendant my friend bought for me as a bday present. I’m pretty sure she snagged it from one of the military gift shops in Japan so I don’t have the resource for it. It’s not a light, just the shells!

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