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$100 Room Makeover: Master Bedroom Update

Hi there!  What a busy week.  Yesterday I introduced our kitchen and inspiration for the New Year New Room Refresh and today it’s time for an update of our master bedroom.  I’m so glad I’m participating in both these challenges.  They are really motivating me to get off the couch.  It can be hard to get back into the swing of the things after the holidays!

$100 Room Makeover: Master Bedroom Update

hosted by Erin from Lemons, Lavender, and Laundry

week 1: inspiration | week 2: update | week 3:  DIY basket wall art | week 4: reveal

Let’s revisit the mood board and resource list and then I’ll share my progress that I peeled myself away from Netflix to complete today.  Procrastination at it’s finest!

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global-eclectic-master-bedroom-inspiration for $100 room makeover

image sources going clockwise  Bamboo Forest image | | Woven Wall Hanging | | Hanging Planter Macrame | Faux Cowhide Rug | |  Plant | Threshing Basket | Blue African Bowl | Beaded Decorative Wall Basket |  Silk Kimono Fabric image


I brought in two of our rugs that are similar to the inspiration board.  The traditional rug was too small downstairs in our living area but looks perfect in our bedroom entry.

rental bedroom makeover with rug

I decided to tuck in the black bed skirt and pin up the ends with straight pins underneath so the frame is exposed.  What do you think?

One of our faux cowhide rugs is in my vanity area and makes it so cozy!  I really like the vibe it adds.  I still want to add more natural and modern elements to contrast with all the girliness.   A small vanity mirror has been added to my shopping list.  😉

desk used as vanity in a rental bedroom

The heavy “too big” drapes finally came down and I installed a simple fabric shade.  It’s so much easier getting around the bed now.  This side of the room still needs lots of work!

japanese bedroom with neutral shades

Our chandelier was half DIYed by attaching a capiz shell hanging to a pendant light.   The celing lights are so easy to replace in Japan.  You just twist the top off and it disconnects the wires and everything!  Then  just twist the new light fixture in. capiz shell chandelier in bedroom

My husband’s nightstand is much smaller than my desk, so I boosted a taller lamp up with books to match the height of the desk lamp.  The shades match and help with the balance.  Next I will focus on artwork and practical styling. add height to lamp with books

vanity corner in bedroom with repurposed desk

My favorite change this week (and first purchase) is a beautiful woven wall hanging that reminds me of a Moroccan wedding blanket.  It was exactly what I had envisioned for this corner of the room.moroccan wedding blanket style wall hanging

More projects to complete:

The wall that you face when you walk in will have a DIY project to create a focal point.  I’m hoping to have it completed my next Tuesday! renter friendly bedroom makeover

I’m still thinking about if our tv should stay and where should it go.  Ugh.  TVs… garden window and tv corner in Japanese rental home

The List:

Plants – a garden for the windowsill and possible wall art

Color – a mix of bedding and textiles from my house (I also have some beautiful silk Kimono fabric!) free

Texture – 100 yen store baskets (I have a DIY up my sleeve for this one!)

Interest – an eclectic mix of decor elements (from “shopping” the house) free

LightingDIY shell chandelier and appropriate bedside lighting

*The two window shades for the room were $80 and won’t be calculated into the makeover budget.


Wall hanging -$30one-room-challenge-graphic

Please enjoy the other $100 Room Makeover updates below!


  1. A great buy on that wall hanging! I do like the exposed bed frame! If you are keeping the tv, any chance you can wall mount it? And then maybe hang a thrifted frame around it to make it less obtrusive? We have a really big flat screen in our room that takes up my hubby’s entire dresser, and that is what I am hoping to do!

    1. That’s such a good idea but we aren’t allowed to use anything bigger than a push pin in these walls. I going to have to try that in a future home! We did find a cabinet that “blends” well with the TV at the thrift store. 🙂

  2. Yes that rug looks great in the bedroom entry; yes, I love the tucked bed skirt, thanks for sharing that tip. You could probably stop now and I’d still say WOW!! Though I’m dying to see your garden window. Such pretty pictures, thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Natalie! It’s a little tricky if the box spring just has that thin covering. I made sure my straight pins were stuck into the wood frame a little. Staples would probably work better if you aren’t worried about the bedskirt. 😉

  3. Your bedroom is coming along so nicely. It already looks beautiful. I would have never thought about using books to raise the lamp. Great ideas all around.

  4. The bed frame is beautiful, no need to hide it with the bed skirt. Great idea tucking it in. I think the TV should move. I believe TVs do not belong in the bedroom. A bedroom should be calm, and TVs do not help with that. Just my opinion.

    1. Thanks for the kind words! I agree about the bedroom. We don’t have the tv on most of the time but when my husband is deployed, I like to stay on the same floor as the kids at night and watch chick flicks. Otherwise, I use lavender, warm light on screens, a sleep mask, and sleep sounds like a good girl (I’ve even taken a sleep course for insomnia). lol 😉 Thanks for sharing your opinion, always appreciated!

  5. Your room already looks so beautiful! I feel you on the TV. Mine is staying because I am being honest with myself and know I would hate it without it. I watch TV in my room at night before I go to bed, it’s my down time and I enjoy it too much to let it go. Good luck with that decision.

    1. Thanks for noticing that little detail Erin! I’ve always wanted the legs exposed and then I had an ah-ha moment! lol This has been such a fun challenge and just the push I needed to get this new rental in order! Thanks for everything.

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