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7 Easy Decorating Tips for Renters


Start living in a space you love with these 7 must have decorating tips for your rental and small spaces with easy rental friendly DIYs.

Being in a military family means we move often.  For me it’s an exciting time with endless possibilities of decorating a new home complete with challenges, new layouts, and now a new culture.  For others, decorating a temporary home may seem daunting or pointless.  Don’t let your rental (short term or long term) abode keep you from having a space you love.

Decorating Tips for Renters

Here are 7 Easy Decorating Tips for Renters to help you get started.decorating-tips-feature-pinterest

1.  Remove those vertical blinds and hang curtains.  Hanging curtains a few inches from the ceiling and down to the ground will help make your space feel larger.  renter friendly decorating tips so you can love your space!

2.  Decorate your walls.  Most landlords will let you paint the walls if you paint it back to the original color before you move.  If you don’t want a big job before you leave consider painting just one focal wall. love your space now with these easy decorating tips

If you are not allowed to paint your walls, consider decals, removable wallpaper, or other creative wall treatments. renter friendly DIYs and decorating tips renter friendly wall art and more decorating tips

Stickers, Stickers, and Stickers

3.  Hang art and family photos.  If you have built ins, try leaning leaning artwork to add personal style.  Don’t be afraid of creating holes.  Nothing makes a home feel warm like family photos and special accessories.  Plus, filling holes with spackle is easy.  You can also hang art with command strips. How to hang art without putting holes in the wall and other renter friendly decorating tips

renter friendly decorating tips for styling your bookcase

4.  Rugs are a must have for renters.  Not only are they great for covering linoleum, vinyl floors, and other ugly floors they can also hide stained carpet. easy decorating tips for renters

5.  Change your light fixture.  This is one of my favorite changes you can make to a rental.  You can hire an electrician/handyman for a hour or install a new light fixture yourself (with proper instructions).  Just make to store the rental fixture in a safe place until you move.  Decorating tips for temporary abodes and small spacesrental friendly decorating tips and ideasYou can also cover existing ugly light fixtures with DIY solutions. diy fabric chandelier perfect for renters!

DIY Fabric Chandelier

6.  Add natural elements to your space like pinecones, flowers, shells, and plants.  Include local outdoor finds to add texture and interest to your home.

decorating tips and tricks just for renters

7.  Repurpose old or thrifted furniture to fit in your new rental.  A quick coat of paint or new hardware can do wonders for a furniture facelift.  Try using your bedside tables in the living room, or a dining chair in the sitting room. You may find that you love the new arrangement. Decorating tips and ideas for renters and small spaces

Check out my post popular post, eight tips for renters and find more rental friendly decorating ideas.   




  1. I really need some big rugs, we live on base housing and have an open plan living/dining/kitchen area and its a big space with wooden floors (not the kitchen) anyway I want some rugs but struggle to find anything in Okinawa I like and of course I want a large one and so places in the U.S. wont ship!

    1. I want wooden floors!! Our white linoleum is so hard to keep clean. Nitori and Awase Design Living center have pretty large area rugs. Let me know if you need a shopping buddy!

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