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A Beautiful Modern Classic Marble and Moody Bathroom Reveal


Check out a stunning black and white modern classic marble bathroom One Room Challenge reveal with beautiful moody vibes.

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Well, we made it! Our family survived the first major room renovation with professional contractors and everything. My clothes are fitting a little tighter and a grey streak of hair has appeared out of nowhere but we have a gorgeous classic marble bathroom to enjoy now!

One Room Challenge Reveal: A Modern Classic Marble Bathroom with Moody Vibes

Welcome to week six eight of the  One Room Challenge sponsored by Better Homes and Gardens! This fun and creative series are where twenty featured designers and 100s of guest participants like myself have six weeks (plus a two and half-week extension) to makeover a room.

Marble Bathroom Reveal with blue and white wallpaper in vanity area, granite counter, taupe cabinets, and black marble backsplash.  White marble floors.
One Room Challenge Bathroom Reveal

I was able to completely change our hall bathroom with help from generous sponsors. Of course, like most big projects, we had some big challenges. The original plan that I shared during the first week was only to make cosmetic changes in the loo.

Our contractors found extensive damage in the wall studs during the process and had to completely gut the bathroom. Our little one week job turned into 4 long weeks of construction but there were a lot of silver linings. And truth be told, there are a few more things to wrap up in there.

Bathroom renovation demo process.

Two big silver linings were a middle wall that had to be removed that separated the bath from the vanity which made the bathroom look a lot bigger. And second, I didn’t get my black accent marble niches in the shower so we had enough marble tile to do a new backsplash.

Here are the first five weeks of the One Room Challenge for reference.

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I think the best part of these reveals are the before and after pictures so let’s have a little review, okay?

grey bathroom vanity area with grey floors, cabinets, and granite countertop with light blue walls
Bathroom Before
White subway tile bathtub surround and blue walls with grey floors
Bathroom Before
taupe bathroom cabinets tall next to toilet with blue walls
Bathroom Before

Now on to the good stuff!!

Where do I start? The vanity side features Clare Paint Snow Day which was absolutely amazing to use. The application was so easy and the color is perfect. You can read all about my painting experience in this post.

Marble Bathroom Reveal Vanity side with taupe cabinets, black faucet and marble backsplash, blue and white wallpaper and bright white walls and marble floor.  Gold accents and plants.
Big and Brighter Bathroom

I had amazing contractors that took everything in stride and came up with creative ideas for a custom bathroom. Darren, who installed the tile, was able to create bullnose and trim pieces with a beautiful white marble field tile from Jeffery Court. We remove the 4-inch granite trim and now have a black hexagon with marble trim that works beautifully with the existing black and white granite vanity top.

Close up of matte black bathroom sink faucet, black marble custom backsplash, granite countertop, blue and white wallpaper, taupe cabinets with gold pulls.
Vanity Side
Moody bathroom close up of sink and faucet with wallpaper, marble, and gold mirror.
New Sink Faucet

The hexagon and black and white themed tile continue on the floor with a black granite threshold and Jeffery Court marble hexagon floor tile. The tile is dense and sturdy, unlike some more fragile marble. The new bathroom is built to last 20 years.

Marble Bathroom Reveal Full Resized Watermark 2
Black Granite Threshold with White Marble Tile Floor
View into hall bathroom with white hexagon marble floors, white walls, and grey cabinets.
Bathroom from Doorway

On the vanity wall is a pop of color with Milton and King Wallpaper. I wrote a post on how easy this wallpaper is to install and once again I’m in love. The clean blue and white pattern is the perfect juxtaposition to the granite and marble backsplash. It was difficult to select a print with so many gorgeous options but with help from some of you on Instagram I decided on one called Sarah Annie.

Vanity side of bathroom with blue and white accents, black marble backsplash, granite counter, grey-taupe cabinets.
Vanity Side of Marble Bathroom Makeover

It is complemented with a modern light fixture from Crystorama. They have a great selection of vanity lights in many different styles and the quality is wonderful. I couldn’t be more pleased with the one I chose called Sylvan from the Libby Langdon collection.

Close up of black vanity light on blue and white wallpaper with gold mirror.
New Vanity Light

The shades are glass which is a breeze to clean and the simple lines are so lovely against the wallpaper.

Close up of bathroom vanity light on top of blue and white patterned wallpaper.
Crystorama Light Fixture

The last highlight on this half is the beautiful sink faucet from Hansgrohe called the Joleena collection. My contractors were amazing at the quality of all the products I received for this room. The beautiful collection continues in the shower/tub. I can’t decide if my favorite is the matte black against the black marble or the white marble. They are both so lovely.

Close up of marble backsplash and bathroom sink with wallpaper and gold mirror.
Black Marble Backsplash with New Faucet and Wallpaper

On the other side of the bathroom is the crown jewel. A vertical marble bathtub surround with more marble filed tile from Jeffery Court. We are talking, 3×10 inch honed white marble. Holy cow, wow! I’m so glad my installer was able to set the tiles staggered vertically to the ceiling because it really made a difference. He was also able to do more bullnose trim and add two marble shelves.

Dark moody wall in bathroom with colorful art and floral shower curtain and roman shade. White marble bathtub surround and white marble floors.
Bathtub Surround and Toilet

The marble has really pretty gray and some red veining in it. I’ve learned a lot about using natural stone and am so glad I hired a very experienced “old-school” contractor or should I call him a tradesmen? They did such a beautiful job with the amazing product. We still need a coat or two of sealant on the the tile and grout but the bathroom sure is gorgeous!

Dark moody bathroom with view of tub and white marble vertical tiles, black faucet, black wall, and dark floral shower curtain.  Black and white bathroom rug draped over tubside.
Marble Surround

More beautiful matte black fixtures from Hansgrohe’s Joleena and a custom-made extra-long shower curtain with fabric from Milton and King trimmed with tassels from Fringe Market frame the newly refinished bathtub.

White vertical marble tile bathtub surround with black faucet and trim.  Dark floral shower curtain.
Matte Black Fixtures

The Milton and King fabric is called Sophie’s Garden and has a lovely floral with an insects motif that is fun for the kids’ bathroom but sophisticated enough for a polished style. I chose a dark blue tassel from Fringe Market to go with pretty fabric. The dark tone on tone is exactly what I was going for!

Black bathroom wall with colorful art and floral shower curtain and roman shade with tassels.
Dark and Moody Side of the Bathroom

To make an extra long shower curtain I had to first match up the pattern from two cuts to make it wide enough. I treated the fabric with scotch guard and used velcro to secure it with a shower liner for extra protection. That way, I can wash the liner and dry clean the curtain when needed. I attached the pretty chunky tassel trim with hot glue.

White marble bathroom floors with floral shower curtain and tassels against a black wall.
Fringed Shower Curtain

The roman shade did not need to be functional so I hemmed fabric the size of the window with iron-on fusing tape and secured more tassel trim with the hot glue gun. I used tension rods to put it in place and create folds.

Dark moody wall in bathroom with small window and floral roman shade and shower curtain. Glimpse of colorful art.
Custom Shower Curtain and Faux Roman Shade

Seriously, how pretty is that?

The whole jumping-off point to the moody pattern was decided on an elegant black wall paint from Clare for this half of the room. After trying their convenient samples in many different moody hues I decided on a Blackish which is an almost black paint.

It looks so good with the existing cabinet color that I wanted to originally change. The dark paint grounds the space and makes a perfect backdrop for a “bathroom safe” gallery wall.

Bold blue floral large painting over toilet and next to tall taupe cabinets. Black wall paint.
Family Art Gallery Corner
Art corner next to toilet with black wall paint and colorful gallery wall.
Gallery Corner

One of the goals I wanted for this space was to use a compilation of art from my kids and my talented Aunt that had yet to find a home in our house due to their vibrant colors. I’m so pleased they are now on display. I only hung oil, ceramic, and embroidery which should all be safe with moisture. But we will be diligent with the fan and window to keep the room dry.

Other little details are the new gold pulls, towel hooks with Turkish hand towels, and a new mirror.

Vanity side of bathroom with white walls and blue and white wallpaper.  Colorful floral oil painting over medicine cabinet.
A painting by my late Aunt.
wide view of bathtub with marble tile surround, floral shower curtain, plant, black faucet, and black and white rug draped over side of the tub.
Bath Mats
A bird's eye view of bathroom vanity white marble hexagon floor, gold stand with plant, and grey taupe cabinets.
Where the wall was removed.

Again, a huge thanks to the One Room Challenge team, Better Homes and Gardens who is the official media sponsor, and these amazing Sponsors that I was thrilled to partner with are listed below.

You can find all the featured designer virtual rooms on this page and all the guest participants’ reveals on this page.

Here’s what happened for my bathroom makeover:

  1. Have the light switched box on one side moved to the vanity side
  2. Remove the door between the bath and vanity area and expand the walkway
  3. Repair the drywall
  4. Sand the ceiling on the vanity side
  5. Paint the vanity side, trim, door, and medicine cabinet white paint again
  6. Paint the tub/toilet side black with black trim paint again
  7. Install cove molding (maybe decided not to)
  8. Apply wallpaper to the vanity wall
  9. Add gold pulls to the cabinets
  10. Hang the new light fixture
  11. Hang new mirror
  12. Install marble and gold shelf over toilet (we might still)
  13. Hang new shelf under vanity mirror (decided not too with the new backsplash)
  14. Install new faucet
  15. Change the towel hangers to an antique hook
  16. Have professional tilers install new tub surround, flooring, and backsplash
  17. Have professional refinish tub
  18. Replace tub faucet, drain, and cover
  19. Sew a custom extra-long shower curtain
  20. Make a faux roman shade
  21. Update toilet holder
  22. Hang gallery wall
  23. Add new rugs and other decor

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