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Dreamy Pastels and Vibrant Hues: Find Colorful Girl Nursery Ideas

Transform your baby girl’s nursery into a colorful wonderland! Explore decor ideas that combine bright and pastel hues for a magical space.

Designing, decorating, and setting up a nursery is every parent’s dream. Finding creative ways to use bright colors has so many benefits for your baby and overall aesthetic in a colorful girl’s nursery.

Read on to see how to include both bright and pastel colors in the same room with whimsical themes, eclectic decor, storage, and personal touches.

Designing a Dream: Bright and Colorful Girl Nursery Ideas

This beautiful and colorful girl nursery makeover I’m sharing with you is very special to me because it is my best friend’s. She is a photographer and seamstress, along with many other talents. I was thrilled to finish up her daughter’s nursery during a visit.

A colorful girl nursery with a purple and yellow wall with a pink windowsill and eclectic and color furniture and decor.
Lilac and Saturated Yellow Nursery

Picking the Perfect Palette: Colorful Girl Nursery Ideas to Inspire You

My friend had already selected three wall paints in sherbert hues of lavender, bright yellow, and strawberry. Here are some palette suggestions to guide you on your color selections.

  • Rainbow-inspired hues: Use all of the colors of the rainbow in bold or muted tones. White or neutral wall color really sets off bold or primary colors in decor accents but subtle or muted rainbow hues can live both on the wall and in decorating and furnishing choices.
  • Pastel perfection: Select 3-5 soft pastel colors to use intermittingly throughout the nursery in solids and prints! They can handle floral, stripes, geometric, and organic patterns really well.
  • Boho chic boldness: Choose a few warm tints of color like pink, peach, orange, tan, and straw yellow. Use the colors to paint a minimalist sun or rainbow for an accent wall if you have the space!
  • Eclectic and whimsical combinations: Find a combination of colors that are bold and soft. Using tone-on-tone, an all-warm color palette, or a cool color palette, contrasting colors, can all have a lovely outcome.
A woman painting a wall in a nursery.
Moi Painting a Nursery Wall

Decorating the Walls: Creative Nursery Themes and Wall Decor Ideas

Let’s chat about what color to put on the walls and other ways to add color now that you have a color palette.

My friend knew she wanted the window wall painted with two primary colors, purple/grey and yellow side by side, and the windowsill a third accent color, strawberry. We carried the accent color to a nook in the room for an extra pop of color!

Here are some color ideas for your walls:

  • Use a wall decal or paint a mural to embellish a wall and incorporate a complementary color from your palette.
  • Hang art to tie in all of the colors of the room in a colorful girl nursery.
A colourful nursery with purple/lavender walls and mural with white crib and dresser and purple and yellow bedding.
Purple and Yellow Go Well Together in this Colorful Girl Nursery

Themes to go with color palettes:

  • Rainbow theme with clouds, nature, birds, and of course rainbows.
  • Boho chic theme with desert tones and the sun, cactus, and animals.
  • Pastels can work nicely with flowers, landscapes, sweets/candy, rainbows, and animals.
  • Eclectic and whimsical is great for really creating personal touches.

My friend and her family love to travel and take pictures so a world map and baby camera were a fun way to add decor to her girl’s nursery.

A yellow reading nook in a colorful girls nursery.
A Reading Corner in a Bright Nursery
A pink onesie with a camera on a purple blanket.
Little Photographer Neccessites
A pink wall with a photograph framed on a white shelf.
Orignal Photography

Colorful Nursery Furniture and Accessories: Creating a Cozy Haven

Once you have a color palette and a theme/style, the furniture and accessories will come easier. Neutral colors for large pieces of furniture will ensure they look great in the room but using accent furniture pieces in colors or adding personal touches to other furniture adds character.

Colorful pulls on a white dresser.
Colorful Pulls to Match a Bright and Colorful Nursery
White dresser with colorful pulls and two bird decals.
Bird Decals add Whismy to a White Dresser

Baby necessities stored away in drawers and bins on shelves let decor, books, and toys be the showcase for vignettes on shelves and other flat surfaces.

  • Add a bird decal to a dresser drawer.
  • Change out pulls/knobs on furniture to something with color and whimsy.
  • Lean art on shelves that are higher up to keep them baby-proof.
  • Hang a mobile for more vertical interest!
  • Include plenty of bins and baskets for storage.
  • Keep textiles in your color story like rugs, window treatments, bedding, and pillows.
A bright and bold pink wall has two tall white ladder bookcases with baby items.
Ladder Shelves and Bins Provide Storage in a Small Nursery
A yellow flower mobile in a colorful nursery.
A Yellow Flower Mobil Hangs Against a Yellow Wall

Color Psychology in Nursery Design: Crafting Emotions with Colors

You may be wondering why you should color in a baby nursery! Here are five great reasons to include hues in your child’s room.

  1. Stimulation: Using bold and contrasting colors like black and white or primary colors can stimulate your baby’s developing senses as they naturally gravitate toward them.
  2. Visual Development: IN the same way contrasting and bold colors help stimulate, they also aid in visual development. As your baby’s vision progresses, seeing high contrast and bold colors helps them focus more easily!
  3. Emotional Response: Colors can stir emotions in both grown-ups and little ones. Just think how you feel in nature or in a spa. And then what does a room with bright colors make you feel? When you infuse these hues into the nursery, you’re essentially painting a cheerful and lively atmosphere that brings joy to both the baby and you.
  4. Learning and Cognitive Development: Babies are always growing and learning from their surroundings. The colors in your child’s nursery introduce them to the beautiful world of hues and shapes, laying the foundation for early learning.
  5. Aesthetics: Visual appeal for both you and your child is a great reason to include colors in the nursery. It’s a great space to express your style, creativity, and love for your little one.
A bright pink wall with bright art on a white shelf in a baby's room.
Bold Colors in Baby’s Room

Nursery Saftey and Checklist

And here’s my PSA about setting up a colorful nursery! Use the checklist below to make sure your child is safe in their new room.

  1. Crib Safety:
    • Choose a crib that meets current safety standards, including slat spacing and hardware requirements.
    • Avoid using older cribs with drop-down sides, as they have been associated with accidents.
    • Ensure the crib mattress fits snugly without gaps around the edges.
    • Remove any soft bedding, including pillows, blankets, and bumper pads, from the crib to reduce the risk of suffocation.
  2. Furniture and Decor Safety:
    • Anchor heavy furniture like dressers and bookshelves to the wall to prevent tipping.
    • Keep cords from blinds or curtains out of reach to prevent strangulation hazards.
    • Secure decorative items and wall art to ensure they can’t fall on the baby.
  3. Outlet and Cord Safety:
    • Use outlet covers or safety plugs to prevent the baby from inserting objects into electrical outlets.
    • Keep cords from electronics or appliances well out of reach, as they can pose a strangulation risk.
  4. Window Safety:
    • Install window guards or safety locks to prevent the baby from opening windows.
    • Ensure that blinds or shades have cordless designs to eliminate the risk of strangulation.
  5. Flooring and Rugs:
    • Opt for non-slip rugs or carpets to prevent slipping accidents.
    • Keep floors free of small objects that the baby could put in their mouth.
  6. Toy Safety:
    • Select age-appropriate toys and regularly inspect them for loose parts or damage.
    • Avoid toys with small parts that can be a choking hazard.
    • Keep toys clean and free of germs.
  7. Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors:
    • Install smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors in or near the nursery and throughout your home.
    • Regularly test and change the batteries in these detectors.
  8. Temperature Control:
    • Maintain a comfortable and safe room temperature in the nursery. Use a room thermometer to monitor it.
    • Avoid using heavy blankets; use sleep sacks or wearable blankets instead to prevent overheating.
  9. Changing Table Safety:
    • Always use safety straps when changing your baby on a changing table.
    • Keep all diapering supplies within arm’s reach to avoid leaving the baby unattended.
  10. Supervision and Baby-Proofing:
    • Never leave your baby unattended in the nursery, especially on raised surfaces like changing tables or cribs.
    • Baby-proof the entire nursery, covering outlets, securing furniture, and removing hazards.

Remember that nursery safety extends beyond the physical environment. It also involves safe sleep practices, such as placing your baby on their back to sleep.

Regularly review and update your nursery’s safety measures as your child grows and becomes more mobile. Always consult with trusted sources, like pediatricians or child safety experts, for the latest safety recommendations.

A stuffed monkey on a yellow stool in front of a window with a pink windowsill.
More Yellow with An Accent Stool/Table
A yellow wall with picture shelves used to display baby books.
Picture Shelves Used to Display Baby Books

I hope these colorful ideas inspired you and guided you in creating a beautiful and safe colorful girl or boy nursery for your baby.

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