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A Sweet and Simple Thanksgiving Table


Greetings friends.  We are busy unpacking but I wanted to share our Thanksgiving table from last year with you today.  The great thing about it was that I didn’t have to do any shopping except for around the house! 


Our little Okinawan rental had an open kitchen/living room and the space that might be a dining room was my piano studio.  So we ate most of our meals around a 4 seater table that sat between the couch and oven.  Literally.  We do like to entertain so I bought a 7 ft folding table that stores easily when not in use

With a freshly pressed white tablecloth the folding table turns into a fancy, renter-friendly dining area! As with most of our special occasion settings, I started by looking through my fabric stash to see what I could use.  I folded and ironed an arrow printed fabric to take place of a table runner and layered in my no-sew cloth napkins between our white IKEA plates.


Once the basics were set, I shopped the house for styling items.  It’s always fun to break the rules by mixing metals (is that even a rule!?)   I also love mixing real with faux flowers.  The purple pansies are from the 100 Yen store.   On a side note, I have to say I’m really excited about the floral in the 100 Yen stores on mainland.  They have a huge section!   They are the most real looking faux flowers I’ve ever seen.


After adding in more soft colors, it’s nice to balance them out with a bold contrast.


I did this by adding black and white candles I had created for  neutral Fall/ Halloween decor last year and finished each table setting with a “I’m thankful for” card.


Incorporating existing Fall decor into a Thanksgiving table is such an easy and eclectic way to create a beautiful setting!   Especially if there are not pumpkins or pinecones around (as it was in Okinawa).  Not to heavy on Thanksgiving decor but some of my favorite elements for the season.   This year we are experiencing four seasons on mainland and I can’t wait to collect pinecones! 


You can recreate the table setting “I’m Thankful” card with a free printable and step by step instructions.   Looking to add more color to your table? Check out these colorful printable “Thankful” utensil holders and art print.

It’s time to get back to our boxes! The military packed us up in two shipments so we are still waiting for our furniture. It is round two of government-issued furniture. Ugh! At least it is short term.  Keep your fingers crossed our things get here before thanksgiving.  I need to get our tree up!

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