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A Very Global Christmas Home Tour with Beautiful Modern Decor

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Tour a globally inspired home full of modern Christmas decorating ideas and DIYs that feature color and eclectically chic decor.

Hi there!  Welcome back to A Very Global Christmas series where Casa Watkins Living and I have been sharing 12 days of globally inspired DIYs for the holidays.  We are at day eleven and are joining Carrie of Lovely Etc. in a Very Merry Christmas Home Tour hop. 

We are eager for you to see our Christmas home tours.  If you have missed any of the first 10 days, you can find them all on the A Very Global Christmas page.   Be sure to check in each day this week for new holiday home tours that will be added to the blog hop.

A Modern and Global Christmas Home Tour

This happens to be our first home tour in this house and once again it’s full of Christmas cheer!  We sure have a knack for moving around this time of year.  So welcome to our new house and our holiday home.

A Modern Christmas Home Tour that is globally inspired graphic with picture of a white and grey entry with a black asian cabinet, art, and a trio of pretty wreaths hanging on the closet door.
Beautiful Christmas Decor
A Very Global Christmas 2018 banner graphic.
A Very Global Christmas

We bought a lovely little ranch in Fort Worth.  Let’s start with the front door, foyer, and front room today.  I have a beautiful wreath on our front door embellished with a black satin bow that matches our Christmas wrapping and tree.  I do plan on getting more lights outside soon but I love how natural this looks for now. 

A pretty and large Christmas Wreath on a black front door with a black satin bow.
Christmas Wreath

I’ve mentioned before that we (my entire extended family too!) collect art and one of the most recent ones is a piece from a famous Texas artist JoAnn Durham that my grandfather and his girlfriend gifted us. 

We found the perfect home for it in our foyer and it looks even more beautiful with its’ striking red and gold just around the corner from our tree and piano.

A Christmas decorated foyer with global art, furniture, and accessories.  You can see a baby grand black piano and a decorated Christmas tree.
The Foyer and Piano Studio

If you head straight in you are immediately greeted by Daphne and an eclectic wall gallery.  The 1960’s house was recently renovated and the foyer opens up to the rest of the main areas. 

Modern Christmas decor with minimal copper wreaths with pine, candles, and black satin bows near brass bells.  A black asian cabinet with a woman's bust, books, art, and floor lantern with air plant are styled on the foyer wall.
Foyer Wall with Black and White Decor

Daphne is looking festive in red and green beads!  I seriously can’t help dressing her up you guys. lol It’s such an easy way to create seasonal decor!

A close up of a woman's bust wearing  green and red necklaces for Christmas with modern abstract art, books, and a paper flower lamp.
Daphne in Red and Green Necklaces

I made the trio of wreaths for A Very Global Christmas and it’s one of my favorite Christmas DIYS I’ve done to date.

A modern and global home for Christmas showing the foyer with black and white decor and Christmas wreaths.
Modern Christmas Decorating Ideas
A hallway wall covered in art from floor to ceiling is near a foyer wall with modern global decor and Christmas wreaths hanging on the coat closet.
Christmas Foyer with Art Gallery Wall

Back to that gallery wall!  Only a sliver of it is visible from the front door which I love!  You can see all of it going down the hall to the bedrooms.

A peek at the gallery wall from the front door.
Art Gallery Wall View from Entry

It holds art that my husband has brought back from deployments, paintings from my grandparents’ European travels, and even some painted by my Aunt.  I also added a few family photos and a Chinese calligraphy brush into the mix.

The art gallery wall in the hallway with colorful hallway runners is around the corner from a tan stone fireplace.
Art Gallery Wall from Living Room

Did you spot my brass candlesticks with tassels?  I moved them after Thanksgiving from the dining room but I’ll share more of the fireplace wall, living, and dining rooms tomorrow. 

Back to the front room,  one of my favorite pieces that came back with us from Japan is this fantastic etagere.  I had just styled it with global decor so I kept the holiday decor to a minimum with a Moravian star on top for the holidays.  

A Korean Etagere with global decor decorated for Christmas in a single story ranch style home in Fort Worth texas.
A Second Hand Etagere
Global eclectic decor fills a front room with a beautiful carved open bookcase, bamboo chair, and gold basket hanging on the wall with a large air plant.
Global Furniture and Decor

I also found a lovely bamboo Victorian-era chair recently at an estate sale that will be perfect for when I’m giving piano lessons.  The estate sale house belonged to famous twin artists, the Gentling brothers from Fort Worth. One of these days, I hope to have art or a print of theirs.

A grand piano is in front of a large picture window with white and black curtains.  A chair and bookcase with guitar leaning is to the side.
The Front Piano Room
A beautifully styled bookcase with global finds.
Asian Etagere (Bookcase) Styled for Christmas

When we moved in the first thing my husband said was “well, I know where the Christmas tree will go!”  And it did, right by our large front picture window next to my piano.

A large decorated Christmas tree is in front of a grand piano and large picture window.  A display cabinet and Japanese Koto are against the wall.
The Christmas Tree

And it really does look lovely there!  We are waiting for a pair of chairs to get reupholstered and they will most likely be in this area too.  I see wall paint, area rug, and more furniture in here in the future.

A close up of the decorated tree in front of the piano with lots of colorful tassels and ball ornaments.
Tassels on the Tree

I mentioned in my DIY gift wrapping posts that I used a black satin ribbon on the presents with different wrapping papers to help them look more cohesive.  And frankly, it was just easier!  I added a brass bell to go with the modern global style.

A red velvet tree skirt under an eclectic decorated tree with wrapped presents in red and craft paper with black ribbon bows.
Wrapped Gifts Under the Tree
Christmas presents under the Christmas tree.
Black Satin Bows

To the right of the tree are my grandmother’s portrait, my music cabinet, and our koto which is a Japanese instrument the kids learned to play in Japan.  If anyone knows of a Koto teacher in Fort Worth, I’m looking!! 

A koto and music cabinet are against the wall with a decorated Christmas tree in the foreground.
Koto and My Grandpa’s Display Cabinet
A woman's Portrait near Black And White Curtains.
My Grandmother

Of course, the piano usually takes center stage wherever it sits so I took advantage of placing some Christmas songs on it.   We love to do an annual Christmas caroling party. Check out this article and print your own Christmas caroling booklet!

A Christmas tree behind a grand piano and in front of a large picture window.
Piano Ready For Carols
Christmas music on a black grand piano with a Christmas tree in the background.
Christmas Music on the Piano

I love having all of our global pieces from living in and traveling through Asia with our family heirlooms.  It really makes it feel like we’ve been in this house much longer than a couple of months! 

I hope you enjoyed the tour and if you did I encourage you to check out an elegant and old-world style holiday home tour.

There are oodles more to show you tomorrow but if you haven’t already been, Stephanie is sharing her holiday home and I know it’s going to be full of globally inspired DIYs, color, and fun ideas!  If you are coming from the Very Merry Christmas Home Tours, Lovely Etc.’s beautiful home is next on the hop!

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  1. Delightful decor, love how Daphne is taking in your gallery wall, and that the wall is covered top to bottom. I never have enough wall for art. Boho beautiful home.

  2. Kathy,
    I love your eclectic style and unique pieces! What a beautiful home you have created. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous Christmas décor and home.

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