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Hi there and welcome to Up to Date Interiors! I’m an experienced renter, retired military spouse, mother, musician, and interior decorator. For the last eight years, I’ve been focusing my passion for interior styling and DIYs to help others love their space.  If you are a fellow renter, you’ll want to check out rental decorating ideas. But don’t worry, there’s plenty for home owners and DIY lovers who love high-end design on a budget.

Interior Style

If you love eclectic style, mixing old with new, splitting up sets, and repurposing what you already have, this is the perfect place for you!    I’ll help you showcase your curated collections, create your own style using inexpensive and renter-friendly solutions, and make small spaces functionally beautiful.   

global eclectic style with rental friendly DIYs

Our most recent adventure is decorating our 1960’s ranch style home in Fort Worth, TX. It’s under 2,000 square feet so I’m still using a lot of small space ideas I’ve adapted over the years. The rooms we have completed are our daughter’s boho-eclectic bedroom, master bathroom refresh, and open concept living, dining, and piano studio!

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Now that you know a little about me,  If you have any questions, comments, or just want to share something about yourself, you can email me at kathy@uptodateinteriors.com or connect with me on facebook, instagram, pinterest, and twitter.  Let’s connect!