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Unique and Timeless Decor: DIY Chinoiserie Ornaments Made Easy


Add timeless Christmas decor this year with easy DIY chinoiserie ornaments and other globally influenced Christmas DIYs and decorating tips.

Crafting Timeless Chinoiserie Christmas Ornaments

Hello, beautiful souls! I hope the holiday winds are filling your homes with joy and warmth. I’ve been bustling around, tinkering, and creating in my cozy little space. 

This is the last Christmas post for the season.  I’m excited to be taking the rest of the month off to spend time with my family and friends.  We are meeting up with friends in Osaka and touring Kyoto, Nara, and Kobe!

But first, here are the DIY chinoiserie ornaments I promised when I posted our handmade, global-eclectic Christmas tree. As a passionate interior designer, learning to create these timeless pieces has been a joyous endeavor. I think these would make a lovely gift, and they add a great pop of color.

The best part is that you don’t need to be an artist to make beautiful, intricate, and unique designs that will dazzle your holiday guests. It’s a simple, enjoyable, and rewarding craft that anyone can do, even with the kids!

A close up of a hand painted DIY chinoiserie ornament.
DIY Chinoiserie Ornament

DIY Chinoiserie Ornaments – Essential Supplies

Here’s what you need to create Chinoiserie ornaments.

  • White Christmas ball ornaments (I prefer glass ones!)
  • Blue Paint Marker (Being someone who prefers budget-friendly options, I decided to craft my own ornaments using a paint pen. However, You can also opt for Fine Tip & Ultra Fine Tip Blue Sharpie.)
  • Ribbon for Hanging
  • (optional) small dishes like egg cups for propping up the ornaments while the ink dries
  • Alcohol
Supplies for blue and white chinoiserie ornaments showing a white bowl with painted ornaments, blue paint marker, and white ornament balls.
Supplies Needed for Blue and White Ornaments

Preparation For Chinoiserie Ornaments DIY 

If you’re curious about the meaning of Chinoiserie, it stems from the French word “chinois” for Chinese and represents a Western style in art, architecture, and decoration reflecting Chinese artistic influences. 

Originating in the 17th century, it depicts a fanciful, often exaggerated, interpretation of East Asian aesthetics, using motifs like dragons, pagodas, and floral patterns.

It’s notable in various artistic mediums, including porcelain, wallpaper, and furniture, reflecting a blend of oriental and occidental elements.

To begin crafting your DIY chinoiserie ornaments, You can search for Chinoiserie patterns on Pinterest and Google using the search term “blue and white chinoiserie ornaments”  or use pieces you already own for inspiration.

I enjoyed looking at some of our travel souvenirs and my garden seat for pattern ideas and was inspired by these DIY dollar store blue and white chinoiserie ornaments

Hand painted blue and white chinoiserie ornaments on white fur.
Lotus Flower, Vines, and Pagoda

Start by sketching your designs on paper.

This helps in visualizing and refining your ideas before putting them onto the chinoiserie Christmas ornaments. Try simple patterns and designs initially.

I created 3 pairs of similar patterns.  One has temples with bonsai and sakura, one includes lotus and branches, and one with greenery and patterns.

Choose Your Sharpie:

Select a Sharpie with a good point. An old or worn-out Sharpie might not work as well. You can purchase Sharpies at craft or office supply stores.

DIY Chinoiserie inspired ornaments on white fur.
Blue and White Choinserie Christmas Ornaments

3 Simple Steps to Craft Painted Chinoiserie Christmas Ornaments

STEP 1: Start with a clean, dust-free white glass ornament. 

Gently clean your white glass ornaments with a cotton ball dipped in alcohol. This ensures a clean surface, allowing the Sharpie and paint to adhere better to create beautiful DIY chinoiserie ornaments.

STEP 2: Draw on the ornament!

Take your ornament and start drawing your chosen design with your thin blue paintbrush. Don’t worry about perfection; handmade designs often have little imperfections that add charm to the finished product. 

  • Start with simple, repeating patterns like vines or swirls.
  • Add little leaves or details around the main design to embellish your chinoiserie ornaments DIY.
  • I applied some boho tattoos in gold and silver with my extra ornaments.
  • Go back and fill in any spots you may have missed.

Pro Tip: Do a small part at a time and then let the ink dry before you do more. Your drawing will dry to the touch immediately, allowing you to work in sections. Nevertheless, please be mindful not to let your fingers smudge the paint marker.

STEP 3: Allow the paint to fully dry overnight before adding a decorative ribbon for hanging.

Whether adorning your festive tree or enhancing your table as a centerpiece in a charming bowl or basket, these blue and white chinoiserie ornaments will surely add a touch of elegance and grace to your holiday decor.

DIY Chinoiserie ornaments on white fur next to an air plant.
Blue and White Ornaments

FAQs for Chinoiserie Oranments:

What are the colors of chinoiserie ornaments?

Chinoiserie is known for its bold and vibrant colors like red, gold, and blue, along with softer pastels like pink, green, and cream.

This European design style mimics traditional Chinese motifs in furniture, textiles, ceramics, and more, frequently featuring detailed nature-inspired scenes or patterns. In Western culture, chinoiserie is most commonly recognized in varying shades of white and blue.

DIY blue and white chinoiserie ornaments in a white bowl on a blue and white garden stool.
A Trio of Chinoiserie Inspired Ornaments

What string is best for chinoiserie Christmas ornaments

For a chinoiserie ornament on a Christmas tree, a fine, elegant ribbon in a complementary color like gold or red would be most suitable, adding a sophisticated touch and highlighting the intricate designs typical of chinoiserie.

If you prefer a cohesive look, using a consistent color and type of ribbon for all ornaments can bring harmony to the overall decoration.

A chinoiserie inspired DIY ornament on a tree with lights and white peacock feather.  Close up view.
Chinoiserie Ornaments on the Tree

DIY chinoiserie ornaments – Final Words!

Creating your own hand-designed ornaments is an easy and fun way to craft magical Christmas memories. It’s not about drawing masterpieces but enjoying the process and making something uniquely yours while adding a personal touch to your festive celebrations.

DIY Global ornament that's Chinoiserie inspired hanging on a lit tree.
DIY Ornament Blue and White

It’s a wonderful activity to involve kids in, allowing them to explore their creativity and make their own patterns. So, this holiday season, feel inspired to try this craft and make special, one-of-a-kind chinoiserie ornaments DIY to decorate your Christmas tree. 

My Home Style christmas tree showing a globally inspired decorated tree with wrapped gifts behind a grey leather sofa.
A Global-Inspired Christmas Tree

You might have already seen blue and white chinoiserie ornaments on my Christmas tree!  I love how they bring in a pop of blue that ties into the rest of our holiday living room.

My grown-up kids eagerly anticipate discovering what new ornament I’ve crafted each year, especially looking forward to seeing my newest chinoiserie Christmas ornaments.

Do you enjoy making ornaments and DIY gifts for the holidays?  You can find more ideas for Christmas ornaments and decorating ideas HERE.  And make sure to check out these chinoiserie Christmas centerpiece ideas!

Head over to the Winter holidays, DIYs, and decor page for more articles and resources!

Wishing you the happiest of holidays!  Until next year my friend, Merry Christmas. 



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