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Air Plant in Terrarium DIY Gift Idea

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Recycle a family heirloom or thrift store crystal cup into a DIY air plant terrarium for an easy and beautiful gift idea.

Are you looking for a meaningful gift for a family member or dear friend? I have been holding on to five solo crystal punch cups from my grandmother for a few years now.

I knew that I wanted to use them for gift ideas to family members that would find them special. After coming up with a few ideas, I finally decided on upcycling them into air plant terrariums.

Air Plant in Terrarium

Welcome back to A Very Global Christmas series where my good friend Stephanie from Casa Watkins Living and I share twelve days of globally inspired holidays every year!

We are on day six with a DIY gift theme and I’m excited to finally gift beautiful crystal punch cups inherited from my grandmother to family members who will appreciate them!

Air Plant In Terrarium Diy Gift Idea using crystal punch cups and green moss.
DIY Air Plant Terrarium Gift Idea
Very Global Christmas 2021 Bannerthin
A Very Global Christmas

I have a complete punch bowl and cup set from grandma already so these five single cups were perfect for repurposing. You can find beautiful crystal containers at thrift stores, estate sales, and garage sales.

The DIY air plant terrarium could easily be made out of a votive candle holder, china cup, or small bowl too.

Air plants in the store.
Air Plants at My Favorite Nursery

How to Create an Air Plant Terrarium Gift

  • A glass container
  • Gravel or sand
  • Moss and decorative rocks
  • Small air plants (Tillandsia)
  • Care guide
Crystal punch cups with Christmas green garland and mini ball ornaments.
Grandma’s Crystal Punch Cups

Air plants are easy to care for and don’t require soil which makes them perfect to display in a clear container like a crystal cup. First, you’ll want to add an arid filler at the bottom like sand or small rocks. I took a handful of pebbles from our garden for this task.

I think red or pink sand or black gravel would be striking with the air plant and crystal but I didn’t have any luck at finding anything last minute.

How to assemble an air plant terrarium using punch cups.  Birds eye view of crystal cups with rocks in the bottom for the first layer.
First Layer is Rocks

You can place more decorative natural elements like moss and a bigger rock on top of the filler. I really like the look of reindeer moss and pink rocks together so I added a little bit to each punch glass.

Reindeer moss and rocks sit in the bottom of crystal punch cups for air plants in a terrarium idea.
Moss and Decorative Stone

Place a small air plant right on top or tuck it into the side of the moss or sand for an interesting arrangement. I selected five different air plants with different colors for a variety.

Colorful air plants sit in punch cup terrariums for a Christmas gift idea.
Colorful Air Plants

I’m really excited to gift these to my mother, sisters, and cousin. I’m also saving one for myself. 🙂 Make sure to include a care card with the air plant terrarium so the recipient knows how to take care of their special gift.

Close up of air plant in a terrarium  punch cup with Christmas ornaments and garland.
Punch Cup Terrarium Idea
Air Plant In Terrarium DIY gift idea  with colorful plants and ornaments.
Colorful Airplants and Ornaments

I added air plant instructions on a gift tag card and a mini Christmas ornament to each air plant terrarium gift.

A cute care card with a DIY air plant terrarium in a crystal punch cup gift idea sits on botanical wrapping paper.
Care Card with Gift
A Green snowflake Christmas tag with air plant instructions.
Printable Care Card Gift Tag

You can click here if you would like to print and use this gift tag! Please do so for personal use only.

Air Plant Care

Soak air plants in a bath for 20 minutes to an hour. They can be finicky with chlorine so using day-old, rain, or filter water is best. Shake dry and lay in a bright area for a few hours to completely dry.

Air plants with wetness can develop root rot so never place a wet air plant back into its terrarium without the drying first. They prefer bright filtered light for a few hours a day like a windowsill.

Never plant your air plant in soil!

Close up of air plants in a hand.
Pretty Air Plants

Time to go see what Stephanie made for her gift idea!

DIY Sea glass picture frame gift

DIY Sea Glass Picture Frame from Casa Watkins Living.
DIY Sea Glass Picture Frame

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