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Beautiful and Small Ensuite Bathroom Ideas to Try

Find inspiration and tips for small ensuite bathroom ideas with current trends mixed with classic designs for this ORC update.

I’m sure you and I have both dreamed of having our dream master bedroom with a perfect ensuite bathroom. Even so, we are perfectly happy to work with our first, albeit small, ensuite bathroom in this house after never having one before. I’ve been thinking of ways to improve it since day one and here we are, two and half years later and it is finally happening.

Welcome back to the One Room Challenge friend! I am joining as a guest participant once again for an eight-week-long makeover with featured and guest designers to transform a room.  A big thanks to the creator and organizer of this challenge Linda from Calling it Home and our official media sponsor, Better Homes, and Gardens. Make sure to scroll through the 20 featured designers and 100s of guest designers. I’m sure you’ll discover some beautiful rooms that will catch your eye!

I’m making over our small ensuite bathroom if you haven’t guessed. Since this is only week two, I have little progress to share after my design board and plans from last week. I’m happy to say that my bathroom tile has arrived and the work should start in the next few days. Today I’m sharing a few small bathroom ideas that feature the modern-traditional style I love with colorful and eclectic touches. FYI, these beautiful pictures feature the tips for working with small ensuite designs I shared last week.

UPDATE: You can find all of the Spring One Room Challenge posts including the final reveal below. Due to the nature of the problems we encountered and slow progress each week, I shared articles all about bathrooms and room makeovers to provide helpful tips and DIYs relative to what we were doing.

Small Ensuite Bathroom Ideas

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I love this moody and small bathroom from House Nine Design. The dark tiles work so well in this small space and I’ve been eyeing the black window-paned shower doors for a while now although they are out of my budget. I do plan on using a frameless shower door and a dark hue on the walls and ceiling for a similar vibe.

What I love most about this small but mighty space is the modern twist on tile wainscotting! The clever continued pattern in the shower surround and floor tile makes this tiny bathroom look big. I’m excited to be installing tile wainscotting in our bathroom makeover. It will eliminate the need for a backsplash which looked awkward in our small ensuite. Any type of wainscotting in a small bathroom is a great way to add interest without taking up space!

This lovely bathroom from I Spy DIY is such a beautiful example of neutral decorating in a small bathroom but with lots of character. A frameless shower door, wainscotting, wallpaper, and beautiful tile add big style and makes the footprint look larger!

Another gorgeous bathroom from I Spy DIY with a completely different mood that really speaks to me. White tile wainscotting contrasting with a moody pop of color on the walls is exactly what I plan on doing in our bathroom. I’m even thinking about taking the color up on the ceiling.

You can’t go wrong with a classic black and white marble bathroom (just like my last bathroom makeover). This beautiful bathroom from Room for Tuesday looks amazing. Notice how the dark ceiling recedes and makes the room look even taller!

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One Room Challenge

Small Ensuite Bathroom To Do List

Well, it’s not an ORC update without the to-do list! So here is what we want to accomplish in the next seven weeks.

  1. Demo bathroom with the contractor
  2. Check walls for damage and fix if necessary
  3. Have contractor install floor tile
  4. Shower surround, floor, and niche
  5. Wainscotting tile
  6. Install new vanity
  7. Have contractor install faucets and trim
  8. Sand texture down on walls
  9. Paint walls
  10. Paint the ceiling
  11. Paint the trim
  12. Style
  13. Clean up and paint salvaged door
  14. Have contractor install barn door kit
  15. Hang door
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