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How to Make Paper Mache Birds

Learn how to make paper mache birds with supplies you already have using this easy DIY and step by step instructions for handmade modern decor.

Birds of a feather stick together at least when they are covered with paper mache. Hey there friend! I have a fun DIY for you today. Paper mache birds are so cute and modern but often have a heavy price tag. So I created my own with items around my house. Check out how to make paper mache birds.

How to Make Paper Mache Birds

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How to Make Paper Mache Birds
  • First, as with any paper mache project, grab some paper.   You can use newspaper, junk mail, or in my case, an IKEA catalog (don’t worry, I read it first!).
Old Magazine and Tape
  • Tear out some pages and wad/squish them up in your hand to form the body of the bird.  I used two pages, you can use more or less to create a bird body size you are happy with.
Wad Up Paper
  • To form the head, use masking tape to create a bird head shape with a little point for the beak at one end of the wadded ball.  (Who knew there was such potential for a little ball of wadded  paper?)
Use Tape to Form Beak

For this bird size, use about 2/3rds of a page, folding it to create a long flat tail, and wrap it in masking tape. 

Tail and Body
Bird Tail and Body
  • Next, attach that tail to the bird with some more tape.
Attach Tail with Tape to Body

The next items you will need are mod podge (50% water, 50% craft glue like Elmer’s works too),  wire cutters and needle pliers for extra help, and wire.  I used some wire that came in a framing kit.  Make sure your wire gauge is thick enough to hold up your bird body.

  • Snip off about an eight to 10-inch piece of wire to create the two legs and feet.  I created three little toes, and thumb by looping the wire at the bottom.
Wire to Form Legs and Feet
  • You have two choices at this point. Leave the wire exposed for cute-skinny legs and twist the toe loops to make them skinnier. Or use the extra wire to twist around each leg to make a thicker limb.
Bird Legs and Bodies
Wire Bird Legs and Feet
  • Turn your little bird over and wrap a piece of tape underneath, position the legs, and secure with tape.
Attach Legs with More Tape
Whole Bird
Two Poses of Birds

How to cover the birds with paper.

Again, use whatever paper you like. Newspaper or magazine pages are perfect if you plan on painting the birds. Use napkins, paper towels, or tissue paper if you want to keep the finish the same as the paper.

Strips of Paper and Glue/Water Mixture
  • Tear your paper into strips.
  • Take a strip of paper, dip it into your glue/water mixture, and start wrapping your bird body.
Wrap Wet Paper Strips on Bird
  • Keep adding layers to better form the body.  I added extra for the belly and at the top of the legs.  You can also curl your bird tail feathers under if you like.
Paper Mache Bird

The bird will probably not stand on its own again until the paper dries. You can leave the wire legs as is or wrap in tape and paper.

One Bird Down, One to Go

Spray paint or use craft paint to customize your birds colors.

Completed Paper Mache Birds

And that’s it! Just shop your house for supplies and you’ll have paper mache birds in no time!

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