Blue and White Laundry Room Update with Paint

The New Year, New Refresh challenge week 3 progress for my blue and white laundry room with paint and wallpaper update.

Well friend, I actually made good progress this week. The month-long challenge is almost over and paint color decisions needed to be made. Ha! I finally decided on going with option 3 from my inspiration post with the tamest color palette. I think it’s the best decision to appeal to more buyers if we sell this summer although I would have liked to use more colors.

Blue and White Laundry Room Update

Blue White Laundry Room Update Resized Watermark

Welcome back to the New Year, New Room Refresh hosted by Casa Watkins Living. Eight of us bloggers are making over a room in four short weeks which makes next Tuesday the final reveal! I did my best to use things I had to update our laundry room and very pleased with the outcome.

New Year New Room Refresh Challenge 2021

The challenge started with a few inspiration pictures and color options the first week and then an easy DIY shelf to go behind the washer and dryer last week. I thought the blue paint from our son’s room would be a great match with the leftover wallpaper but it was too green.

You can find all of the articles and reveal below:

How I Added Blue to our Laundry Room

I had a sample of Behr paint called Bluebird and used it to tint Sherwin Williams Alabaster white. It turned out so dreamy! Very close to the wallpaper and what I consider to be a French blue.

Blue White Laundry Room Update Resized Watermark 2

I tested it on the cabinets before painting all of the cabinets and the DIY shelf. Only start with a little paint if you try tinting paint at home. You’ll be surprised at how dark tinted-white paint can look on the actual surface you want to paint, especially next to white.

Blue White Laundry Room Update Resized Watermark 4
Blue White Laundry Room Update Resized Watermark 3

Painting blue over pink looked like cotton candy and not very appealing! But it got better. 😉

Blue White Laundry Room Update Resized Watermark 5

Our cabinet doors and hinges are original to the house so I painted over the bent-old hinges to help camouflage the imperfections. I had tried last year to replace them but wasn’t successful in finding the correct size. Left-over gold pulls from my bathroom makeover gave the out-dated cabinets an additional boost of modern style.

Blue White Laundry Room Update Resized Watermark 6

The leftover wallpaper is from Milton and King called Sarah Annie. It took under 20 minutes to cut to size and install between the cabinets and shelf. The rest of the room was painted with the same SW Alabaster white that is in our living room.

After I paint the kitchen and hallway, I will have painted every wall (and some ceilings) in our house. Wow!

Blue White Laundry Room Update Resized Watermark 7

So here’s the million-dollar question for this week. What should I do with the wall above the cabinets?

  • a) Install wallpaper above the cabinets
  • b) Paint that section blue to match the cabinets
  • c) Leave it white like the rest of the walls

(See image below.)

Blue White Laundry Room Update Resized Watermark 8

I can’t wait to see what progress the other participants have made. Let’s go check them out!

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