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Make A Boho Easter Basket in Two Simple Steps

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Update a plain basket with decorative floral wire and flower stem to create a cute boho Easter basket for Spring.

Some of the best DIYs take a little imagination and only a few minutes. Welcome to A Very Global Easter series! This annual series is when Casa Watkins Living and I are sharing seven days of globally inspired Easter ideas.

DIY Boho Easter Basket inspired by Ikebana

We are getting close to the end of the annual series with today’s DIY boho Easter basket and one more DIY tomorrow! You can find all of them from this year and previous years on A Very Global Easter page. It’s a one-stop-shop for Easter trees, eggs, wreaths, printables, garlands, tablescapes, and baskets, and other decorating ideas!

Global inspiration for this year’s Easter decor has been Japan. My family and I had the opportunity to live there for a few years and I enjoyed learning about Japanese culture. My DIY white Easter tree idea came from Ikebana, the art of Japanese floral arranging, and today’s Easter basket is also inspired by Ikebana.

Boho Easter BasketSpring Living Room Wm Resized 17
Spring Decor with a Boho Easter Basket on a Cabinet
Very Global Easter 2021
A Very Global Easter

I love this Japanese technique as it plays to plants and floral stems’ natural shapes and often represented in a minimalist-sculptural way. I replicated the method by combining a couple of floral elements into a plain cherry-stained basket my mother recently gifted me.

How to Create an Ikebana Inspired Boho Easter Basket

First, look for a floral stem like the poppy at your local craft store that will allow you to manipulate and shape the stem. Mine is a real feel poppy from Joannes and it looks amazing! Twist the bottom half or third of the stem around half of the basket handle.

Boho Easter Baskset Spring Living Room Wm Resized 2
Ikebana inspired Boho Easter Basket with Yoga Rabbit

Shape the top off so it follows the curve of the handle but also mimicking the flower shape. Since poppies often have a bit of a spiral or droopy/curvy stem, I shaped my poppy head to point forward in a swoop.

Boho Easter Baskset Spring Living Room Wm Resized 19
Easter Vignette in the Foyer

Second, wrap the decorative floral wire around the poppy stem and the rest of the basket handle. Fill your basket with decorated eggs like DIY moss-covered ones or use it for egg collecting.

Boho Easter Basket Resized Watermark 4
Easter Basket Filled with Moss Eggs

Create an Easter Vignette

I styled mine with some recent antique store and estate sale finds. I am most excited about the yoga rabbit! He seemed a little pricey at $18 but every time I tried to take him back to his booth, his little face was looking at me. I seriously can’t resist rabbits and human heads in decorating accessories.

Boho Easter Baskset Spring Living Room Wm Resized
Boho Easter Basket on Cabinet

The cute head planter and Japanese pottery bowl are nestled into a robin egg ceramic planter and second-hand. The ikebana-inspired basket was the cherry on top of my Easter vignette in the foyer.

Stepping back from the foyer cabinet you can see the front door and last year’s DIY orchid wreath hanging on the round mirror.

Boho Easter Baskset Spring Living Room Wm Resized 10
View into Foyer from Living Room
Boho Easter Baskset Spring Living Room Wm Resized 18
Foyer with Blues and Greens
Boho Easter Basket Resized Watermark 8
DIY Orchid Wreath

And that brings us to day six of A Very Global Easter. Click here if you have missed any Easter posts this year. Stephanie and I would love for you to join our Facebook community group, A Very Global Home, to share your decorating journey.

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Make sure to head to Casa Watkins Living for more ideas!

I’ll see you tomorrow for a floral garland lights DIY and a Spring home tour.


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