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You’ll Love this Colorful Boho Easter Basket in 2 Simple Steps

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Give your wire Easter basket an easy boho makeover with tassels! A fun way to create colorful boho Easter decor on a dime.

I’m always looking for ways to repurpose decor to use for the season. This Spring I’m all about adding boho Easter touches with simple DIYs to create colorful vignettes. There’s just something so fun and inspiring about adding punches of color and interesting details to everyday items.

How to Update a Basket for Boho Easter Decor

Welcome to day 7 of A Very Global Easter where Casa Watkins Living and I share seven days of globally inspired Easter DIYs and decorating tips. We are wrapping up this year’s series with Easter basket ideas. I have a quick and easy DIY to update a wire basket into boho eclectic decor that could out all year long!

Boho Easter Basket Wire With Tassels Pinterest
DIY Boho Easter Basket
Boho Easter Basket 12
Wire Easter Basket Idea

Here’s what you need for a boho Easter basket:

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How to add tassels to a wire basket.

  • Decided where on your basket you would like to add tassels. It may be every over hole, just on the sides, are all over for a new texture on your basket.
  • Put aside what colors of tassels you are using and in what order.
Boho Easter Basket 8
Supplies for Boho Easter Basket Makeover
  • Snip open the hanger on a tassel and tie onto your wire basket.  Use a dot of hot glue to keep it from coming untied if needed.  
Boho Easter Basket 3
Tie tassel and hold in place with a dot of hot glue.
  • You may want to trim your tassels to a shorter length depending on the size of your basket. I like the look of mini tassels evenly spaced in a variety of colors just on the sides of my white oval basket.
Boho Easter Basket 2
Colorful Tassel Boho Wire Basket

The colors I chose are consistant with the rest of my Easter decor this year inspired by a set of moody candles I found recently.

Boho Easter Basket 4
Colorful Candles and Boho Easter Basket

I’ve use this wire basket in the past to display Easter eggs but I love it even more with its boho vibe. I plan on putting on the back of the toilet to hold toilet paper rolls after Easter is over.

Boho Easter Basket 9
Easter Basket with Colorful Eggs and Bunny Figurines

You can customize your tassel colors to fit into your seasonal or home decor and display eggs, a floral arrangement, or your favorite Spring items.

Boho Easter Basket 6
Colorful Boho Easter Basket with Washi Eggs

The tassel basket is holding painted and washi paper eggs in our daughter’s boho vintage bedroom since our main living areas already have a touch of spring. 

Boho Easter Basket 7
Boho Easter Basket
Boho Easter Basket 14
Easter Vignette in a Pink and Blue Room
Boho Easter Basket With Tassels
Close up of a Boho Easter Basket

The brass bunny was from my grandfather and the white rabbit gifted by my grandmother.   We love having stuff passed down from our family!  My grandmother LOVED decorating for the holidays and I’m happy to carry on the tradition.

Boho Easter Basket 13
Colorful Boho Easter Decor

What baskets do you have that could use a facelift? Check out how I made over regular woven baskets with pompom trim.

Head on over to Casa Watkins Living to see How to Fold a Napkin Easter Basket if you haven’t yet! 

How To Fold Easter Basket Napkin
How to Fold a Napkin Basket at Casa Watkins Living

You can find all the best decorating ideas and DIYs for Spring and Easter on this page! It also includes seasonal printables and checklists and worksheets for Spring decluttering and organizing.

I hope you enjoyed the Easter series this year. It is so much fun to make new things out of old items. Have you created anything for Easter?

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