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Bookcase Teaser

Hi y’all! My drawl is back with me from Texas. He he. How are YOU doing?  It feels like forever since I have written a post.  Now that we are back home and things are returning to normal, guess what we are doing tomorrow?  Leaving again… I think I have been home for a total of nine days this month.  Are you heading anywhere for Thanksgiving?  If so, be careful and safe travels.

So, I wanted to write a post today on a little project I have been working on but the weather has been to gloomy for great pictures.  I want to share something, so here is a little teaser of my project.

A peek at our at our living room bookcase facelift! SONY DSC SONY DSC Did you notice anything different?  I have been wanting to lighten the bookcase without painting it so I lined the back with  pretty paper.  I have already lined it with fabric twice, you may remember the yellow and white trellis pattern?


I wanted something more neutral so hopefully this pretty paper will be the last time.

SONY DSCLook for the DIY soon and also tips for styling a bookcase.  Have a great Thanksgiving!!





    1. Thanks Debbie! So glad you are one my readers. =) It isn’t wallpaper, it’s actually wrapping paper from Hallmark. Although I have been dying to try the new peel off wallpaper! I’ll post the DIY in the next few days. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Bob!!

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