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Watercolor Botanical Free Printable Wall Art

Add a botanical vibe to your space with a set of watercolor fern printable art prints and access to a growing library of prints when you subscribe!

Hello, my friend! I just got back from my first blogging conference and have been dying to share my experience with you. Before I do I’ve added two free printables to the subscriber printable library.

If you are new around here welcome. I create free printable art for my subscribers once a month and am sharing two today since I missed June. Summers are always slow. 😉 If you haven’t joined yet, you can do that below!

Botanical Art Prints

botanical prints free on a pink wall with blue wallpaper

Do you love botanical prints as much as I do? They have a natural vibe that fits into any style which makes them super easy to decorate with.

The more plants the better in my book! I pretty much use green as a neutral in my house.

I created a pair of watercolor fern botanical artwork for June and July’s printables. One is in a blue and white chinoiserie planter and the other sits pretty in a Japanese earthly brown planter.

The pots we brought back from Japan with us. We just loved our four years in Okinawa and Iwakuni! Lately I’ve been working on my photoshop skills and had fun manipulating photos of our pots and ferns. I hope you enjoy them!

Closeup of Free Art Prints with watercolor ferns.

I so appreciate my subscribers letting me into their inboxes every week or so and I only share content that I think you’ll find valuable. You can also update or opt out anytime.

Free Printable Wall Art Botanical Prints

These fern botanical prints are formatted to be printed as a 5×7 or square. I hope you enjoy them!

If you need some inspiration for botanical print decor make sure to check out Emily A Clark’s fern wall and Setting for Four’s gallery wall of botanical prints. I also have a few others in the printable library.

Thanks so much for stopping by today! I hope you are enjoying the rest of your summer.


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