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Boys Room Update with Artwork

Boys room update: Mix a variety of art with child friendly wall decorations for an eclectic look that will grow with your child.

Today is a good day my friends. 🙂  One of my girlfriends is having her babysitter watch our kids so we can go to shopping and work on wall decor in her beautiful home.  I am so excited and can’t wait to share the results with you.

Boys Room Update with Artwork

Everyday I think about doing projects in my son’s room but after I make a trip upstairs and see his room a mess, I put it off. Seriously, I should just wait until school is back in session. lol  Any-who, my darling husband suggested using some of his military awards (already professionally framed and collecting dust!) as artwork and I finally got around to hanging them. It turned out fantastic!  I’ve had a hard time working around the wall color (a rental restriction) but it is coming together.


The awards are from two different deployments.  One has a nautical theme and the other depicts Egypt.  boys-roompics

They fit right in with the masks from Djibouti!



There are a couple more things I want to do to this side of the room but I’m happy with the way it looks now.  If only it would stay clean. lol


The dinosaur decal we recently hung, you can read about it here.


The other side of the room is still a mess! lol The desk I found at a local antique shop last month.  I love the sides of it. We have plans for a makeover. 🙂


Here is the view from the doorway.

boys-room7 Do you have a hard time with your kids keeping their rooms clean this summer?  😉


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