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Brass Candlesticks with Tassels for Festive Holiday Decor

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Add a touch of colorful global decor with brass candlesticks embellished with tassels for a bohemian feel.  Everyday decor can be dressed up for the holidays! 

Colorful Brass Candlesticks with Tassels for Christmas Decor

Hello and happy Thanksgiving to all of my US friends!  Welcome back to our holiday series,  A Very Global Christmas with Casa Watkins Living and I.   We are at Day Nine and sharing DIY Christmas decor that is globally inspired.   I really enjoy doing this series because my house gets in shape super fast for the holidays and since we recently moved in, it’s also getting put together for every day use.   So for todays post, I finally have all of my new curtains hung in our dining/living areas.  You can find all of the posts from this series at A Very Global Christmas page.

Dress Up Candlesticks With Tassels For Holidays

Global Christmas 2018

I’ve been all about tassels this year.  They add such a fun boho element and they are super inexpensive.  You can find them with my DIY Tassel Ornaments and DIY Pom Pom and Tassel Christmas Tree Gift Idea.  Today’s easy Christmas decor DIY is a fun way to dress up candlesticks with tassels.

Candlesticks With TasselsI chose some festive colors and draped them around my taper candles.  My grandfather has been giving my family brass pieces for years so we have quite the collections of candlesticks, animals, trays, and vases.  Candlesticks Mantel With Tassels

Brass is such a great way to add an eclectic global touch and combined with colorful tassels and a plant have a lovely bohemian feel.

Candlesticks Palm Tree Holiday Decor Boho

I’ve been moving pieces around to see how I wanted to display them.  We had a large blank wall between the dining and living room so I decided to put our faux fireplace surround for a shelf.  And moved my growing palm next to it!Candlesticks With Tassels

But first I tried the candles on my dining table and placed a painting on the mantel. Brass Candlesticks Dining Table Centerpiece Boho Holiday

You can really see how lovely the new curtains look in this shot!  Love the pops of black and white with the green.   The painting went back to its original home because it was so perfect there and the candlesticks really stand out against the light gray wall.  They look really beautiful lit too!

Colorful Candlesticks With Brass And Tassels Brass Candlesticks Wide Lit

Not sure if our dining area will stay set up this way past the holidays but it sure is nice to fill that blank wall!

Brass Tall Candlesticks White Metallic Candles

Candlesticks Tall Black White Mantel

Candlesticks Tassels Holiday Decor

I love that holiday decor doesn’t necessarily have to be Christmas although I use plenty of that too!  Just by adding an embellishment to your every day decor can make it perfect for the season.

Speaking of boho and non Christmasy things for holiday decor, check out Stephanie’s DIY Bohemian Tribal Spool DecorBohemian Tribal Spool Decor



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