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How to Set Up a Bright, Colorful, and Eclectic Christmas Vignette

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If you enjoy colorful Christmas decor you will love this brightly global and eclectic vignette with styling tips for A Very Global Christmas.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Stephanie and I are back with A Very Global Christmas series sharing 12 days of globally inspired DIYs, entertaining and decorating ideas, and more.  I can’t believe we are already at Day Ten!  We are sharing Christmas tables and styling tips.  I’ve decked out our dining room buffet with some fun holiday decor and dying to share all the details.  Let’s begin, shall we?

A Bright and Colorful Globally Inspired Christmas Vignette

Eclectic Globally Inspired Christmas Decor

One of my first purchases for our new house was a pretty gold mirror for the buffet.  It is a wonderful anchor to seasonal decor.  I placed a few large pieces in varying heights using my tinsel tree with vintage ornaments on the far right.  I always look for a pretty container and decided to use an antique ceramic that was my grandmother’s.  It has fantastic colors.  Vintage Christmas Tree Global Holiday Vignette Vintage Ornaments Tinsel Tree Vintage Pot

On the opposite side is another visually “heavier” piece, a DIY advent calendar.  I filled in the middle background with more layers leaning a neutral Minted print and my Scandi snow globe printable in a floating frame.    The layers help the individual pieces feel connected and more cohesive with the entire look.

Eclectic And Colorful Christmas Shelf

Festive Holiday Vignette Globally Inspired

For a little drama and height, I added two faux monstera leaves in an empty sho-chu Korean bottle.  The rest of the “greenery” are new and old bottle brush trees with a larger deer head.   I love the quirkiness of it all!Deer Bottle Brush Trees Christmas Vignette

To balance out the left, I added my dollar tree nutcracker makeover DIY.  It’s such a great and easy DIY.Dollar Store Nutcrackers Makeover

The dining area is a narrow space between the kitchen and living room.  The buffet sits on the only sliver of wall on one side that opens to the rest of the house.Dining Christmas Vignette Overlooking Living Room

I didn’t think I would enjoy having an open floor plan as much as I do.  It’s great for entertaining and boy have we’ve been doing a lot of that! Christmas Scene Buffet

I kept a lot of our Christmas decor in one setting instead of sprinkling it throughout the house to make a bigger impact.  I do enjoy just having touches of holiday here and there but this year I was wanting something more exciting and less subtle.  Next year I may change my tune.  Only time will tell!

Global Eclectic Holiday Vignette And Decor

If you love this vintage vibe you’ll love old fashioned bedroom Christmas decorating ideas!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and we’ll be back Monday and Tuesday to finish up the series.  In the meantime, if you haven’t seen Stephanie’s How To Decorate The Coffee Table For The Holidays, now’s the time!

How To Decorate Coffee Table Holiday

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  1. The holidays are definitely a time to whip up some vignettes. I love how they bring festive touches around the house and your tips and ideas are perfection! I’m so in love with that little metallic tree vignette!

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