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A Quick and Easy British Colonial Inspired Vignette


Hi there!  Welcome to our second The Global Styler series hosted by Casa Watkins Living.  If this is your first time here, I’m so happy to have you.  You will find a lot of posts with  rental friendly decorating tips in an eclectic style.

The Global Styler:  British Colonial Inspired Vignette with DIY Green Art

This month we’ve added a new creative team member, Jessica from House Homemade, to share global inspired projects with us.  Since St Patrick’s Day is coming up we thought it would be fun to incorporate green into this month’s DIY.global style with british colonial inspiration

I just shared our Wes Anderson dining room makeover but there was one little corner that was neglected.  Here’s the view from our living area of the decorated space.

wes anderson home decor in a rental dining room

Here’s the dark corner…Japanese rattan furniture with updated pulls for a global eclectic style

We needed a cabinet to hold our electrical components for the tv around the corner and found this one at the local thrift store.  I quickly updated it with some pulls I had on hand.Updated rattan furniture with knobs and snake plant for eclectic global style

A big renter frustration is not being able to change wall colors in this house. I’ve learned with experience that I just have to embrace where we live and not fight the elements I don’t like.  To do this, I tend to find inspiration from unlikely resources and study styles that fit our taste.british-colonial-vignette-wide

For this particular space, the rattan doors with the tatami floors and wood architectural details in the room made me think of British colonial style.   I would still prefer white walls to play off bold pops of green and eclectic decor but white tribal patterned sheer panels over the shoji screens help lighten the room and hide the few holes we’ve already managed to accidentally poke in the paper.

The walls are actually made with sand.  You can see them up close in this picture! diy framed fabric art for British colonial style

The Japanese have a very cool hand towel called Tenugui that is used for wrapping gifts, as a handkerchief, and even attached with a handle for a handbag.  I found this green print with polka dots on Miyajima (a popular nearby island) this weekend and framed it as art. japanese fabric

Here’s a few shots of the island.  It’s famous for it’s “floating” tori gate and the views are breathtaking!

Miyajima collage
The other art pieces in the vignette are a Japanese watercolor scene we recently picked up in Hiroshima and an old print of the governor’s mansion in Colonial Williamsburg.  The Wes Elm inspired desk lamp adds a fun triangle shape against all the rectangles.

Easy british colonial style with diy green art

I enjoy displaying items that I actually use like this silver bowl full of  vintage napkin rings (from Taipei, Africa, and USA).  The rest of my table linens are stored in the Chinese eterege in the room. British colonial style with collected vintage napkin rings

Here’s a little peek into the living room next to the dining room.  There are botanical prints and plants throughout so the main living floor so the rooms feel cohesive.  The neat thing about tatami rooms are removable doors so you can configure the space in different ways!


It’s really easy to create a British Colonial inspired vignette with neutral colors, plants, rattan, light fabrics, and eclectic global accessories especially from Asia, Africa, India, and the Caribbean with a mix of elegant British accents.

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  1. Oh my freak, this is beautiful. I need that Tenugui handkerchief asap. It is so pretty and looks perfect framed. That green looks stunning against the cabinetry. So good!

  2. Wow, I really love this transformation Kathy! I would’ve never been able to create that. I also actually want to buy a snake plant just like yours for its air-cleaning benefits. Love it!

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