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How to Bring Spring into Your Home: 3 DIY Secrets


Learn how to bring spring inside with three decorating secrets and inspiration from 25 bloggers and their beautiful eclectic home tours.

Well hello there!  With Spring just around the corner, I’m super excited to be participating in a Spring Tour of Homes blog hop hosted by Monica Wants It.  I’m starting off today’s tours with our eclectic global dining and living rooms and easy seasonal decorating tips for how to bring Spring into your home. 

If you missed any of yesterday’s home tours, scroll down to see the links and enjoy!

How to bring spring into your home with global elements and a plant on a coffee table upholstered bench with floral and blue pillows on the sofa.
How to Bring Spring Into Your Home

The Secrets to Spring Decorating

If you are unfamiliar with our home, we are military living overseas in Japan.  Our house is a traditional Japanese home so you’ll see some unique architectural elements and interesting details. 

Since winter was all about hygge with cozy layers, lots of textiles, and full vignettes, I decided to go with a more minimal approach to Spring decor.  Well, at least as minimal as I can stand. Ha!

Global eclectic spring decor in the living room in a Japanese rental house showing a cute grey sofa and upholstered bench as a coffee table with plants.
Spring decorating secrets.

Spring decorating secret:  You don’t have to spend any money for a spring refresh! 

  • Repurpose items in your house and swap accessories and textiles from other rooms.
How to bring spring into your home on a budget in the living room with sofa, ottoman, blue curtains, and a window with wood shutters.
Spring decorating with things you already have.

By mixing and matching pillows from our bedrooms, I was able to bring in a pop of floral and other matching pillows into our living room.   I also grouped most of my faux plants into small vignettes and brought in a couple of large house plants for more green and spring home decor.

Faux plants on a side table with a lamp make for great Spring decor.
Display of faux plants.
Living room spring decorating ideas with global eclectic style featuring a cozy corner with sofa, ottoman, bar cart and windows.
Eclectic-global decorating ideas for spring.
  • Create something new with items you already have.

Keeping with the less is more theme,  I made a Nordic DIY flower garland for our fireplace mantel.  My winter mantel is now almost bare with just a couple of large prints.  That’s what I consider minimal. 

  • Display faux or real stems in pretty containers.

I had some fun styling our bar cart with a few faux stems in Japanese pottery, an orange buddha, and faux air plant for Spring decorations.  Our peace lily (that gets out of hand often!) is sitting in a champagne bucket with fairy lights so it’s really a cheery-festive corner at night!  Plants seriously make everything better.

A bar cart with Spring decorating ideas using lots of color, a large plant, mirrors, and a cute window with wood shutter.
Spring bar cart.
Eclectic spring decorating on a bar cart using a peach buddha head, mini vases with purple flowers, a large apothecary jar, and black and white striped candles.
Close up of global decor on bar cart.

My daughter brought me home some flowers to cheer me up after a long day so I had to include them in our spring home tour!  I clipped some stems from a bush outside and stuck a couple of feathers to fill it in.

A beautiful large print of washi paper on a white mantel with fresh flowers in a vase.
Spring flowers with garden clippings.
Nordic Spring Garland on a white faux mantel surround with white space heater and shibori art.  A cute chinoiserie garden stool sits next to it with a snake plants in a basket planter.
Faux fireplace set up with mantel and eclectic room heater.

Spring decorating secret:  Green works just as well as traditional pastel colors like pink, yellow, and orange for a seasonal update. 

  • Don’t be afraid to use darker colors for seasonal decor.  Small pops of deeper hues against neutral backgrounds with minimal decor can still read as light and airy.  Completely appropriate for Spring!
A global eclectic living room decorated for spring with red and blues.  White walls and white fireplace surround with a wood french door give it a boho appeal.
Japanese living room decorated for Spring.
A spring home tour tv corner with a small white campaign chest and black and white art work above.
TV corner in the small living room.
Bright spring decor with a floral arrangement centerpiece on a wood table with chairs in black and white sit in a tatami dining room. The view is from the living room in a Japanese rental home.
Living room looking into the tatami dining room.

Our home is truly a reflection of our travels around Asia and living in Japan.  There is a story behind every vignette and shelf in our home.  I can’t wait to see how it all translates into an American house when we move back.  

Spring decorating secret:  Surround yourself with things that make you happy! 

  • Using travel souvenirs, family photos, and a fun accessory that you just fell in love with, is just as important as decorating with beautiful store bought decor.
Natural wood architecture and dining set are are in a tatami room with a view of brown chair for eclectic spring decor.
Thrifted chair with global textiles.
Colorful candles and spring floral centerpiece for eclectic spring decorating ideas in the dining room.  They sit on a wood table with lace table runner.  Cute black wood chairs are around the table.
Spring table set up with a DIY floral arrangement.

From our living room, you can see right into the Japanese dining room.  My Spring floral arrangement from last week’s tablescape is still the focal point but I added my DIY two-toned painted taper candles

A close up view of three shelves featuring global eclectic style decor using plants, green books, pottery and other spring decor.  The beautiful bookcase is an Asian eterge with carved drawers.
Spring styled bookcase with lots of plants.

My husband gave me a couple of handcrafted Japanese teacups for our anniversary last month so I included them into my “shelfies” as little planters. 

A shelf view of green books, plants, and pottery.
Japanese pottery and books.
A beautiful Japanese tea cup with faux succulent for a spring decorating idea.
Japanese teacup.

There’s a touch of Easter in our dining room with a global-inspired Easter tree.  I’ll be sharing the DIY next week with A Very Global Easter Series that Casa Watkins Living and I are teaming up together for. 

A boho easter tree sits in a bright Japanese dining room with lots of wood and tatami flooring.
Easter tree on Japanese furniture.
Global eclectic spring and easter decor on a shelf with art and warm wood architecture.
Spring decor in traditional Washitu.
Corner of boho spring dining room home tour with asian wood eterge, lace curtain, and guitar.
Global-eclectic dining space in a Japanese tatami room.

And that wraps up our Spring dining and living rooms!  I hope you enjoyed seeing our Japanese home and found inspiration with the decorating secrets.   Find 20 more spring decorating ideas with a free printable checklist at The Best Spring Ideas.

I’m just dying to check out the other beautiful Spring homes and decorating ideas.  Let’s head on over to my talented and sweet friend Iris from Iris Nacole.  I just know you are going to fall in love with her beautiful style.

2018 Spring Tour of Homes 

Happy spring friend!


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  1. Kathy, how amazing to be living in Japan and have the opportunity to experience that culture. I love that your home reflects all your travels and the things that you love and bring you joy. I think a lot of people stress about how to display items from their adventures in life and you do it so well! And I love how you tuck little plants here and there!

  2. Kathy, what a beautiful global spring home! I love the secrets you shared, and agree with everything! Plants do make a home better, don’t they?

  3. Kathy, you are a master at making a house a home. Seriously, I am so drawn to all of your spaces. Everything is so beautifully styled and inviting. I love it!

  4. Kathy your home always looks like the seasons have just kissed it, and you’ve pulled it off again! Looks fab, and spring has definitely sprung.

  5. Kathy, you have such a fun and beautiful home! We lived in Bangkok for several years and did quite a bit of traveling around Asia (including Japan-love, love, love Kyoto!). The things that I purchased while we were there have so much more meaning than anything else in my home. Enjoy your time!

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