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Easy China Cabinet Makeover with Dollar Store Supplies

Update your china cabinet with this quick and easy tutorial. Shop for supplies from the dollar store to keep this cabinet makeover under $5 and renter friendly!

Hello my friends.  So sorry I missed you yesterday. My husband left this morning for another deployment and we were enjoying one last fun afternoon and evening with the kids.

I promised three diy/decor posts a week this month and I shall deliver!  Keep your eyes open for a couple of more fun ideas before Saturday.  Today I’m sharing a super easy china cabinet makeover with dollar store supplies! Try this quick and easy cabinet update with supplies from the dollar store and renter friendly! Today’s project was quick, easy, and only cost me $4!

China Cabinet Makeover

with paper and washi tape!

I love this little built in china cabinet that is in our rental.  Immediately after moving in, I stored my white and clear dishes with a few bright pieces behind the glass doors. china cabinet builtin

After a few months of getting to know our “new” kitchen, we started storing our pretty copper pots and pans along with the white dishes in this cabinet.  Now it stores items we use almost everyday.   (The coffee mugs went into a basket near our coffee maker with other breakfast items.)

One of the easiest ways to add a pop of color to a space it to line the back of a bookcase or cabinet with paper.  When I saw color paper at the 100 Yen store (“dollar store”), I grabbed a peach color and a contrasting role of washi tape and had a little cabinet makeover party.

Supplies for a cabinet makeover:

  • Color Paper
  • Washi tape
  • Double sided sticky tape
  • scissors and/or paper cutter

Easy renter friendly cabinet makeover with step by step instructions for under $5!

How to transform your cabinet:

Step one:  Remove the shelves if possible.

Step two:  Start at the middle of the cabinet so your paper seams line up evenly and centered.

Step three:  Place a piece of double-sided tape on each corner of paper and attach to the back of the cabinet.

Tip:   If your paper is thicker it will not matter if you overlap pieces.  Take notice to see if the paper needs to line up evenly or if you can get away with overlapping pieces.   The paper I used showed a little when I overlapped it, so I used my paper cutter to cut the pieces for an exact fit.

Quick and easy cabinet update with construction paper and double sided sticky tape

After you finish lining the back of the cabinet, place your shelves back into place.   Cover the front of the shelves with washi tape for more color!

Cabinet shelves renter friendly update with washi tape from the dollar store

The colors I chose corresponded with my plate magnets and my office nook just around the corner.

china cabinet makeover with washi and construction paper

Organizing tip: Utilize only 75% of the cabinet space to make sure your cabinets don’t look cluttered. 

diy fridge magnets and china cabinet makeover with washi

And there you have it!  A super easy update for your cabinet with washi tape and construction paper.

You may have noticed that I mention the 100 Yen store frequently.  Well, two reasons…

First: IT’S AWESOME!!! Seriously, the quality is better than what you get in the states AND they carry everything.  (BTW, there are some Daiso 100 Yen stores in the states.)

Second:  When we moved here, we were only allowed to bring about 30% of our belongings.  That would totally be fine if we could shop, buy things we love, and bring them back when we return to the states BUT we are under the same weight restrictions.  Boo!  So I try to find the most cost effective ways to decorate our pad and that means being really creative and frequent trips to the 100 Yen store. 😉


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