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Christmas Table

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A Natural and Thrifty Christmas Table: Use evergreen from your yard, mix your china with regular plates, and get creative with finishing touches!

Howdy! I hope you are having a wonderful week; putting up Christmas trees and preparing for the holidays. It’s fun stuff!  Only three more days of Christmas crafts and decor for Up to Date Interiors’ Christmas series {part deux}. 🙂 Then the movers are coming!  I have a special plan for the rest of the month. SONY DSC

Christmas Table SettingSONY DSC

First things first, my little helper with unbrushed hair!


For this years’ Christmas table I gathered some cedar from the yard and placed it in a basket to make it look a little neater. Gold spray painted Dollar Tree maple leaves and spray painted pinecones add a little more color and texture.


My grandmother’s Blue Danube china was used for the place settings mixed with white Ikea plates.  I used paper napkins but created a pocket to put the silverware in and a tucked gold leaf.


The pocket fold is really easy.  Here are the steps for those of you who are visual learners. 😉 napkin-folding

Steps for pocket fold:

Unfold the napkin and fold in half, wrong side facing out. (Steps 1-3)

Fold bottom top half up. (Step 4)

Flip over. (Step 5)

Fold each side in. (Steps 6-7)

Fold in half again. (Step 8)

Flip over. (Step 9)


Everything I used we already had. 🙂  Husband can’t argue with that!


If you missed the last two days, here they are:

Day one:  A little Christmas tree vignette!

Day two:  DIY Scalloped Christmas Trees

Head over to the winter holidays, DIYs, and decor page for more articles and resources!  Happy Wednesday,



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