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Easy Kid Friendly Closet Organization Ideas for Renters

Kid-friendly closet organization ideas with inexpensive storage solutions that are perfect for renters. Help your kids keep rooms neat and tidy.

We have made a big change! A new country, language, and concrete rental home built to withstand typhoons in beautiful Okinawa. I didn’t have a lot to go on for storage and organization for our two kids with only government-issued furniture. But I made it work with limited resources and funds.  

Kid-Friendly Closet Organization Tips

These solutions are perfect for renters!

Kid friendly closet organization
Kid Friendly Closet Organization

I spent around $55 on a bookcase, 3-drawer storage unit, and a couple of “S” hooks. 

collage-closet Kid friendly closet organization
Girl’s Closet Ideas
  • Only house toys and items in the bedroom that are easy for a young child to pick up. Leave art supplies and other adult assisted play things out of reach or in a different room like the living area.

Two plastic pink crates hold stuff animals. The inexpensive 3-drawer storage unit I found was perfect for all my daughter’s dollhouse and baby doll items.

konmari method for toys
Plastic Crates and Storage Unit
  • Use a cheap bookcase for optimal storage in a rental. I can’t tell you how valuable a bookcase is in a closet with no or few shelves in a small bedroom. Being able to use vertical space is a must for keeping a neat and tidy room.

Puzzles and games are kept on the high shelves with books on the lower-easy to reach shelves. The small bedroom still has plenty of play space with this easy storage solution. I used a bookcase in my son’s closet as well.

Kid friendly closet organization
Use a Bookshelf in a Closet

The “S” hooks help with additional vertical storage. They are great for extra bags, other storage items, and toys with a handle.

Kid friendly closet organization
Girl’s Room Organized
Kid friendly closet organization
Dresses Hung High
Kid friendly closet organization
Books in Closet

Of course, small bedrooms in Japan are pretty common! 😉  It’s so nice that they are light and airy.  Here’s how I decorated my daughter’s room with renter-friendly DIYs.

Kid friendly closet organization and renter friendly bedroom
Renter Friendly Girls Room Makeover

For about $55 on clever solutions, I managed to provide easy storage for my daughter to keep her things organized in our Okinawan rental. I also love these 25 toy organizer ideas from Country Living for more permanent solutions.

You can find all the best decorating ideas and DIYs for Spring and Easter on this page! It also includes seasonal printables, checklists, and worksheets for Spring decluttering and organizing.



  1. Thanks for making me cry all during the reading of your posting. Thinking about the wedding and seeing all of Gwen’s clothes brought up emotions so strong that I couldn’t keep from crying. Have fun.

  2. Lovely post! You and your husband look great together! 🙂 I also have a little girl and her closet definitely needs to be organized. I have many ideas for her room and as a general I want to change her closet with one that is more convenient and offers better options for storage. Her room isn’t big and I need to insert more storage solutions. We are starting with everything in the spring. Thanks for the post! Greetings!

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed the post Jean and thank you for the kind words. Best of luck with the closet organization! It’s a great solution for helping a room to stay tidy!

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