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Cozy Colorful Christmas Decorating in a Small Space

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Find tips for colorful Christmas decorating in a small room that make a big impact with little effort. Part of A Very Global Christmas.

Whether it is a small living room, dining room, bedroom, or office, here are a few ways to easily infuse colorful traditional Christmas decor without taking up too much space.

Cozy Colorful Christmas Decorating Ideas

Seasons greetings my friend and welcome to A Very Global Christmas Day 11. If you are new here, this is an annual series that my friend Casa Watkins Living and I do every year featuring twelve days of globally inspired decorating ideas, DIYs, recipes, printables, and more.

Head over to the Global Decorating Ideas page to see all of this year and past years in one spot. It is so fun to come up with a new global theme or idea to create unique holiday decor every year often by repurposing to refreshing what we already have.

A maximalist Christmas decorated office with bird wallpaper and green built ins.  Pine garland frames french doors and red poinsettias are on either side of the computer.  Super layered and cozy decor.
A Maximalist Christmas Decorated Office

I’ve been all into flora, pomegranates, and potpourri this year and started off with our main Christmas tree being covered in a garland effect of flowers and leaves. Two and half weeks later, our entire house is completely decorated and I just shared our living room and dining tablescape.

Today I’m sharing how I decorated my office which is a small windowless room with a maximalist feminine design. I decided to use colorful traditional decor and even saved a tree to be decorated on the traditional day of Christmas tree decorating-Thanksgiving which is very unusual in our house as a blogger. 🙂

Here are five ways I made this room feel festive and cozy without little effort.

  • Hang bells, tassle, or other hanger on a knob.

Our office already has brass bells on one handle of a French door but my daughter added a DIY tinsel tree ornament hanger on the side. I love a small detail that adds so much interest! You can add a hanger to a doorknob, cabinet pull, or lamp for a fun holiday accessory.

A small traditionally decorated Christmas tree is on a gold bamboo and glass table between two dark blue velvet arm chairs in an eclectic and colorful office featuring bird wallpaper and green walls.
View into Office
  • Create a focal point with ponsiettas.

This readily available plant or faux plant is inexpensive and looks great in red and white. Try displaying a pair on a desk, dresser, tv stand, or buffet table for a festive touch.

A faux red poinsettia looks beautiful in front of bird wallpaper, pink wall sconce, and computer on a desk.
Faux Red Poinsettia
  • Elevate a small Christmas tree on an accent table.

When a room is too small for a regular size tree, display a 2-4 ft prelit Christmas tree on a side or accent table. Don’t forget to add a mini tree skirt as I did with an imported table runner from Thailand to add a global style.

This little tree is a new edition that my daughter was able to decorate however she liked with our ornaments. We have little china dolls and lots of angel ornaments that were gifted to me by my grandmother and piano teacher in addition to a mix of vintage style ornaments and more modern ball ornaments.

Colorful Christmas decorating in a small office with a view of the corner where art is hung on bird wallpaper and a blue velvet arm chair with a bird pillow looks cozy.  Right next to it is a small memories decorated Christmas tree.
Office Corner
View of a table top Christmas tree with traditional ornaments in front of a bird wallpaper with an oil landscape and two blue velvet chairs.
Memories Christmas Tree
  • Decorate with holiday books.

Books are my number one favorite thing to decorate with and we have quite the collection of Christmas decorating and storybooks that has grown over the years. What better spot to sit and read than by the twinkling of Christmas lights in a cozy small space.

Stack the books in a basket and display them under an open table or chair or on top of the table if you have the space. Or a magazine or book caddy will allow you to stylishly display them on the floor.

A basket with Christmas books is under a small glass and brass bamboo table.
Basket with Christmas Books Under a Small Table

Now that the office is all decked out for the holidays, my kids and I love sitting in the two wingback chairs for reading, homework, or playing games. I recently sold a love seat that is usually in the office to make more space for the holidays.

The pair of blue chairs were my grandparents and usually sit in the living room where the Christmas tree is. Here is a peek into the office from the living area.

A gorgeous floral Christmas tree is in the corner of a room with a white tulip marble table and matching floral arrangement.
Floral Christmas Tree

I hope these quick decorating ideas help you with your small rooms. What favorite tips do you have for holiday decorating?

Make sure to stop by Casa Watkins Living for more decorating ideas as we start to wrap up this year’s series.

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