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See Our Elegantly Colorful Gallery Wall Hallway Makeover Before and After!


Welcome to a dramatic before and after transformation of a colorful gallery wall hallway with green and blue paint, brass, and plenty of art!

*This post is sponsored by two brands, Signature Hardware, and Mohawk Home, and may contain some affiliate links for your shopping convenience. You can read my full disclosure here.

Welcome to the final reveal of our New Year New Room Refresh Gallery Wall Hallway Makeover! This month-long challenge hosted by my dear friend Casa Watkins Living is where 12 bloggers take a room and refresh it in four weeks.

Scroll down to the bottom of this article to see the creative group of ladies participating.

First, a quick introduction if you are new here. Howdy, I’m Kathy. My family and I moved around for 16 years with the military until my husband retired three years ago and we settled in Fort Worth, Texas in a single-story ranch-style home. I’ve been putting our international souvenirs to good use by infusing our home with a colorful global style ever since.

A gallery inspired hallway makeover showing a woman straightening a Japanese screen hanging on blue and green two-toned walls.  A large mirror hangs in the hallway behind her and a beautiful walnut cabinet styled with art and a plant is on a nearby foyer wall.
A Blue and Green Gallery Wall Hallway
The "New Year New Room Refresh Challenge 2022" banner.
New Year New Room Refresh

This is the seventh year for the New Year New Refresh and I have participated in every one. Check out my daughter’s Vintage Boho Bedroom makeover, how I turned a windowless office into the most amazing creative space with birds wallpaper and built-ins, and last year’s quick laundry room Parisian-inspired makeover using leftover materials.

The annual challenge is a fantastic way to occupy my time during the cold dreary days of January doing fun DIYs and socializing online with the other participants and I look forward to it every year.

Now let me catch you up to speed with the hallway. Here is what it looked like at the beginning of January. It was a sad place for wall hangings that didn’t have a home and recent drywall repair had made it even more of an eyesore. The only wall I had put effort into was the floor-to-ceiling gallery wall you see from the foyer.

Tone on Tone Hallway Mood Board

I came up with a mood board after partnering with Signature Hardware and Mohawk Home. Browsing through their products was a second Christmas. I seriously swooned over these picks.

The following couple of weeks were improving the hallways with crown molding, chair rail, and accent trim. I then painted them two-toned with blue and green. All in all, it took 2 days of construction and 3 days of painting.

Two-toned hallway walls with chair rail in blue and green with matching rug runners.
Two-toned Hallway Walls

Here is the final reveal!

Really pretty two-toned hallway walls in blue and green with a beautiful Japanese screen hanging on one wall and a large vintage mirror on another wall.  A foyer wall with a walnut cabinet and gallery wall in white and neutrals is just to the right.
Two-Toned Hallways with Gallery Walls

In the first part of the hallway, you can see from the front door and the open layout living areas. Holy cow! I can’t believe how different it looks now! I love love, love that I went for blue and green wall paint and had them touch each other in tone on tone instead of leaving a portion white or the chair rail white.

My husband thought I was crazy but he loves it too. It brings out all of the greens I have in our house and really is a perfect color palette for us.

A beautiful hand-painted Japanese screen from Kyoto is displayed on a green and blue two toned hallway wall with matching rug.
Japanese Screen Handpainted and Made in Kyoto

The Japanese screen was a garage sale found in our neighborhood. After the owner learned we had lived in Japan, she gave it to me for a steal. I’m so glad we now have the wall space for it and the colors are really perfect.

Check out the crane in the scene and the brass crane on my grandmother’s foyer cabinet in the pictures below. That was not planned. These magical things just happen!

A close up of a large Japanese screen hanging on a hallway with blue and green paint and crown and dado railing.  You can see more art in the background.
Japanese Screen

How to Pick Color Pairings

I do want to mention that selecting colors for two-toned walls can be simple. I selected a mint blue that already has a little green in it to compliment the green hue. This creates a glorious tone-on-tone effect. Selecting contrasting or complementary colors using a color wheel is another beautiful option.

You can read more about my process is detail in this article.

A bright white foyer wall with beautiful brass closet knob and gallery wall is next to a colorful hallway with two-toned walls and chair rail.  Lots of art and a large mirror with complimentary rugs are styled in the space.
Foyer Area with a Peek at the Tone on Tone Gallery Hallways
A colorful and maximalist home view from the front door looking at two-toned green and blue walls with art and white walls in the living area.
View from Front Door

Now that I’ve brought your attention to the brass figure let me show off the first of many hammered brass knobs that Signature Hardware gifted me. I’m still pinching myself that every single doorknob in our house is now this gorgeous hardware.

Even though it is a smaller detail, they really make the house look carefully designed and high-end.

A close up view of a polish hammered brass knob on a white closet door with white walls.
Satin Brass Door Knob

I was seriously impressed with the quality and ease of installation for the new knob sets. This particular one is called Traeger in Satin Brass.

They also gifted a new light fixture for the hallway. The modern shape and brighter fixture (3 light bubs!) with new paint, art, and rugs really do wonders for the dark hallway.

Moody hallway in blue and green with beautiful rugs and art.
Moody Hallway Reveal

On the floors, are three matching rug runners with pads from Mohawk Home. Use code MHSOCIAL to get 30% off right now! They have a beautiful pattern in perfect hues to compliment the tone on tone hallway colors and art and feel incredibly soft underfoot.

The rug pads are amazing with a double-sided surface for hard or carpet flooring.

We have many Mohawk Rugs in our home and I can testify to their durability, quality, feel, and style. For a family of four with a dog, they are a wonderful solution to highly trafficked floors and are found at many popular retailers.

Close up of blue and cream traditional hallway runners with mint blue walls and a wooden bench.
The Apeley Rug from Mohawk Home
A rug pad under the hallway runner.
Rug Pad

Okay, now for a look at the long hallway! I would love to be your personal docent and tell you all about each art piece if you were here. In a nutshell, almost every painting came from traveling or estate sales.

Here is the view from my son’s bedroom down the hall to the master bedroom. The guest bathroom is on the right and my daughter’s room is on the left. There are two little linen cupboards and an additional closet at the end.

Get ready for a lot of art and pictures!

Gallery walls in the hallway with two-toned paint in blue and green and landscape art.
Gallery Walls in the Hallway
A colorful and maximalist hallway makeover with art hanging on blue and green two toned walls with decorative trim and view into a bedroom.
Blue and Green Hallway with Art
Gallery collections on two toned green and blue hallway walls with matching rugs.
Blue and Green with Brass Accents

Here is a view from my daughter’s room. More blues and greens! A quick gallery wall tip: Take the space between door frames/openings and create a mini gallery using two rows of art hangings.

Gallery hallway wall on blue and green two toned paint with a glimpse of bird wallpaper and pink walls in a bedroom.
Mini Gallery
Landscapes and portraits gallery wall in the hallway with two toned blue and green walls.
More art galleries
Close up of art hanging on a green wall.
Paintings from Abroad
A hammered brass door knob on a white door is next to two-toned mint blue and green walls is absolutely stunning.  A landscape painting of Prague is hanging on the green wall.
Brass Door Knob with Blue and Green Walls
Two toned blue and green walls with a chair rail brightens a dark hallway and is perfect for displaying art.
Master Bedroom End of Hallway
A hallway with white crown molding and two-toned blue and green walls with art, brass light fixture, and beautiful matching hallway runners.
View from Master Bedroom

Another beautiful product from Signature Hardware is this solid brass cabinet pull. There are two for the linen cabinet doors.

A close up view of a solid brass cabinet pull on a white cabinet next to two-toned green and blue walls with dado rail.
Close up of Blue and Green Tone on Tone Walls with Brass Pull
A close up of a hammer polish brass door knob on the hallway close door next to two-toned blue and green walls.
Signature Hardware Brass Door Knob
A breath taking hallway makeover featuring two toned blue and green walls and art collections.
Aged Brass Ceiling Fixture with Blue and Green Walls and Blue and Cream Rugs
Blue and green hallways with beautiful art.
Foyer View into the Hallways

Join me on Instagram for behind-the-scenes, DIYs, decorating tips, room tours, and home inspiration. I’ll see you over there!

A woman standing in a blue and green hallway next to a bright white foyer with lots of art and maximalist style.
Give me all the greens, please!

It’s so much fun to see what was accomplished in four weeks, or rather 5 days!

  • Sand the walls and repair any cracks
  • Install crown molding and extra trim 
  • Install chair rail and extra trim
  • Caulk, fill holes
  • Paint doors and molding white
  • Touch up ceiling paint
  • Paint upper walls green
  • Paint lower walls a lighter tint of green/blue
  • Install new light fixture
  • Install new door hardware
  • Hang art
  • Place rugs

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  1. Beautiful space! I love the colors and the rugs are perfect! I’m in NRH so you’re welcome to come over anytime and decorate here!

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