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Beautiful and Colorful Shower Curtains for Every Budget

Looking for that wow factor in your bathroom? Check out these beautiful and colorful shower curtains that fit every budget.

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Don’t you love that instant gratification you get when you put up curtains, paint a wall, or hang a shower curtain? It’s so fun enveloping yourself in an allover color or pattern that makes you feel like you are instantly in a new place. Adding a pop of color or bright pattern to a significant part of a room is an easy way to make a big impact. And the simplest way to do this in a bathroom is with a bright and colorful shower curtain!

Bright and Colorful Shower Curtains

Hello friend. I’ve had bathroom updates on my mind lately. They seem to be the last rooms I tackle when we move into a new house but the first space I usually want to change. After finding all of the beautiful shower curtains below I’m ready to give our kids-guest bathroom an easy makeover. And what better time to give your loo a refresh than right now or at least, this weekend!

Bright and colorful shower curtains collage pin for pinterest.

I hand-selected bright and colorful florals and geometric patterned shower curtains (with a few fruits and animals thrown in) from my favorite stores and put them in different price categories while I was browsing. So click on an image below that strikes your fancy and is in your spending allowance. Then scroll down for more ways you can update your bathroom on a budget without leaving your house.

Bright Colored Shower Curtains for under $20

Who doesn’t love this price point? I found a couple of similar options to a couple of much-coveted Anthropologie choices which made me super happy. Just make sure you are checking the material type and size so there are no surprises when you receive your order.

Beautiful Shower Curtains Ideas between $20 – $30

Another great price point when you are trying to keep things on a super low budget. From traditional to modern prints you are sure to find a colorful botanical or floral you’ll love.

Fun and Bright Shower Curtains between $30 – $60

You’ll find more natural fabric choices and unique designs at these prices. I have my eye on one of these but I need a sale or coupon first!

Unqiue and Bright Shower Curtains over $60

My second floral choice falls at this price point… gulp. But if I think about comparing the price to what we pay for lunch I usually feel way less guilty. Plus, you get what you pay for and the products usually last much longer. So really, I’m saving money! Ha! What’s your thought process on this? I also like to go with something if it truly sparks joy. (Thank you, Marie Kondo.) Maybe this will be my splurge for the bathroom refresh. And those geometric abstract choices are divine!


How to Hang a Shower Curtain in 3 Easy Steps:

  1. Measure and mark. The best way to hang a shower curtain is to measure first. Many shower rods are adjustable so make sure you select a rod that fits your shower walls with a few inches to spare. You can either get one that is spring-loaded which best for hanging between tiles and can also be used on drywall although it can create dents. The second option is a screw-mounted curtain rod that will secure on drywall. A few curtain rods offer heavy-duty suction cups on the ends of the pole for a hole-free installation on tiles. If you are hanging a heavier curtain, screw-mounted or a tension rod with suction are the best choices for stability. Make sure your shower curtain hangs at least 6″ below the bathtub or shower lip for water protection. I love using a level with a laser for easy measuring across a small space like the tub. Make small marks with a pencil where you plan on hanging the curtain rod.
  2. Hang your shower curtain rod taking note of any instructions included. Keep a level handy to ensure a straight line and use your pencil marks as a guide.
  3. Lay your liner and shower curtain on a large flat surface if you are using curtain rings to hang to prevent sore arms. The wrong side of the colorful shower curtain should face the liner. Push the rings through both holes (if you are using both). Next, keep the rings slightly open to hang the curtain rings on the rod. Close them firmly to ensure a tight fit after the curtain is up. Hang curtain hooks on the rod first if you are using hooks instead of rings, and then hang the liner and/or shower curtain. Use double-sided hooks for easy removable of the shower liner to clean.

Other things to consider when purchasing colorful shower curtains:

  • Go for an extra long shower curtain if you want to make a small room look larger or taller. If you fall in love with one that is the regular length you can purchase an additional cheap liner that is extra long in white or contrasting color and layer it behind the decorative shower curtain. This will give your patterned curtain a color block look on the bottom. The standard size for a shower curtain is 72″ by 72″.
  • Highlight your colorful shower curtain with a shower rod and rings in matte black or gold for a high-end look. Also, search for hotel shower curtain rings for extra style.
  • You’ll need a shower liner if you purchase a cotton or other natural fabric shower curtain to protect it from mildew. Vinyl and polyester shower curtains don’t need liners.
  • The suction cups on a shower curtain liner are between the liner and curtain. So when the liner is in the bathtub the suction cups stick to it.

Why not update some other things in your bathroom if you are already looking for a shower curtain? Here are some of my favorite tips and tricks when I’m trying to make a big impact on a shoestring budget without a major renovation.

I would love to hear how you have found ways to give your bathroom some love with accessories, paint, or inexpensive solutions? Did you use a shower curtain as a starting point for a refresh like I did? Leave me a comment and let’s chat.

A collage of Colorful Shower Curtains for pinterest.

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