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15 Amazing Spring Home Tours with Colorful Decorating Ideas


Welcome to A Very Colorful Life Spring home tours with simple decorating ideas to add pops of color that you can try now.

Do you love to search for inspiration for seasonal decor but tired of seeing the same neutral-farmhouse or traditional ideas? (Hint, hint, I’m talking to you Pinterest.) Well, look no further my friend! I’m joining 14 other eclectic and colorful bloggers to share Spring home tours full of unique and charming ideas that will infuse your home with color.

First a huge thank you to Dimples and Tangles and Jeweled Interiors for hosting and organizing this round up of “It’s A Colorful Life Home Tour.” If you are coming from Monica’s gorgeous spring home, welcome.  Her signature chinoiserie-chic style continues to make feel inspired to surround myself with all of the pretty things. *Scroll to the bottom of the post to see all participating bloggers.

Colorful Spring Home Tours Decorating Ideas Brighter
Eclectic Living Room Reading Corner
Retro Style Copy
Spring Home Tours.

Colorful Spring Home Decor 

Let’s start at the foyer, shall we?  We’ve been in this house six months now and I’ve transformed our daughter’s bedroom and the small master bathroom.  But I am happy with how our main living areas are shaping up.  We have a single-story ranch-style home so you see everything as soon as you walk in.  Here is an elegant and eclectic spring wreath I made recently repurposing items from my crafting stash for A Very Global Easter series

Elegant And Modern Spring Wreath 2
Spring Front Door Wreath
Elegant And Modern Spring Wreath close up with green, pink, black, and purples and a green bird
Close up of Spring Wreath on black front door.

And then you are in the open concept living-dining rooms and kitchen.

Colorful Spring Home Tours Decorating Ideas Brighter 3
Living room with open layout.
Colorful Spring Home Tours Decorating Ideas 6
Eclectic fireplace focal point.

Since this tour is all about color, I painted our brown mantel to a blue-black and rearranged the bookcase with colorful books color-coded instead of its usual neutral styling.

Colorful Spring Home Tours 19
Color-coded books.
Colorful Spring Home Tours Decorating Ideas 5
Colorful spring home tour.
Colorful Spring Home Tours 20
Spring tulips in crystal vase.

Some fresh purple tulips steal the show on our coffee table.  I recently added decorative rock grapes that were my grandmothers and brass cranes from my grandfather.   Our home is full of sentimental items! 

Add a no fuss flower arrangement with tulips or daffodils. 

Colorful Spring Home Tour 21
Global decor on coffee table.
Colorful Spring Home Tour 24
Colorful spring home decorating ideas.
Colorful Spring Home Tour 25
Brass cranes.
Colorful Spring Home Tour Decorating Ideas 7
Bright and colorful living room.

I’m so excited to have a real fireplace again and couldn’t wait to style it for Spring. I placed our faux mantel from our Japanese house in from and added so other global touches. But my favorite is the pop of green with a Boston fern inside a Japanese bowl.

Colorful Spring Home Tour Decorating Ideas 10
Fern in chinoiserie pot.

Add a plant in a pretty container to fill an empty hearth.

Colorful Spring Home Tour 6
Eclectic-colorful fireplace decor.
Colorful Spring Home Tour Decorating Ideas Brighter 2
One-story ranch-style house living area.

Most of our decor is from living in Japan and traveling in Asia.  I’ve also acquired art and furniture from my grandparents that I love having close by.  A corner in our living room received a spring refresh with an ink painting of the New York skyline and a mounted skull from Texas hill country.

Colorful Spring Home Tour Decorating Ideas 8
Reading corner.

Behind the sofa is a small dining area and kitchen with a small wall to the left. It’s the perfect size for our bar cart and a colorful painting I found at an estate sale with my grandpa.   Faux florals and more blue and white pieces emphasize the interesting color palette. 

Colorful Spring Home Tour Decorating Ideas 3
Bar cart vignette.
Colorful Spring Home Tour Decorating Ideas
Yellow and blue decor.
Colorful Spring Home Tour Decorating Ideas 2
Close up of faux flowers in Japanese container.

Since the living and dining areas on next on my to-do list for house projects, I decided to play around with the dining furniture arrangement to see what works best.  We are currently trying a banquette style eating area and so far love it.  There is still plenty of room to set up folding tables (with pretty linens off course) in our living room for large dinner parties!

Colorful Spring Home Tour 17
Small dining area.

The space is full of FB marketplace and thrifted finds. I love the combo of hot pink, blue and white, and green patterns for spring! The chinoiserie pieces also tie into the bar cart vignette and a decorating accessories in the living room.

Colorful Spring Home Tour 22
DIY Banquette seating style.
Colorful Spring Home Tour 7
Full view of dining space.

I mentioned our small bathroom makeover earlier and I’ve already made changes. I decided to move a large floral painting by my aunt from the living room to above the toilet and LOVE it.  It will definitely stay here for a while. The jewel tones are stunning.  You can find out how I changed our bathroom for under $150 with a small bathroom makeover on a budget

Colorful Spring Home Tour Decorating Ideas 2
Colorful floral bathroom.

Rearrange artwork to highlight spring colors and themes.

Colorful Spring Home Tour Decorating Ideas 3
Small master bathroom.
Colorful Spring Home Tour Decorating Ideas
Pocket door small bathroom.
Glam Bathroom Decor with a gold towel bar and shelves housing towels, toilet paper, and a plant on white walls
Hotel style towel rack.
Small Bathroom Makeover On A Tight Budget, view of white walls with a bench and gold towel rack
Small seating area.

The last space I wanted to share is our daughter’s room because it’s my absolute favorite room I’ve ever done.   I completed it for the New Year New Room Challenge but added a couple of bunnies and a DIY tassel basket with some easter eggs for spring.  I would use the peachy pink and mint green color palette anywhere. It has such a soothing feeling.

Ikea Hack For Vintage Boho Bedroom Reveal
Girl’s bedroom with DIY storage.
Wallpaper Lower Wall Under Chair Rail With Furntiure And Decor
Full view of girl’s bedroom.
Colorful Spring Home Tour 29
Mint dresser.
Colorful Spring Home Tour 30
Spring decor on mint dresser.
Colorful Spring Home Tour 31
Easter eggs in wire basket.

I hope you enjoyed seeing our home tour and will try the decorating ideas for your spring home! Make sure to check out my complete guide for Spring decluttering, organizing, decorating, and Easter ideas with free printables.

Make sure to stop by SKG Designs who is finishing up the tours for today.  Then come back tomorrow for the last talented bunch! 

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  1. Your home is beautiful! The art and bar cart really caught my eye- that’s perfectly styled! Your bathroom ( all hearts).. I could go on and on, but I’ll sum it up with “GREAT JOB!!”

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