How to Use Bird Wallpaper Below a Chair Rail In a Bedroom

Try a modern twist on a classic wallpaper and molding idea with bird wallpaper below a chair rail and paint on top.

The big question of the day is “do you use wallpaper above or below chair molding (or dado rail)?” I say both! Read on to see why.

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And we are back for week four of the New Year New Room Refresh Challenge hosted by Casa Watkins Living and I’m so excited to show you this week’s update for my daughter’s bedroom featuring a gorgeous bird wallpaper from Milton and King and new architectural detail

Nine of us have one month to refresh a room and have been sharing progress each Tuesday for this fun annual challenge.  Next week will be our final reveal so make sure to stop by! 

Week 1: Vintage Boho Girls Room Inspiration  | Week 2:  An Ikea Hack for Chic Storage | Week 3:  Decorating with Boho Vintage Accessories | Week 4: How to use Wallpaper, Paint, and Trim All in One Room | Week 5: A Dresser Makeover without Sanding  | Week 6:  Boho Vintage Girl’s Bedroom Reveal 

How to Use Wallpaper Below a Chair Rail or Molding

Cool bird wallpaper below a chair rail in a bedroom with mint green and pink, a twin brass headboard, and green velvet curtain.
Bird Wallpaper Below the Chair Rail

If you are new here, howdy! I’m a recently retired military spouse who moved back to Texas after being gone 19 years. I’ve perfected the art of rental decorating and overcoming challenges in small spaces the last fifteen years but now am tackling homeownership with a new set of challenges! I love infusing a colorful, global style with DIYs and furnishings in our one-story 60’s ranch-style home.

Before I give you my wallpaper and chair rail update I want to point you to a story all about chair or dado molding and how to use it. You can also find a detailed tutorial on how to install wallpaper if you are looking for more information about the application.

A bedroom wall with chair rail, drywall patching, and window.
New Chair Rail in Bedroom

Let’s do a little recap, shall we?  Last week I showed a bit of the new chair rail and upper wall color.  If you are curious, you can check out the before pictures and inspiration board and photos

My designer friend and I decided to remove the trim under the windowsill and have the chair rail molding installed at the same height as the window for a unique architectural detail and focal point for the room.   

Mint green bird wallpaper below chair rail in a girl's bedroom with pink upper walls, brass twin bed, and green velvet curtains.
Wallpaper below Char Rail in Bedroom

It also makes the room seem taller than its eight-foot walls.   I also added corner bead trim around the window and painted the sides white so the window looks more polished.

Mint green bird modern wallpaper with chair molding in a girl's bedroom with pink upper walls, brass twin bed, and green velvet curtains.
Wallpaper on Bottom Half of Wall

Installing Milton and King’s wallpaper was easier than I expected.  It’s non-woven so there is no shrinking or expanding when wet and you are able to paste the walls directly and apply the wallpaper dry. 

I did carefully prep the walls by sanding the texture off and fixing cracks in the drywall.  My friend and I were able to do the bottom half of the walls in an afternoon (after a weekend of sanding and prep!). 

Mint green bird wallpaper lower half of the wall, below a chair rail in a girl's bedroom with pink upper walls, brass twin bed, and green velvet curtains.
Bird Wallpaper, Brass Bed, and Velvet Curtains

Why you should consider installing wallpaper on bottom half of wall:

  • If your house is older or gets cracks around the upper window and doors, chances are the lower half is a smoother canvas and less susceptible to future damage.
  • Installing wallpaper on the bottom half will more likely keep it hole free as we hang art mostly at eye level.
  • Keeping a busy pattern on the lower half  allows furniture to break it up and keeps the room from be overwhelmed with a bold print.
  • It’s a little weird.
A pretty mint blue birds modern wallpaper below a white chair rail and white closet door with upper light peach walls.
Closet Door Wall

Here are a couple of other makeovers I’ve done for the same challenge that will give you more chair rail ideas for a bedroom. I think it is safe to say that I really like the interest dado rail and molding add to a room!

A two-toned blue and green wall with chair and crown moulding in hallways with matching rugs.
Two-Toned Walls with Chair Molding
A beautiful woodland bird wallpaper above a chair rail with green lower walls in a office with a grey sofa and global pillows, art, zebra rug, and chinoiserie garden stool with purple flowers in a crystal vase.
Bird Wallpaper Above the Chair Rail
A boho vintage bedroom reveal with wallpaper below a dado rail and gold bed, velvet curtains, light boho rug, and a basket trunk at the foot of the bed.
Wallpaper Below the Chair Rail
A mint green painted dresser against a wall with mint blue bird wallpaper below a white chair rail.  Upper wall is painted peachy pink with art and a modern table lamp.
Stunning Bedroom Chair Rail Idea

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Most of the products have arrived and I’ve been sharing behind the scenes on IG stories.  You can find them on NYNR highlights.  They are so beautiful, I have to give a big shout-out to our generous sponsors!

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New Year New Room Sponsors

Milton and King | Hudson Valley Lighting Group | Velvet Finishes | boho luxe home | Art to Frames Loom Decor | Home Dynamix

Boho Vintage Girls Bedroom To Do List:

  • Update IKEA Kallax Bookcase with DIY base and inserts
  • Add chair rail
  • Paint the wall above chair rail
  • Paint the ceiling
  • Sand the wall and install wallpaper
  • Paint dresser and update hardware
  • Bring in new bed and refresh bedding
  • Install new curtain rod
  • Hem curtains and hang
  • Finish up with boho and vintage touches/styling
  • Paint fan blades (new to-do!)

I have a few painting projects this week and then it will be time to put everything together!   I’m just excited to see what my friends are doing.  Make sure to pop in and see their weekly progress and come back next week for the room reveals.

Nynr Participants graphic
New Year New Room Refresh Participants

Casa Watkins Living // Domicile 37 // House Homemade // Iris Nacole // Monica Wants It // Jeweled Interiors // Pocketful of Posies // This Is Our Bliss // Up To Date Interiors

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  1. Holy Cow! It’s looking so amazing Kathy. I have to admit that I’ve never thought to hang wallpaper on the BOTTOM half of a room. It looks really great though! Way to be creative!

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