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How to Create a Quick and Easy Dollar Store Pumpkins Centerpiece

Transform dollar store pumpkins into a beautiful Copper Pumpkins centerpiece for Fall with this quick and easy DIY.

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Do you love decorating with dollar store items but wish you could make them look higher end without much effort? Well, I’ve got you covered my friend.

This easy DIY will transform dollar store pumpkins into a gorgeous centerpiece in no time. And who doesn’t like dollar tree pumpkin crafts?

Dollar Store Pumpkins Centerpiece

dollar store pumpkins-pinterest
DIY Copper Dollar Store Pumpkins

My go-to colors this Fall are copper and white and I’ve got a whole week of dollar tree Fall decor DIYs for you.    Today, we are going to transform dollar store pumpkin pails into a lovely Fall centerpiece for around  $2. 

Here’s what you need for the dollar store pumpkins centerpiece:

How to do the dollar tree pumpkin makeover:

  •  Remove the handles from the pails and spray paint two light coats of copper spray paint (or the color of your choosing!)  These little pumpkins dry really quickly so you don’t need to wait long between coats.
  • Trim the flower stems with wire or florist cutters so that they stand a little taller than the pumpkins. Have 3-4 ready for each pumpkin.
Flowers Trimmed For Dollar Store Pumpkins 1
Dollar Store Flower Stems
  • Fill the pumpkins with rice or beans to weigh it down and hold the flowers stems in place. A florist frog or styrofoam would work too but since the holes are small, the rice or beans is easier.
Dollar Tree Pumpkin Crafts Rice Filler
Fill Dollar Store Pumpkins with Rice
  • Place 3-4 floral stems into each pumpkin. The flower heads should rest at the top and be a little larger than the base of the pumpkin for a well balanced floral arrangement.
Dollar Tree Pumpkins With Flowers
DIY Copper Dollar Tree Pumpkins
  • Hide the jack-o-lantern faces by turning the pumpkins in towards each other and group them all together at least until Halloween comes around! You can also place them on shelves the jack-o-lantern side facing the wall or back of the cabinet.
Copper Dollar Store Pumpkins Fall Decor
Painted Plastic Pumpkin Pails with Flowers

They also look great side by side! 

dollar store pumpkins centerpiece
Beautiful DIY Dollar Store Pumpkins
dollar tree pumpkins with flowers
White and Copper Dollar Store Pumpkin Centerpiece

Group the pumpkins with two other decorating items in various heights for a larger centerpiece. Corral them all on a tray or stack of books for a beautiful vignette.

dollar store pumpkin crafts for centerpiece
Dollar Store Pumpkin Crafts

I have so many other ideas for these little guys.  Right now, I’m enjoying the little pretties on my kitchen table. 

You can see how I repurposed them into Fall Planters.

Common questions for Dollar Store Pumpkins

How do you paint a dollar tree pumpkin? Use craft paint or spray paint. Find an acrylic craft paint in your choice of color. Paint 3-4 thin coats letting each one dry to the touch. Put a protective coat on top to prevent smudging and chips.

How do you use spray paint? Shake the spray paint can for 60 seconds. Hold the can 12-18 inches away from your object. Spray while moving the can side to side to get even coverage. Sand any drips down. Use 1-2 coats for complete coverage.

Can you spray paint plastic? There are certain types of spray paint made for plastic. The best part is that often you only need one coat of paint! Try Krylon Fushion All in One or Rustoleum for the best results.

Where can I find cheap pumpkins? Here are my favorite places to look: Dollar General, Dollar Bins at Target, Craft stores, Discount stores like Ross and TJ Maxx, Dollar Tree, and Amazon, Oriental Trading Company

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  1. Great idea! I bought some cute little copper pumpkins at Target today for the table but was thinking I needed a few more for flowers and such. Off to the Dollar Tree tomorrow!

    1. Anne, sorry for the late response but I’m so glad you asked. I bought them at a local dollar store here in Japan but I’ve seen the same ones at The Dollar Tree in NC in past years. I updated the post with a link to amazon for the exact pumpkins. Hope that helps!

    1. Thank you Amanda! I’m actually out in Japan so the spray paint is a Japanese brand. lol But I chose a rose gold/ copper. (I couldn’t translate the exact color.)

    1. I just turned them around so I could use the jack-o-lanterns during Halloween. That’s a good idea to fill the faces in especially if you have spackle or something similar in the house!

  2. Love that idea! I do our fellowship hall at church every year and always looking for cheap ideas for 9 long tables! Hope I can find the pumpkins! Thanks

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