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My CoSchedule Review as a Blogger and Favorite Features

Looking for help with online scheduling? Check out my CoSchedule review as a blogger and what three features I use to get my posts seen.

Please note that this review contains affiliate links. This means I will get a small commission or credit towards my CoSchedule account if you decide to try CoSchedule.

One of the biggest challenges of being a blogger is what to do with a post after you publish it? How do you get it seen? And how much time should you be spending on social media?

I thought about hiring a virtual assistant to help with promoting posts and staying active on social media. But the high costs and daunting task of training someone felt overwhelming.

CoSchedule Review

Coschedule Pinterest

So I decided to give an online scheduler a try! I found one that allows you to schedule blog and social media posts at optimal times straight from your WordPress site. It automatically reshares evergreen posts that do well and doesn’t cost more than a monthly lunch.

Let me introduce you to Coschedule. You are most likely familiar with their free headline analyzer tool that helps you write attention-grabbing headlines. I highly recommend using it!! It is such a helpful tool that I wanted to give their membership a try. Here are my favorite features that I use on a daily bases with their individual blog plan.

Headline Analyzer
The Headline Analyzer

My Favorite CoSchedule Features

as a DIY-home decor blogger

Coschedule Template Example
A Sample from a Template

They have a neat feature that allows you to create templates for social media. You can schedule out Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook multiple times in seconds.

Apply the template and it pulls information for the URL, title, and excerpts. You can use additional shortcodes for customized call-to-actions and urgency messages. It populates social media posts that you can quickly optimize them for each platform or use as is and schedule!

The best part about templates is that I can have a post scheduled to go out 20 times in the next six weeks with different messages and images without much effort at all.

Screen Shot 2020 07 06 At 12.58.12 Pm
A Post Published from a Template
  • Another feature that helps with automated promotion is requeue. It automatically pulls social media posts that performed well and drops them into open slots for future promotion. You have the option to build a library for seasonal or evergreen posts so that your queue always stays full.
  • I like the ability to add multiple post ideas into my calender straight from my WordPress dashboard that automate into post drafts. I can then schedule when I want my projects done, drafts completed, and post published. There are even color-coded tags if you love being super organized. It’s a great way to eliminate paper clutter and have quick access at your fingertips.
Co Schedule Calendar Example
My CoSchedule Calendar Integrated into WordPress

On top of integrating all of your social media accounts, you can integrate email and use the scheduler for your posts, keep track of post ideas, and any other activities on your to-do list. CoSchedule integrates with tools such as WordPress, Google Analytics, Evernote, Google Docs, MailChimp, Zapier, and more!

Here’s what you get out of CoSchedule:

  • Eliminate the guesswork in social scheduling. CoSchedule schedules social media promotions to go out at optimal times but still leaves the option to schedule manually.
  • Schedule dozens of social media messages in bulk. Set up your templates once and schedule promotions in minutes. All it takes is a click of a button to have multiple social media messages scheduled over a predetermined time.
  • Instantly share content from anywhere on the web. You can curate and share content with followers without ever leaving the browser. No more copy/paste commands or switching from one tab to the next!
  • Automatically Re-Use Your Best Social Messages without the manual work. ReQueue fills in the gaps of your daily schedule (with intelligence), not manual guesses! It takes into account your entire social schedule, uses Best Time scheduling to promote your messages at the most optimal times, and finds gaps in your schedule (so you don’t have to).
  • See the results. Let’s not forget about analytics! You can easily see how well your social media posts are performing right on your WordPress site. You can get more comprehensive data for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Linkedin through your CoSchedule account.

Honestly, if it wasn’t for CoSchedule’s easy to use templates and automated social media campaigns, I’m not sure if my blog posts would ever get seen! I would love to know if you use a scheduler and what your favorite features are. CoSchedule offers a free 14-day trial! If you have any questions about how I use CoSchedule, please leave me a comment so we can chat.


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