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Easy Ideas for Beautiful Covered Outdoor Living Spaces

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Patio Paradise

Use these simple decorating ideas for creating a beautiful room in your covered outdoor living spaces. Enjoy an outside retreat while you are at home.

This post is sponsored by Wayfair. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Living and traveling all over Asia for four years gave us the chance to visit many beautiful gardens. Design ideas flowed from the serene landscapes and intimate Asian courtyards that I now infuse into our Fort Worth home. I’m excited to be partnering with Wayfair today to share our covered outdoor living spaces with easy decorating ideas that incorporate some of my favorite elements.

Decorating Ideas for Covered Outdoor Living Spaces

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Covered Outdoor Living are close up of brick wall with fountain and palm tree
Wall Fountain Feature

Finding a water feature for our space was on the top of my list. I picked out a traditional eclectic wall fountain from Wayfair that has a flat bottom so it can hang or sit. I plan on growing moss around it due to its moist environment. It sits on a piece of Okinawan (Japan) pine that we brought back to the states. The traditional fountain on the raw edge table fits our eclectic style perfectly.

Outdoor fountain against brick wall on a table
Classic Fountain Design
  • Create different zones. Use the full potential of your covered outdoor living spaces by arranging furniture into a couple of different areas. Having a place to eat and a place to relax is ideal. Opt for a bistro set for eating and a loveseat and small table for a sitting area if you have a small space. Otherwise a full outdoor dining set and living area are fantastic for encouraging family time and entertaining outdoors.
Covered Outdoor Living Spaces and dining area with blues and whites. Shell chandelier hanging over table and ferns
Classic and Eclectic Outdoor Patio Oasis

I was thrilled to have such a large covered patio space when we moved into our home about two years ago. The first thing I did was purchase an outdoor sofa which coincidentally is also from Wayfair. Its price and versatility made it the perfect piece to define a sitting area that frequently gets used for napping it’s so darn comfy! An outdoor area rug helps separate it from our dining area.

View of outdoor living room with girl sitting in a hair, palm tree, table with fountain and pale yellow bricks
Enjoying the New Seating Arrangement
  • Use a mix of furniture. This goes for any room inside or out. Use a mix of furniture for a well-designed and curated look. Mix old with new and different styles. Play around with neutrals but don’t be afraid to add pops of color with accent pillows, small tables, centerpieces, and rugs.
living spaces outdoor with a seating area and dining area on back porch.
Covered Patio Living Areas

I mentioned we purchased a new outdoor sofa. To complete the living area I used a chair I found on clearance in a popular Japanese home store and an MCM style coffee table from a Dallas estate sale which is just a metal spool I spray painted gold with a marble top for $15. Thanks to Wayfair I was able to replace our old glass top patio table with a new gray wash live-edge solid wood dining table. It has a metal base and looks great with our existing chairs. I couldn’t be happier.

White outdoor dining table with black chairs and striped cushions.  Shell pendant hanging.
Dining Table with Shell Hanging
  • Add a focal point. Whichever wall you see first when you step outside onto your patio or covered space is a good option for special treatment. It can be done with an outdoor fireplace, a large piece of outdoor art, or perhaps a potted garden. Think of filling the vertical space. Treating your outdoor living spaces like your indoor rooms will take your design up a notch!
Fountain on table in front of brick porch.
Fountain Focal Point

The wall fountain was perfect for our focal point. I had the sofa on that wall but my husband helped me rearrange the furniture and it feels much more open this way. We can now enjoy a full view of the garden from the sofa and the featured wall from the sofa and dining area.

white dining table and wall fountain. Eclectic outdoor living space on back porch.
Patio Refresh with Classic Pieces
  • Add green where you can. My favorite element in any outdoor space is plants. Look around your garden for stems that can be propagated or transplanted into pots or containers from your house if you don’t have space or budget for newly potted plants. Freshly clipped yard stems in a vase can add that special touch too. Shop sales and add pieces over time.
wide view of covered back porch with seating area and dining area.  Lounge chair next to porch in the garden.
Single-Story Ranch Style Home Covered Patio

I used plants I already had by propagating two indoor plants that are perfect for a shaded patio during the warm months. I even potted some discovered unwanted English ivy growing in the garden. A couple more plants from inside will be happy out here until it gets cold again.

Boy sitting on outside wicker lounge chair
A Rest after Working in the Garden
  • Hang something from the ceiling and/or add lights. Don’t we all enjoy the twinkle of lights in the evening? String-patio lights are easy to come by but you can also try a candle chandelier, tiki torches, or opt for a combination.
shell hanging over outdoor dining table set with light brick background and large threshing basket wall art.
Eclectic and Global Accents

Another Japanese thrift store find is a shell chandelier. The patio already had rope lights but I’m thinking about adding battery operated fairy lights to the shell hanging and plants for an even more magical evening ambiance.

blue and white decor on back porch with a covered living and dining rooms
Beautiful Covered Living Spaces on a Budget
  • Don’t forget the walls! I know we usually don’t think to hang art or patio brick or siding because of outdoor elements but there are other outside friendly options. Having something over your outdoor sofa creates a cozy conversational area. Try a basket, metal art, wood art, or maybe just hanging plants to highlight your vertical space.
Outdoor couch with a large threshing basket hanging on brick wall on back porch.  Marble and gold MCM style coffee table.
Threshing Basket Wall Art and Leopard Pillow Accent

A thrifted threshing basket was the perfect size for above our seating area and was easy to hang with a brick hanger (no holes required). I have a few more painted baskets I might add in the future but I really love how our outdoor covered spaces feel right now.

woman sitting on porch sofa with sunglasses
Enjoying the Outdoor Living Area

Just two new pieces from Wayfair and some rearranging and decorating and our patio feels like a new space! Are you ready for outdoor living?

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