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Creative Headboards {revisited}

Salutations! 😉
Today’s post is all about headboards.  I first wrote this post last April (when my blog was only two months old!) as part of a series for unconventional design.  Design tips for when you don’t want to follow or can’t follow the rules!
Two rules to break for the bedroom: (It’s not what you’re thinking *giggle*)
1. only use one “headboard”
2. don’t place a bed in front of a window

Creative Headboards

Many people think of creative ways to add a headboard to a “headless” bed, but theses pictures show a way to add a second “headboard” to an existing bed frame.  It is a beautiful way to add a focal point, bring more interest, and add texture and depth into the bedroom.
Don’t you love the where the mirror is hung on the cornice and drapes?
This next bedroom uses a start burst mirror for an added focal point and displays a creative way to add a canopy and I’m proud to say my say sister put this room together. 😉
dana's room
Here is a lovely way to emphasize the headboard wall with a curtain and tiebacks.  I love the contrast between the headboard curtain and window curtain.  Neither takes away from each other. IH0501-40
This next next set of pictures demonstrates the beauty of using a window as a focal point.  Most of the time we try not to cover up windows, yet in some bedrooms it can not be avoided due to the space layout and size.  With that being said, this rule can be broken! A window left undressed adds simple, clean lines as a focal point and gorgeous window treatments help draw the eye in.
*sigh* Isn’t this room breath taking? The neutral draperies helps provide a soft light and the use of space between the headboard and bay window is clever for added storage in such a small room.
This lovely room has so many layers and textures. What a great layout for a long and narrow room.
Okay, I just had to share this room.  The beautiful wood headboard is carried up right onto the ceiling.  How amazing is that?
Here, a pretty wall paper is hung to bring the eye up and add depth to the focal wall.
How do you add a focal point to the head of your bed? Leave a message and share your ideas!
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    1. Thanks! I love your canopy headboard! We are moving to Okinawa next and I really want a canopy bed. 😉 Thanks for sharing your link.

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