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3 Smarter Ways to Declutter Decor that You’ll Love


Hey there.  It’s getting close to that time of year!  While you start thinking about Spring cleaning or printing out that nifty checklist, let’s do a little housekeeping in the home decor department too.  It’s the perfect time for a fresh start, trying something new, and to practice less is more.

Spring Cleaning:  Decluttering Home Decor

declutter home decor
Declutter Home Decor

Declutter by simplifying your home decor:

Spring is a great time to eliminate some of the coziness of winter decor and have a more minimalist approach.  If you feel like your table tops are cluttered with decor, remove it all and only put back half.  If your tabletops and shelves are already beautifully styled, try removing one item from each vignette for more breathing room.

Spring cleaning and decorating tips
Simplify by Decluttering Home Decor

I absolutely adore decorating my sofa table but removing a few items had an immediate impact on the space making it more airy and light-hearted.

minimalist decor for Spring cleaning
Simple Styled Sofa Table

Tip:  Each table top and shelf should have the same amount of decorating items to keep the space balanced.

Repurpose or refresh something:

If the items that remain out feel stale or unloved, it’s time to decide if they can be repurposed or refresh.  Would a fresh coat of spray paint update a lamp or candle holder?  Can you repurpose an unused tray or basket as wall art?

If it is something that doesn’t bring you joy or bring practical use it is time to donate or sale.

I love this wire basket but it was taking up too much flat surface room so I decided to use it as wall art! It adds much-needed contrast to the white walls, curtains, and floor and is the perfect size for this spot.

declutter decor in the living room
Basket Hung on the Wall

And later I gave it new life with gold spray paint and an air plant!

gold basket with air plant global inspired
Gold Basket with Plant

Bring in new colors:  

Change out art or photos with a cheeky quote or your child’s colorful creation.  They cost nothing and can bring giggles and smiles.  New pillow covers showcasing Spring colors is such an easy and inexpensive way to brighten up seating and beds.

declutter and organize your decor
Keep Bedding Basics Neutral and Have Fun with Pillows and Throws

Using a white duvet and blanket on my bed with a black bed skirt makes is super easy to change out pillows and throws.

Tip:  Keep the original artwork or photo in the frame for protected storage.  Write down what photos or prints are in the frame and tape to the back as a reminder.

Organize off season decor:

I’m not asking you to bring back out all of those Christmas decorations! Promise.  Just everyday decor items that aren’t currently being used.   Picture frames, pillows, throws, and knick-knacks.  

First, go through each item and ask yourself if you love it? If not, is it worth repurposing? Does it have a classic style? When is the last time you used it?  Make sure you get rid of items (put in the car for a thrift store right now) if it’s not adding enjoyment to your life!

Keep all of your decor in one place so that it’s easy and fun to switch out when the moment strikes.  “Shopping the house” is a wonderful and cost-effective decorating solution.  All the cool kids are doing it!

declutter decor and organize
Kitchen Linens Stored Neatly in a Basket that Sits Under a Table

Tip:  If you have a pillow problem (I’m totally guilty),  save the inserts that you actually use.  Store only pillow covers for minimal space taking.

Now that you’ve done some work getting rid of items, painting and repurposing decor (I know you were crafty!), and organizing, don’t forget to try something new.

Try something new:

If you are not in the habit of changing out decor, updating accessories and textiles, or refreshing your space, don’t be afraid to add a new statement piece.  It can be a small investment or a larger one. Try a new piece of original art/ photography or maybe a limited edition print.  Farmer’s Markets and antique malls are fantastic for finding local artists that aren’t expensive.  

My favorite places for prints are Etsy shops, Minted, and Cozamia.   I also enjoy looking for local or import shops for unique pieces of furniture and decor like this beautiful Japanese washi paper print that is displayed in an inexpensive poster frame. 

Now you have easy tips and tricks to “Spring Clean” your decor with organization, storage, and a quick refresh for Spring.

Do you have any favorite Spring cleaning tips?

minimalist decor bedroom
Meow Meow on Bed


  1. Great post Kathy! I started getting into minimalism this year so I’m all about decluttering. The other day, I sold half of all my picture frames!

    BTW, love the photo of your cat!

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