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Simple Tips for Decorating with Fake Flowers for Spring


Add a splash of seasonal decor to your home by decorating with fake flowers that look real and you can use them year after year!

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Artificial flowers have come a long way, so I decided to use them again in our early Spring home tour this year while I’m waiting for our garden to bloom. Welcome to the Annual Spring Home Tours blog hop hosted by Marty from A Stroll Through Life.

If you are coming from Whispering Pines Homestead and her beautiful house, hello! Scroll down to the end of this article to find loads of Spring decorating ideas and inspiration and keep reading for my favorite tips for making faux flowers look real.

Spring Decorating with Faux Flowers

Howdy! I’ll start off this tour at the front door where I’ve updated the front door color, created a cute wreath with silk leaves that came in an estate sale planter, and added a brass wolf door knocker.

A french blue door is decorated with a brass walk door knocker, green wreath with large silk leaves and blue silk ribbon.
Leftover Artificial Silk Leaves Are Repurposed into A Spring and Summer Wreath

I haven’t posted a DIY for this wreath but I used a Dollar Store wire wreath form and hot glue and slightly layered the leaves around it securing the base of each stem with glue.

A DIY fake green leaf wreath with a dollar store wire wreath form hangs on a blue front door with gold accents.
DIY Faux Leaf Wreath

Please come on in! I can’t wait to share our home and fake flower decorating tips.

Faux blooms with real ones make a lovely magnolia arrangement in a foyer on a walnut chest and art gallery wall above.  Lots of blue and green accents in this foyer and hallway shot.
Faux Blooms with Real Ones Make a Lovely Magnolia Arrangement
Multiple faux flower arrangements work in the same foyer living room combo with blue and green accents and eclectic styling.
Multiple Faux Flower Arrangements Work in the Same Room

DIY Fake Flower Arrangements

Our foyer leads right into an open-concept living and dining space with a piano studio at the front of the house and my office through open French Doors in the middle. You can see how those spaces look in this Spring home tour. Today I’m showing you around the living room with fake spring blooms!

Faux flowers mixed with real green stems from the garden make a beautiful arrangement on a walnut cabinet in the foyer.
Faux Blooms with Real Green Leave Stems and Branches

Use flowers in season or seasonal colors

Try to select artificial flowers that would be in season when looking for real-looking faux stems. I look out for the “real touch” kind at our local Joanns and online at Amazon, which has a bendy plastic stem with movable parts and waxy flower heads but soft leaves.

They are the most realistic fake flowers I’ve found and make the best fake flower arrangements DIY.

A faux flower bouquet with magnolia stems in a opaque purple vase sit on a brass stand on a walnut cabinet for Spring decorating.
Faux Flower Bouquet

My favorites so far are daffodils, magnolias, poppies, and sunflowers. I plan on adding tulips and daisies to the mix in the future. Typical spring bulb flowers are perfect to fool the eye in a Spring home when using fake!

Make sure to evenly place DIY faux flower arrangments around the room if you are using more than one or multiple varieties! I have four different arrangements in our living room and foyer.

Mixed real and fake stems in an opaque glass vase with water for decorating for Spring in the foyer.
Mixed Fake and Real Stems Look Great in an Opaque Holder with Water

I let the magnolia faux blooms “clump” together a little as they do on a real tree instead of trying to neatly arrange them in my vase. Aren’t they lovely?

Faux flower arrangements in a Spring living room and foyer with blue and green decor and eclecting styilng.
Faux Flower Arrangements in a Spring Living Room and Foyer

You’ll notice I have my artificial flower arrangements mixed in with real plants. While I love using fake colorful flowers in seasonal crafts, especially easter, I keep my sophisticated ones for home decor styling with artificial flowers and real plants.

Separate and bend flower stems

It is really important to separate flower stems if you are using a spray or bunch and shape the stems, leaves, and flower heads to achieve the look of real ones.

Artificial flower stems looks real on a burled wood sofa table behind a green velvet sofa for Spring.
Artificial Flower Stems

Take a look at pictures of the real flowers if you are unsure about the natural shape. Of course, you can also take a creative license with flower arranging!

An artificial flower bouquet of poppies look beautiful in a stone vase on a black mantel with a landscape oil painting, candles, and german smear fireplace surround.
Artificial Flower Bouquet

I replaced winter branches with poppies in my DIY pottery vase makeover. The scale of the large flowers was perfect for the tall vase and mantel vignette.

A close up view of artificial flower bouquet of poppies look beautiful in a stone vase on a black mantel with a landscape oil painting, candles, and german smear fireplace surround.
Faux Poppies in a DIY Stone Vase

Trying to find flowers in different growing stages is another thing to look for when selecting fake flowers for decorating. I really highlighted the fact these poppies were in different sizes and included buds by bending and separating them.

An artificial flower bouquet of poppies look beautiful in a stone vase on a black mantel with a landscape oil painting on a german smear fireplace surround.
Poppies are Sculptural and Tall

Mix in real green stems with fake flowers

I love to use whatever green I already have in my yard to really get a beautiful bouquet and a bang for my buck.

Faux daffodils look real with real stems in a crystal vase with water.  It sits on a stack of books on a burled wood console table.
Decorating with Faux Flowers for Spring

Lucky for me our iris bulbs are getting fresh new leaves and they stay green all winter! So I clipped a few to add to my fake daffodils. I don’t think it could look more real even if I had the live flower in there!

Fake daffodils and real stems look real in a crystal vase with water.
Fake Daffodils and Real Stems

Add water to your artificial flower arrangement

I know there’s a craft material that looks like water you can use to get a realistic-looking flower arrangement with a clear vase. But since I have real leaf stems and didn’t want to spend the money, the real deal works in a pinch.

Fake sunflowers and poppies look real in a glass green round bowl with water on top of a glass cabinet with pottery and a large green still life painting with a white barrel chair in the corner.
Bright and Colorful Faux Flower Arrangement For Spring

Add a little clear nail polish to any fake stems that have exposed wiring at the bottom. All of my real feel flowers have a solid plastic bottom and the entire stem can be rinsed to remove dust so I just stick them directly into the water.

A close up of fake sunflower and poppy stems in a clear green vase with water look real!
Sunflowers and Poppies

I had fun looking through our house to find containers for the flowers. I don’t think I’ve ever used this bowl as a vase in the 15 years I’ve had it!

A close up of fake Spring flowers that look real!
Spring Flower Arrangement with Faux Blooms

These were the only stems that had a more saturated color and a mix of flowers. I really love how they make a statement in the corner of our living room while the other arrangements are more subtle.

None of the fake flower arrangements compete with each other. Stand back and take a look around your room when using multiple spring flowers in vases!

Wide view of the living room and hallway next to foyer featuring a german smear fireplace surround and green and blue wall paint and decor with eclectic decorating, real plants, and fake flowers for Spring.
Arrangements with Real and Fake Stems in the Same Room

I hope you enjoyed my spring decorating ideas with artificial flowers! Just make sure to select in-season blooms, separate and shape the stems, and mix them with yard stems in water to create real looking Spring arrangement.

A beautiful handpainted impressionst landscape mural helps define a small dining area with blue dining chairs and a romeo rega style glass top dining table.
DIY Landscape Mural in the Dining Area

Now, as I promised, here are the rest of the bloggers participating in the Spring home tour blog hop. Next on today’s lineup is Pink Peppermint! If you enjoy light and fresh interiors with creative and colorful DIYs, you’ll love her blog. I’ll see you over there!

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  1. You have such a beautiful home, I just love all the color and texture! Gorgeous florals are always perfect for spring! That wreath on your door is so beautiful – I love the ribbon color – and your door color too (and that knocker is beautiful)!

  2. Great tips for fake flowers, Kathy! I especially love the advice of looking at the real ones to copy the shape and adding real iris leaves – I have a bunch of those I can use from our yard. What a lovely tour – your home is so full of character and charm!

  3. What beautiful arrangements! Since I’m so bad at taking care of real flowers in plants, I’m a fan of faux too! Your home looks so pretty and ready for spring!

  4. The thing I love most about your home is how you have collected and curated every single item over time to create a style that is your own personal haven. Each area is filled with so much character, texture and interest. I feel like I am on an international tour when I am there. Thanks so much for joining the tour again this season. Truly a delight to visit your home.

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