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Dining room chair makeover

Happy labor day, I am excited to share my latest project with you. My dining room table set is finally finished!
Background:  A while back I purchased this set from Craigslist for $45.
(There are four chairs)  The cushions had stains and mold on them so the plan was to paint the chairs, recover the cushions, and bring them inside to the dining room.  The painting part was executed without a hitch, the reupholster part?  Let’s just say third time’s a charm….
Step 1.  Paint  For the chair, I chose Krylon’s Colormaster Pebble Satin spray paint and after I removed the cushions and painted them, I added a coat of furniture wax to help protect it from nicks and scratches.  It was the first time I have tried applying furniture wax and so far (months later) if has held up well.  If you don’t want to wait for the 3 to 4 weeks recommended time for curing paint then the wax is a great alternative, but I have to warn you, it is really stinky!
(This pic is supposed to represent the chair after the paint but before the chair was reupholstered.)
Step 2.  Reupholster  This step was a little trickier. =)  But I will show you how I succeeded (after the third try).  After I ripped off the old upholstery, I used the wood base of the chair for a template.
 The first piece of fabric was cut and I labeled the back of the seat cushion piece to make it easier to know where to start sewing the second piece of fabric.
The second peice was just one long strip of fabric (I measured the diameter and added a few inches). I sewed it around the first seat cushion piece with my sewing machine. (Starting in the back center, so the fabric just overlapped.) This is what it looked like with the filler cushion and the seat bottom in the sewn seat cover. (Bird’s eye view)
After stapling it down, I cut off the access fabric.
After all of the chairs were completed, I screwed in the original screws that held the seats to the chairs and I was done. =)
Side note:  I wanted to use a durable fabric that I could easily clean after every meal so I chose a faux white leather vinyl.  It was surprisingly simple to cut and sew but the thickness made it a little difficult to staple around the seat bottom with smooth edges.  I just did my best (a few times).  2 yards were the perfect amount of fabric for four seat cushions.
And here are the After pics.
Stats:  Aren’t those little salad plates great?  They are 1940’s Woodfield by Steubenville originals.  My sweet grandpa bought them for me from an estate sale in TX.  The crystal glasses were my great grandmother’s.  Purple place mats, plates, and runner are from IKEA and the two end chairs and table are from World Market.  The old tool box in the center was a flea market find.
Thanks for stopping by, I would love to hear about your makeover stories!  Leave me a comment (and link if you like) with any feedback, comments, or personal projects.
Until tomorrow,


  1. I can’t believe what you accomplished. You have a great eye for flair and good skills to carry it out. Beautiful end result.

  2. Kathy, your chairs came out great!I love the combination of painted chairs and the wood table. Beautiful!!


  3. Great job!! I wish I had the patience to paint things like that. I get discouraged fast but spray paint was totally the way to go!! Looks perfect!!

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