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Dining Space Rental Decorating Ideas


Hi there!  I’m joining my friends Jess from Domicile 37 and Monica from Monica Wants It to share our best renters tips for the dining room/space.  If this is your first time to the series, you can get caught up on the best rental hacks for the bedroom, living room, and kitchen. As a military spouse who moves frequently, I love giving you rental decorating ideas so you can love your space even if it’s just temporary.best renters hacks for the dining room

I know that a lot of times in small space living, you might have a separate dining room so I’m going to start with a couple of tips for those spaces first.

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Tip one:  When all you have is an eat in kitchen.  Make it dining room worthy!

A lot of times kitchens (especially rental kitchens) get put on the back burner.  Our last rental in Okinawa had a boring kitchen with plastic yellowy cabinets.  I decided if it was my only space for a dining area that it needed a facelift.  A beautiful backdrop for my table if you will. And I did. Twice.  First, I used bamboo dollar store contact paper.  And then a rental friendly wallpaper company, Walls Need Love, offered to let me try their product.   I went all out with a gorgeous floral temp wallpaper. kitchen cabinet with contact paperrental kitchen makeover with floral cabinets

Tip two:  Don’t let a small space hold you back on entertaining!  

When your dining space only seats two or four, use a folding table with a proper size tablecloth and creative seating for a evening feast.


use a folding table in a rental to seat more guests

thanksgiving-table-pianoTip 3:  Update the light fixture or hang a pendant for a focal point. 

Whether your dining table is in an eat in kitchen or proper dining area, a great way to define the area is with a light fixture.  If your rental already has one but leaves much to be desired, switch it out with one you love! Bonus,  you get to take it with you when you move.  Just be sure to store the outdated fixture in a safe place.

update a rental dining room with a chandelier

If the light fixture is in the wrong place, swag it over the center of your table and keep in place with a ceiling hook.

wes anderson home decor in the dining room

If you don’t have the option for a light fixture, consider hanging a decorative pendant as a focal point.  I created a gorgeous floral paper lantern and was able to attach with a command hook because it was light weight.  A plug in pendant can also be a great option. DIY floral paper lantern

Tip 4:  Hang art, use decor, plants, window treatments, and rugs. 

Make your dining area stylish with colorful art and plants, decorative vignettes, and gorgeous textiles.  If you decor style is consistent, all of these items are versatile so you can use them in other rooms when you move.   

add art to your rental dining room boho plants bookcase for eclectic global styleEnjoy the dining rental decorating tips from the these lovely ladies!

Monica Wants It

Apartment-Dining-Space-Breakfast-Nook-18Domicile 37

Curated vintage eclectic workspace 1

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  1. Kathy, you are amazing. I love all your tips and all your creative spunk! That flower pendant is stunning. Also, It is so cool to see how your furniture looks in different spaces, you used your items in so many different ways, each space looks brand new!

  2. I can’t believe your Okinawa home was a rental: GORGE. How do you ship the piano safely??? Love the blog, will keep coming back.

    1. Thanks Katie! The military moved my piano as pro-gear (I have a master’s in music) and the Japanese moving company was so efficient! They took it off the truck with a crane and removed their shoes while they were carrying it in through the door. Amazing. I also was able to find a piano tuner during the last two years in Japan when we were in Iwakuni.

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