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How to Make a Beautiful DIY Advent Wreath Centerpiece Using What You Have

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Make your own beautiful DIY advent wreath centerpiece using materials you already have for the holidays this year!

My family loves using advent calendars to count down the days to Christmas. For that reason, I’ve enjoyed making them with activities, treats, and the Bible’s Christmas story verses. But another beautiful way to mark the weeks is with a homemade advent wreath.

DIY Advent Wreath Centerpiece

Welcome back to A Very Global Christmas where my friend Stephanie from Casa Watkins Living and I share twelve days of globally inspired Christmas ideas every year! It is such a fun way to start off the holidays and has become a favorite tradition for me sharing it with one of my dearest blogging friends.

Today is Day Four so if you are new here, you have a little catching up. You can read this year’s Romantic, Floral, Maximalist Christmas tree, DIY pomegranate potpourri ornaments, and modern DIY pomegranate wreath stories or find all of the annual series’ articles from past years (and this year) on A Very Global Christmas page.

Day Four is for advent and I’m excited to share how you can create your own easy advent wreath craft with things you already have.

A beautiful advent wreath centerpiece is on a large white coffee table in front of a german smear fireplace with a mantel decorated with Christmas garland using evergreens and eucalyptus  A brass peacock screen cover and landscape oil painting polish off the space.
DIY Advent Wreath Centerpiece
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A Very Global Christmas

What is Advent?

What is Advent? Advent is a Latin word that means coming. Basically, the advent season, calendar, and wreaths are preparation and anticipation for the birth of Jesus or the nativity of Christ.

Like many Christmas traditions, the advent wreath or crown originated in Germany. The first advent wreath was created by a pastor in Germany, who built a wreath out of an old cartwheel with small candles to be lit every weekday and Saturday and a large white candle for Sundays to help the children in his mission school count the days until Christmas.

You can read more about the story of the advent wreath in this article.

In modern traditions, only four candles are used or one large white candle that starts the Sunday closest to November 30th and leads up to Christmas Sunday. You light one every week.

Diy Advent Wreath Diy Pomegranate Wreath Wm 9

How to Make a DIY Advent Wreath with What You Have

Active Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes

Re-purpose an evergreen wreath with candles and craft supplies for a traditional with a twist DIY Advent Wreath.


  • A faux or live evergreen wreath
  • Four or five candles
  • Candle holders or a candelabra
  • Pink and purple ribbon
  • Pomegranates or other embellishments from your Christmas tree


  1. Fluff the wreath form and place it where you want your Advent wreath centerpiece to go.
  2. Adorn the wreath with matching ornaments or other embellishments from your Christmas tree, garland, or another holiday decor if you like. You'll have a nice cohesive look for the holidays.
  3. Use four to five candle sticks that are tea light, pillar, or taper candles. They can also be real or battery-operated! Just as long as you have a sturdy base for them. (Use a dish filled with decorative rocks and arrange candles for a substitute.)
  4. Group the candles in the center of the wreath with a holder. Likewise, you can arrange them within the wreath branches. Use four candles in an even circle with the optional fifth in the middle.
  5. Ssearch your craft bin for pink and purple ribbons. Tie three candles with purple ribbon and one with pink. The optional fifth candle should remain white in the center.

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What you Need to Make an Advent Wreath Centerpiece

  • An evergreen wreath
  • Four candles
  • Candlesticks or candelabra
  • Pink and purple ribbon
  • Pomegranates or other embellishments (optional)
A pretty pinecone and evergreen wreath on a white wood coffee table with candles, pomegranates, and ribbon nearby.
Evergreen Wreath

How to Make an Advent Candle Wreath

  • Fluff out your wreath and place it where you want your centerpiece. I used a large undecorated wreath for our coffee table that came trimmed with pinecones and small branches.
  • Add embellishments if you like. I wanted to stay consistent with my tree and other Christmas decor so I placed pomegranates around the wreath. You may want to secure your decorations with a hot glue gun if you plan on moving around the advent wreath and/or if they don’t stay in place easily.
  • Find four candle holders or candelabra to place in the center of the wreath if you use taper candles. You can also place four pillar candles on a small pedestal plate like a cake stand. Or just one large pillar candle in the center of the wreath. I decided to use my battery-operated white taper candles with a gold IKEA candelabra.
  • Now here’s the fun part. Use pink and purple ribbons if you only have white candles and want them to represent the three purple and one pink/rose candle for hope, peace, love, and joy. I used leftover velvet ribbon from my craft bin to mark the candles.

Decorating with Our Advent Wreath

We’ll enjoy celebrating the Sundays leading up to Christmas Day in our home by turning on a battery-operated candle with a bow. 🙂

This is the first year in this house that I’ve cleared the usually heavily decorated coffee table for a Christmas centerpiece. I really love how it looks with the garland on the fireplace.

The garland and wreath were actually from the same collection. I added extra pieces of eucalyptus and green stems to the mantel garland to get the shape I wanted.

A gorgeous DIY german smear fireplace decorated for Christmas with a light blue mantel and full garland with an oil landscape painting overhead.  A large advent wreath centerpiece sits on the middle of the coffee table and a brass peacock fireplace screen on the hearth.
Matching Garland and Wreath Set

I tend to use all of the colors when decorating the house but focus on blues and greens to keep things consistent and easy flow from one room to the next. The pink and purple ribbons pick up a little bit of pink and purple found in our living and hallway rugs and curtains.

A DIY advent wreath centerpiece with pink and purple ribbons sits on a white coffee table with a view into a neutral but maximalist foyer with the front door open.
DIY Advent Wreath with Pomegranates

How do you make a homemade Advent wreath?

Use an evergreen wreath flat on a surface arranged with four candles to mark the Sundays of Advent.

Do Advent Wreaths have 4 or 5 candles?

Four candles are used to count the four Sundays of Advent and a fifth white candle in the middle is sometimes used to light on Christmas day.

What are the 4 Sundays in Advent?

The four Sundays leading up to Christmas. The traditional themes are The Candle of Hope, The Candle of Peace, The Candle of Love, and the Candle of Joy lit in that order. All candles are purple or violet except the Candle of Joy which is pink or rose.

A beautiful and large advent wreath with pomegranates and velvet bows sits on a white coffee table in front of a green velvet sofa with white walls and garland in the background.
DIY Advent Wreath Centerpiece with Ribbon

A few years ago I made a small homemade modern advent wreath with egg cups, tea light candles, and succulents if you don’t have the space for a large advent wreath like this one.

I loved how the simple advent wreath looked on a smaller coffee table. There are so many creative advent wreath ideas you can come up with for free by looking around your house!

A close up look at a pretty DIY advent wreath with candles and velvet bows and pomegranates sit in an eclectic living room.
White Taper Candles with Pink and Purple Velvet Ribbon

We’ll use our DIY colorful activity calendar for kids and my husband already bought a wine advent calendar for the adults. So we are definitely set on counting the days leading up to Christmas. Ha! It’s going to be a fun season!

Now it’s time to see Stephanie’s beautiful DIY Sea Glass Advent Candles for today’s advent wreath DIY ideas if you haven’t been over there yet!

Diy Sea Glass Advent Centerpiece
Sea Glass Advent Candles from Casa Watkins Living

I hope you enjoyed the DIY advent wreath ideas from today’s story. Head over to my Winter and Holiday page for more ideas this season (and after the holidays)!

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