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DIY Art with Thrifted Frame

Create floating art with washi paper and a thrifted frame for a chic DIY! A great project for a repurposed frame. Part of It’s so Ugly it’s Cool Challenge.
Hello friend and welcome to our second monthly It’s So Ugly, It’s Cool challenge!!  A big thanks to our lovely hostess, Jess from Domicile 37 or organzing this fun series.  diy floating art for $1 with a repurposed frame using washi paper
This month I decided to create DIY Art with Washi Paper for a thrifted gold frame that I snagged for under $5 years ago.  It only came with glass and no back. You may recognize it from other posts like HERE and HERE.   I simply cut foam board to fit the back and taped it in place for a temporary solution.  I love the look of floating frames and glass frames so this time, I decided to leave the frame open.
DIY Art with Washi Paper and thrifted frame

What you need:

an empty frame with glass
handmade/washi paper
double sided tape
cardstock or construction paper
DIY Art with Washi Paper and thrifted frame
I used leftover washi paper from the 100 yen store that I covered some Easter eggs with.   It looks like handmade paper with gold threads in it. Super pretty.
Just lay out squares of paper into a pleasing pattern and secure in place with double sticky tape.DIY Art with Washi Paper and thrifted frame
Tape the art directly to the glass with a square of double sided tape at each corner.  (This might show so it’s important that each corner looks the same.) DIY Art with Washi Paper and thrifted frame
Make sure you place your art centered on the glass.  A little ruler might come in handy!  Remember WhimseyBox?  To bad that only lasted a second.  😉
DIY Art with Washi Paper and thrifted frame
The Spring colors look great in the foyer right now but it might move upstairs soon.
DIY Art with Washi Paper and thrifted frame
Enjoy all of the other ladies’ projects.  I know I will!thrifted frame diy art for $1It's So Ugly, It's Cool


  1. Oh yes!! I love a thrifted frame and you’re right… Oftentimes they come without backing it or glass or both! I love the look of your floating art. I’ve never used washi paper, so I think I might have to pick some up soon! Your styling is stunning – so fresh & springy.

  2. I love your mantle so much! It is like the mantle of my dreams–I don’t even need any fireplace to go with it. This is just a great and simple idea. I love the graphic element from overlapping the paper!

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