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Try this easy DIY blanket ladder with bamboo for less!

Create an inexpensive towel or blanket ladder using bamboo. Just three easy steps and no screws for a DIY bamboo ladder under $10.

Hey there!  How are you today?  I’m so excited to say our downstairs bathroom in our Okinawa rental is finally coming together. If you are new here, we are a military family stationed overseas so I’m constantly sharing rental decorating ideas and DIYs for small space living.

DIY blanket ladder with bamboo for under $10
DIY Bamboo Ladder

DIY Blanket Ladder with Bamboo

Today’s DIY bamboo blanket ladder was an easy solution for extra towel storage and to fill up wall space.  Bamboo is easy and cheap to find here in Japan but if you are in the states, check out Ace hardware or your local garden store for inexpensive bamboo poles.

This decorative ladder is a great alternative to the more rustic wood blanket ladders that look so lovely in farmhouse and traditional decor. I love the sleek look of black bamboo and it adds such a nice natural element to any decor style!

Supplies for DIY ladder:

  • Bamboo – Two 1 1/2 inch thick rods about 6 feet tall and one 1/2 inch rod (The bamboo rods we found were about 7 feet tall, so my husband cut them down to about 6 ft. )
  • Twine in a contrasting color
  • Zip ties
how to build a bamboo ladder without screws
an easy bamboo ladder DIY

How to make a bamboo ladder:

Step one: Cut the thinner piece of bamboo into three ladder rungs.  Make each piece ranging between 32 to 18 inches long so the ladder will taper at the top.

blanket ladder layout on floor for assembly
blanket ladder ready for assembly

Step two:  Lay out the cut pieces on the floor using a measuring tape for even placement.  Secure each side of the rung with two zip ties in a cross pattern.

little girl looking at bamboo ladder
DIY bamboo ladder without screws

Step 3:  After all of the ladder rungs are secured, trim the zip ties and conceal them by  wrapping twine in an “X” pattern.  Tie a knot in the back.

twine on blanket ladder
Twine on bamboo ladder

It’s versatility is perfect as a bamboo towel ladder or a DIY decorative ladder in another space! You could also hang magazines  or “S” hooks to hold other bathroom supplies.

diy blanket ladder holding towels
blanket ladder holding towels

Doesn’t it look lovely against the stark white contrast of all the tile?

DIY bamboo ladder in a Japanese bathroom
Bamboo Ladder in a Japanese bath

I added our wood stool for an additional natural element. Plants will definitely be happy in this sunny room!

DIY decorative ladder with bamboo
DIY Decorative Ladder with Bamboo
bright and sunny Japanese bathroom with a DIY blanket ladder for towels
Bright and sunny Japanese bathroom

Just a few steps and no screws required for this stylish DIY blanket ladder. Where would you put one in your house?

Check out a finished spa inspired bathroom in our Japanese home and find frugal decorating tips.



  1. This looks so great Kathy! Now I’m wishing we had the opportunity to live out in town … I love the tile in your bathroom (why must the government give such ugly tiled bathrooms? Mine is a HORRIBLE green/blue). Awesome, as usual I love the fact that you used bamboo! Pinning this, of course!

    1. We have big, yellow plastic sinks in the other part of the bathroom. Oh and a bright blue hose. lol There’s advantages and disadvantages I guess. At least we are living in paradise! Thanks for the comment love and pinning Sam!

    1. Thanks! The space desperately needed something to warm up the huge tile wall! I’m relieved it turned out so nice. I wasn’t expecting to find such a dark bamboo. 🙂

  2. I love bamboo! Now the dream of having one of those chic bamboo ladders is doable! Thanks girl for sharing this tutorial. I love the bamboo color and your bathroom setup—so cute!

    1. Well…. I found it at the hardware store but we live in Japan so i KNEW that they had to have it. 😉 Lowes carrys bamboo though. and maybe Home Depot? Thanks for the sweet comment.

  3. You have the most beautiful blue eyes (which look a beautiful green in some of your photos)! And, I can see your daughter in the background of this post inherited the blue eyes, as well. I just HAD to comment on this! Thank you for the tutorial on the bamboo ladder ~ definitely a future project. Did the bamboo come in that color or was there a stain that you used (because that appeals to me greatly)?. Also, thank you for the EBook with really great ideas. ~ Kathy (too!)

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