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Make a Beautiful DIY Bedskirt in 4 Easy steps

Create a beautiful custom-made tailored DIY bed skirt without sewing using a few simple steps and find out how to put a bed skirt on.

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I’ve always adored how my grandmother used matching bedding, wallpaper, and window treatments with the same fabrics. My fantasies of being a princess seemed to come to life when I spent the night. A young lady enveloped in a floral room was magic.

I decided to bring an updated version of that into our master bedroom for the One Room Challenge with matching window treatments and a DIY no-sew bed skirt.

How to make a DIY Bedskirt with Fringe and No Sewing

Diy Bedskirt with shibori fabric and tassel fringe
How to Make a Tailored Bed Skirt

Welcome to the One Room Challenge: Week 6 update! I’m making over our master bedroom with ensuite bathroom in 8 weeks along with many other feature designers and guest participants.  There are only a couple of weeks left until the big reveal and I’m excited to see what everyone has done!

Here’s the complete list of posts for this challenge.

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Here’s what you need for a DIY bed skirt:

How to Make a make a Bed skirt – Dust Ruffle

  • Measure the length and width of your bed. You can find a handy mattress size chart for American beds here. Add an extra 12 inches to the two sides and front of the bed. (Queen size = 80″+ 80″+60″ plus an extra 12″) My fabric was wide enough to cut into three large strips so 3 yards was more than enough.
Cutting blue fabric for a fringe bed skirt
Fold fabric in half for easier cuts.
  • Cut fabric in 18″ strips for each of the sides (with the additional length). Attach pieces together with iron-on fusing tape making sure the seams align correctly at the front corners of the bed. For a queen size that’s about 60″ apart.
Measuring fabric for a DIY bed skirt
Cut three 18″ strips of fabric for the DIY bedskirt.
Bed skirt fabric cut and ready to assemble
Fabric cut and ready to go!
Use iron on fusing tape for an easy no-sew method bed skirt
Use iron-on fusing tape for seams.
  • Now you should have one long strip of fabric. Hot glue fringe to the bottom edge all the way across working in small sections. Wear finger protectors to avoid burning yourself! The fringe top trim should be attached evenly at the bottom of the fabric. Secure the cut ends of the fringe with more glue or tape to prevent from unraveling.
Making an easy queen sized bedskirt with shibori fabric and hot gluing tassel trim on
Hot glue trim in place.
Diy Bedskirt with tassel fringe
DIY Bedskirt with Fringe
  • Wrap the box spring with the fabric and adjust the length. I like the fringe slightly pooling on the ground but you can have it skim or even float over the floor. Walk around the bed and make sure it is even on all sides. Fold the corner pieces of fabric on top of the box spring at each corner so they lay flat. One side on top of the other and hot glue in place.
how to put on a bedskirt with pins and folds
Wrap DIY bedskirt around bed.
  • Keep the remaining overlapping fabric on top in place with straight pins or use a staple gun to attach directly to the box spring. You can also use velcro strips underneath the fabric sides laying on top to the box spring underneath for a more secure fit but it is not necessary. The top mattress will hold the dust ruffle in place. (Optional) Attach 3-4 strips of fabric or one solid piece across the top of the box spring from side to side of the dust ruffle for extra hold.
DIY bed skirt ideas
Hold dust ruffle in place with pins or staples.
Diy Bedskirt Edited 13

Make a Beautiful DIY Bedskirt in 4 Easy steps

Yield: Queen Sized Tailored Bed Skirt with Fringe
Active Time: 1 hour
Total Time: 1 hour

Make a beautiful and tailored bed skirt without sewing in a couple of hours with this easy step-by-step tutorial.


  • 3 yards of fabric
  • 6 and 1/2 yards of 7.5" bullion fringe
  • Iron-on hemming tape


  • Tape measure
  • Fabric scissors
  • Iron
  • Hot glue gun and sticks
  • Straight pins and/or staple gun


  1. Diy Bedskirt Edited 4Measure the length and width of your bed and add 12 inches to each side plus the front. Queen size = 80"+80"+ 60"
  1. Diy Bedskirt Edited 3Cut fabric into 18" strips in each of the three lengths. Use iron-on fusing tape to hem the seams at the two front corners.
  2. Diy Bedskirt Edited 7Lay out the long strip of fabric and place the fringe at the bottom edge. Attach with hot glue.
  3. Diy Bedskirt Edited 9Wrap the finished bed skirt around the box spring making sure the two front seams line up at the front corners of the box spring. Fold the excess fabric on top and secure with straight pins or staple gun.


Adjust the amount of fabric and tassel fringe according to your mattress size.

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And that’s it! There’s really not much to it. You can whip up a custom-made bed skirt in no time! And isn’t the fringe glorious? I only secured mine with straight pins and have had no issues keeping it in place.

How to sew a dust ruffle
DIY Custom Bed Skirt

The matching dust ruffle and curtains are beautiful together. It was just the look I was going for. Keeping blues in the rest of the color palette really adds a boutique feel to the room. The entire space feels soft and serene.

Diy Bedskirt in shibori fabric and fringe with blue and white bedding
DIY Bed Skirt

Common Questions for DIY Bed Skirt Ideas

  1. How to make a ruffle bedskirt? The tutorial in this article is for a tailored bedskirt but if you desire a ruffled bedskirt, know that it will require more fabric and time. You can find a beautiful DIY gathered bed skirt from my friend Cami at Tidbits.
  2. How to put on a bedskirt? Make sure you have the properly sized bed skirt according to your mattress then wash and iron it. Remove the top mattress and spread out the bed skirt on top of the box screen making sure the corners line up. Walk around the bed to ensure the skirt is even on all sides. Carefully place the mattress back on top without moving the bed skirt.
  3. How to keep a bed skirt in place? Use bed skirt pins or velcro strips between the skirt and box spring to help keep the bed skirt in place. Use a wrap-around bed skirt with elastic for an easy alternative to the traditional bed skirt or dust ruffle.
  4. Where does a bed skirt go? A bed skirt or dust ruffle covers the area between the bottom of your duvet or comforter to the floor. The bed skirt usually sits between the top mattress and bedspring but can also go on a bed base like slats or platforms.
  5. How to use a bed skirt? It is a decorative and functional bedding accessory to hid ugly box springs, metal bed frames, and prevents dust from getting under the bed. It also adds hidden storage under the bed and enhances bedroom decor!
Blue and white bright bedroom with wall mural and DIY bedding and window treatments
DIY No-sew Bed Skirt

Time to tackle the rest of the to-do list for the One Room Challenge! A huge thanks to all of the sponsors that are helping me create a beautiful bedroom and bathroom.

One Room Challenge logos
One Room Challenge

Smith HonigMohawk HomeFanimationHygge and WestFy!, and Fringe Market


Bathroom to-do list:

  1. Update light fixture?
  2. Build a floating wood frame for art.
  3. Remove old backsplash, repair, and paint.
  4. Put in ceiling tin as the backsplash.
  5. Replace faucet with modern black faucet.
  6. Paint the toilet handle black.
  7. Build and install a window cornice box.

Bedroom to-do list:

  1. Swap dressers and remove bookcase for a bigger space.
  2. Replace ceiling fan (and two additional bedroom fans).
  3. Repair and paint the walls and molding white.
  4. Takedown bed and use the frame with attached DIY legs for a new bed.
  5. Build and install a new upholstered headboard with green velvet fabric.
  6. Sew and hang curtain panels.
  7. Build and install a window cornice box.
  8. Replace botanical prints and matting with gray and blue options.
  9. Sew a bed skirt.
  10. Add new bedding.
  11. Install gallery wall around tv.
  12. Hang statement piece above the tall chest and replace pulls.
  13. Style the room.

Until next time!



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