Beautiful DIY Boho Mini Wreath Ornaments in Five Minutes


Make adorable mini wreath ornaments inspired by boho Parisian decor on a dime with dollar store supplies. Perfect for your tree, gift, or seasonal decor.

Greetings friend and welcome to Day Three of A Very Global Christmas with Casa Watkins Living. We are sharing 12 days of Christmas DIYs, decorating tips, and entertaining ideas that are globally inspired. Today’s theme are DIY Christmas ornaments and my take on a Parisian boho inspired mini wreath ornament.

Mini Christmas Wreath Ornaments Inspired by Boho Parisian Interiors

Mini wreath ornaments in five minutes
Mini Boho Parisian Wreath Ornament
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There are so many great elements in this little wreath ornament and the best part is the base is made from Dollar Tree garland. $1 for fifteen feet! So you can craft these mini wreaths to your heart’s content.

Christmas Home Tour Tree Candle Light Edited
Dollar Tree garland

The tassels and little velvet bows are color coordinated and add the boho Parisian flare that I love seeing in Paris interiors and Christmas decor. I just spotted a beautiful full wreath from Paris with the same velvet ribbon weaved in and out.

Parisian Christmas decor is definitely a bit different than the softer palette and feminine materials of French Christmas decorations. If you get the chance to look up boho Paris interiors or seasonal decorating you’ll see what I mean!

Mini Wreath Craft Materials:

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Velvet ribbon and tassels.

I’m pretty sure you can walk into a dollar store and find all of these supplies but you would probably have to look for an alternative ribbon. I personally love the convenience of shopping on Amazon and purchase most of my craft supplies there so I added those shopping links above. Buying ribbon and tassels in larger packages allows me to use them in a variety of DIYs over a long period of time. But I just wanted you to know this DIY can be done a dime!

Christmas Home Tour Tree Candle Light Edited 2
Pom-poms, bells, and wire cutters.

How to Make Small Wreath Ornaments

  • Cut the garland into 12-13 inch strips.
  • Shape a piece into a circle and secure the two ends with a piece of floral wire. Try not to overlap too much so you don’t end up with an oddly thick part of the wreath.
Christmas Home Tour Tree Candle Light Edited 15
Secure your wreath with florist wire.
Christmas Home Tour Tree Candle Light Edited 16
Six mini craft wreaths.
  • Cut 8 inch strips of velvet ribbon and tie into bows. Be careful that the velvet side of the ribbon is what is showing on the loops and tails of the bow. You may have to twist and manipulate the ribbon a bit. singe the ends with a lighter or seal them with a little craft glue or clear nail polish. Velvet is made with silk so cut ends fray easily!
  • Color coordinate your velvet bows to tassels. You can do the same color family or try contrasting colors.
Christmas Home Tour Tree Candle Light Edited 14
Velvet bows and tassels.
  • Thread the tassel on one end of your wreath form. This will be the bottom. Hot glue the bow a little off centered on the top of the wreath.
Christmas Home Tour Tree Candle Light Edited 17
Adding “berries” for a holly wreath.
  • Secure a few bells and red pom-poms with hot glue around the wreath. Remove any hot glue strings. Now you have a holly boho wreath!
Christmas Home Tour Tree Candle Light Edited 18
Mini wreath ornaments.

Hang on your tree, place on a gift, or use as Christmas decor around the house.

Christmas Home Tour Tree Candle Light Edited 19
Mini wreath ornaments for the tree.

Aren’t they adorable? I really love the burgundy and purple colors. The light blue and green combos matches my tree beautifully.

Christmas Home Tour Tree Candle Light Edited 35
Mini wreath ornament as decor.
Christmas Home Tour Tree Lights On Edited
Mini wreath ornament as a gift topper.

Okay back to that Dollar Tree garland. Try wrapping it around candle sticks or pillars to turn everyday decor into a holiday accessory if you have some left over. You can read about my Christmas decorating tips this year in our elegant home tour.

Christmas Home Tour Tree Candle Light Edited 57
Garland wrapped candlesticks.

These mini wreath crafts were so fun to make. They can be fun to do with your kids if you take care of the hot glue.

Head over to the Winter holidays, DIYs, and decor page for more articles and resources!

Make sure to check out Stephanie’s DIY evil eye ornaments and we’ll see you tomorrow.

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