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The Best Way to Make Coffee Filter Roses with Step by Step Pictures

Make gorgeous coffee filter flowers with three different techniques for paper roses including step-by-step instructions and photos.

What kind of craft grabs your attention? I get excited when I see one that uses materials I already have. With busy schedules and distractions don’t you love to transform something simple into something beautiful without having to leave your house. Grab a cup of coffee and a few extra filters and let’s create a gorgeous bouquet of paper flowers!

Best Way Coffee Filter Flowers DIY Pinterest Black
Coffee Filters Flowers DIY

This comprehensive guide to making coffee filter flowers includes a couple of tutorials I found online and then my own method. Depending on how much detail and time you want to spend on this fun DIY I’m sure you’ll find one of these to suit you best.

How to Make Coffee Filter Flowers

First I tried a technique from Martha Stewart. Her tutorial provides a printable paper rose template to trace and cut each rose petal which makes this DIY the time consuming but with more details.

It’s really a beautiful DIY to create artistic flowers when some practice.

I  skipped the template all together since I was looking for something a bit easier and quicker.

Using the paper rose template as a guide I cut out the rose petals free handed. Even though I didn’t take the time to use the template I still found that this was the most time consuming tutorial.

Here is my result!

DIY paper roses with coffee filters example of rose bud : Coffee Filter paper flowers
Coffee Filter Paper Flowers

The second technique I used came from Easy Handmade Recipes. This paper rose tutorial uses layers of round coffee filters to create a fuller flower or rose.  

The DIY is super easy to use and will have you creating a big and full bouquet of flowers in minutes.

I love her tutorial for dying the filters different tints and assembly. Make sure to click over to see how to do this!

This is the paper rose tutorial for you if you want a big and full bouquet without too many details!

Here is what my flower looked like following this tutorial.

coffee filter flowers easy step by step in a vase
Coffee Filter Flowers Easy

DIY Rolled Coffee Filter Flowers

Here is how to make coffee filter flowers that fall somewhere in between the first two tutorials as far as time and details.

coffee filter flowers in a green vase with white background
Coffee Filter Flowers

What you need for coffee filter roses:

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  1. Coffee filters. You can use small or large round coffee filters or a mix of both for a variety of sizes.
  2. Hot glue gun and sticks.
  3. Wood skewers.
  4. Florist tape.
  5. Natural dyes with kitchen supplies.

How to make paper flowers step by step out of coffee filters:

  • Cut a spiral shape out of the 3 or 4 coffee filters stacked together to save time. Start on the outside edge and make a full circle and half as you cut towards the middle of the filters.
  • Thanks to the organic shape of flowers you do not need to make your spirals perfect. Don’t overthink it!
  • Roll each one starting from the center and adding on a filter until you have the fullness you want.
  • Create small, medium, and large flowers for your bouquet using three to ten coffee filters for each one.
  • Secure the flower head with hot glue at the base and attaching a stem. (See next step.)
  • Attach a stem by hot gluing a wood skewer to the base. The pointy end makes it easy to insert into the base of the coffee flower head.
  • Secure a piece of florist tape at the base of the flower with a dot of hot glue and wrap a few times to create a thicker receptacle. This is the thickened part at the bottom of the flower which holds its major organs.
  • Continue wrapping florist tape to the end of the skewer to create the stem.
  • Curl the edges of the outside petals under by rolling them around a skewer.
Step by step pictures of flowers out of coffee filters
Flowers out of Coffee Filters

How to dye coffee filters:

  • Try dying your coffee filters before create flowers with a water-color bath, tea, or other kitchen ingredient. 
  • Just place a few drops of paint, tea bag, or juice in a bowl of water for a subtle hint of color.
  • I used red wine vinegar for a pink tint by dipping the edge of the flower petals into a shallow bowl and hung it upside down to dry.
  • You can also use a hair dryer to speed up drying time.
Coffee filter crafts:  paper flowers tutorial. Flowers made from coffee filters in a blue vase.
Flowers Made from Coffee Filters

I love how realistic and pretty these turned out. The coffee filters really make the petals look like soft rose petals.

It think it would fun to scent them with a drop of perfume or oil.

Make sure to pin this for later!

Coffee Filter Flowers Pinterest Duo Black
DIY Coffee Filter Flowers

Have you tried making paper flowers?  Or any other coffee filter crafts? What technique did you find the best? I would love to hear about it!

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    1. Thanks Alane!! I like Martha’s but they were a lot more time consuming. Thanks for the sweet compliment!! 😉 I’m so glad you enjoyed my tutorial.

  1. we sure could use a little more help with the rolling part #amateur #kids #thanks can you post a video or more interim steps?

    1. When you roll the coffee filters, make sure one end it tight and the other end loose to create the flower shape. Hope that helps!

  2. Thanks for the roundup. I’ve seen all these tutorials before (I’m researching these to use as centerpieces for my wedding next fall) and I think I’m gonna play around with the Salvaged whimsy one and the Martha Stewart one by using rolled flowers for the interior and a couple layers of the larger petal template from the Martha Stewart ones to give the individual petal look on the outside of the flowers.

    If it’s a success I’ll report back and post pictures.

  3. I love this. We are using paper flowers for my grandson rehearsal djnner. This new method is great allso. Thanks for sharing.

  4. These look great and I am excited to try them. One question though, do you dye them before or after assembling?
    Thank you!

  5. Gorgeous! Did you dye the white ones or did you use white coffee filters and just leave them be?

  6. Because the coffee filters are so porous it’s hard to color just the tips, so what is the best way to keep the dye from spreading?

    1. Hi Sharon, try applying craft paint with a brush to the tips instead of dipping tips into a dye bath. Otherwise, a different filter might produce better results. Good luck!

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