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Create Beautiful DIY Colorful Ornaments for Your Tree This Year!

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Add some global style with easy DIY colorful ornaments to your Christmas tree.  Part of A very Global Christmas series with Casa Watkins Living.

The holidays are in full swing around here!  With my sister home from deployment and my family and I living in my hometown after 18 years I’m so grateful and just full on giddy for this season.

Welcome to Day 2 of A very Global Christmas series with Casa Watkins Living.  We are sharing 12 whole days of globally inspired Christmas DIYs, printables, decorating tips, and more.  We kicked off the series with our trees yesterday and goodness, the tree inspiration is going all week!

Make sure to check out My Home Style:  Christmas Tree Edition featuring 25 different bloggers and styles of trees!  Today Stephanie and I are sharing DIY ornaments.  I made some quick and easy Scandi two-toned inspired ornaments to add pops of color and Stephanie shared how to make global bohemian tassel ornaments!

Two Colorful DIY Ornaments that are Scandinavian Inspired

Diy Colorful Ornaments

Global Christmas 2018

Two-toned Tassel Ball Ornaments

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All you need for these fun boho balls are white glossy ball ornaments and colorful tassels.

Tassel Ornaments Colorful DiyI put aside all of the “good” colors out of my pack of tassels and separated them by cool and warm colors.

Colorful Two Toned Tassel Ornaments

To assemble:  Pair two colors either in cool or warm and place around the ornament hanger.

Two Toned Tassel White Ornament Balls

Since my tree is loosely green and red but with more coppery reds and blue greens, I kept with that color scheme.

Christmas Tree Natural Light

Two-toned Scandi Wood Ornaments:

  • Craft paint (FolkArt brand use seashell pink, deep ocean blue, crocodile, and true burgundy)
  • Wood ornaments (mine came from IKEA)
  • Brushes
  • Leather cording

Nordic Inspired Ornaments

Acrylic paint is super easy to work with and dries fairly quick.   Remove the twine hangers from the wood ornaments and paint.

I was able to paint four different colors with touch ups in about 30 minutes.

Colorful Diy Ornaments Wood

I replaced the twine hangers with leather cording I had in my crafting stash.  You could always thread the original twine hangers back through.  Or use similar colors of leather cording to gave the Scandi ornaments a two-tone finish. Colorful Wood Ornaments Easy Diy

Colorful Eclectic Ornaments Christmas Tree

They remind me of mid century ornaments in those colors!  So much fun.  With just a few supplies and and a little bit of time, you can add pops of color to your tree too!  If you love these you would probably enjoy boho Parisian mini wreath ornaments!

It’s time to pop over to Casa Watkins Living to see her globally inspired ornaments!How To Update Old Ornaments Tutorial

Head over to the Winter holidays, DIYs, and decor page for more articles and resources! Until tomorrow!



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