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How to DIY Copper and Chalk Seasoning Jars with Paint

Update your spice and seasoning jars with an easy DIY using copper and chalk paint. Display them in a unique container!

It can be so satisfying to have functional and pretty decor in the kitchen. Make your own copper lid spice jars with chalk labels using this simple DIY and enjoy a lovely display in your spice drawer or counter.

DIY Seasoning Jars with Copper and Chalk Lids

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DIY chalkboard and copper seasoning jars look super cute in a coke bottle crate leaning above a white stove top and white tile.  Graphic included on picture for Pinterest.
Chalk and Copper Seasoning Jars

Hi there!   Our rental kitchen has been going through a slow transformation over the last six months and is finally a space that I can enjoy functionally and esthetically.  

I made over our kitchen cabinets with a renter-friendly DIY,  our IKEA glass canisters got a facelift with copper and chalk paint, and I created some beautiful fridge magnets out of an unexpected item

My mom gave me an old Coke bottle crate right before our move and it is perfect for our herbs and spices.  It was finally time to make the seasoning jars look pretty too.

DIY Glass and Copper Spice Jars with Chalk Labels

DIY Glass and Copper Spice Jars with Chalk Labels

Update your spice rack with glass seasoning jars and DIY copper and chalk lids.


  • Spice bottles with label set
  • Chalkboard paint
  • Copper spray paint
  • Chalk pen
  • Chalk
  • Clear coat finish


  • Paint brush
  • Scrap cardboard or drop cloth


  1. Read the instructions on the chalk paint jar and follow. Don't forget to shake or stir before using.
  2. Layout the lids on a protected surface and paint a thin coat of chalkboard paint on top. It doesn't need to go on the sides and don't worry about a clean line. The paint will dry streaky.
  3. Paint a second coat of chalkboard paint once the first coat is dry to the touch.
  4. Let the chalkboard paint cure overnight to prevent peeling in the next steps.
  5. After 24 hrs, place the round label sticker centered on top of each lid to use as a stencil.
  6. Place the lids on a piece of cardboard or drop cloth in a well-ventilated area painted side up.
  7. Shake the copper spray paint can for 60 seconds and spray a light and even coat over the lids making sure to get the sides. Hold the can at least 12 inches away to avoid drips and keep the can moving.
  8. Add a second coat once the first coat is dry to the touch.
  9. Carefully remove the label stickers. Use tweezers if needed.
  10. Touch up any chalkboard paint with a small brush and only a little bit of paint.
  11. Season the chalkboard circles once the lids are dry. Do this by rubbing a piece of chalk over them and wiping them off.
  12. The lids are now ready for spice and seasoning names. Use a chalk pen or a thin piece of chalk to make cursive or neat handwriting easier.
  13. Fill the glass jars with spices, put them on the lids, and display them on the counter in a holder or tray or place them in a spice drawer.

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What you need for chalk and copper spice jars:

Glass spice and seasoning jars on a white table with label stickers on the side.
Spice Jar Kit
A jar of chalkboard paint is next to spice jar metal lids with a paint brush leaning on top.
Chalkboard Paint

How to create copper and chalk spice jar lids:

  • Shake or stir the jar of chalk paint. Use a brush to paint the top of your jar lids with two coats of chalk paint, letting them dry 30 minutes in between coats. The first coat will be streaky because of the metal but the second coat will have good coverage. No need to worry about clean lines on the sides since we will cover it next with copper paint.
Metal spice jar lids are spread out on a pink surface with chalkboard paint painted on and an open jar of chalkboard paint nearby.
Chalkboard Paint Lids
  • Let the last coat dry overnight for the paint to cure longer. This will help prevent peeling when we use a sticker as a stencil.
Chalkboard painted spice jar lids are on a white table with white labels on some of them.
Use Label Sticker as a Stencil
  • After the lids have been left for 24 hours, place the round stickers that came with the jars on top of the lids centered as much as you can.  
  • Shake the can of copper spray paint for 60 seconds and test the spray on a piece of scrap cardboard in a well-ventilated area. Lay your lids right side up on a piece of cardboard or other painting surface and spray paint 2-3 light coats of copper spray paint. Let the paint dry to the touch in between coats and make sure to get the sides as well.
  • Optional: Seal with a coat of clear polyurethane or acrylic paint. Let dry for an hour or per directions.
Copper spray painted spice jar lids are drying on a piece of cardboard outside.
Copper Spray Painted Lids
  • Carefully remove the round stickers. Tweezers can help with this task! You now have a perfect chalk paint circle on a copper lid.
Copper spice jar lids with chalkboard labels and glass jars on white table.
Chalk and Copper Spice Jar Lids
  • Use a small brush and chalkboard paint for any touchups if needed.   (Just dab on a little paint.)
A woman's hand is holding a brush for touch up chalkboard paint on a copper spice jar lid with paint nearby on a white table.
Touch Up as Needed
  • Season the chalkboard paint by rubbing a piece of chalk on it and then wiping it off. Write the seasoning names with a chalk marker.   They are ready for use!
Six glass spice jars with seasonings inside and copper and chalk label lids on a white table.  You can see parsley, cilantro, poppy seed, thyme, and pumpkin spice.
Cute Copper and Chalkboard Spice Jars

The wood crate and copper seasoning jars add warmth and a little shine to our all-white kitchen. I have the crate right above the oven leaning on the wall just a little. It’s perfect since I can’t add a shelf above the stovetop in our rental.

An old coke bottle crate is leaning on top of a white oven-stovetop holding copper and chalkboard spice and seasoning jars in an all white kitchen.
Old Coke Crate for Spice Rack

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Chalkboard and copper seasoning jars are displayed in an old coke bottle crate above a white stove top and against white tile in a rental house in Okinawa, Japan.
Seasoning Jar Display

After this kitchen update was completed I did another makeover for the One Room Challenge and added the floral grey peel and stick wrapping paper to our kitchen cabinets. It turned out beautiful!

Rental kitchen makeover with grey floral  peel and stick kitchen cabinets, white tile, white walls, white floor, white and mint table set and lots of natural light in Okinawa, Japan.
Rental Kitchen with Floral Cabinets

Check out how it looks with other DIYs for our Okinawan rental home kitchen in Japan. Our ocean-view house was even featured in Apartment Therapy.

Don’t miss our full Okinawa home tour and our traditional Japanese rental in Iwakuni if you enjoy seeing what it’s like being stationed overseas.

Thanks for stopping by today!!

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    1. Hi Jessica, my mom gave me the jar holder. It’s an old coke bottle crate. I see them often in antique malls or you might look on Etsy or ebay. 🙂

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