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DIY Decoupage Pencils

Oh yes! It’s time for decoupage.  These easy DIY decoupage pencils are a great way to start school off with a bang.  Perfect for a teacher gift or just a fun craft to do with the kids.  Pull out your extra scrapbook paper and let’s get decoupaging!! 😉

Disclaimer:  Please only use hand sharpeners with these as the glue and paper can break an electric sharpener. pencils-feature-banner


Craft Paper

mod podge (or 50/50 water/Elmer’s glue)


scissors/Paper cutterpencils-supplies


1.  Measure your pencil lengthwise then roll the paper around the pencil and mark for widthpencil-measuring

3. Cut out first piece, use this has your templatepencil-paper

4.  Cut out your remaining stripspencil-papers

5. Prepare mod podge or Elmer’s glue/ water mixglue-for-pencils

6.  Submerge strip of paper in glueglue-paper

7.  Wrap around pencil, twirl the pencil in your fingers until the paper lays completely flatpencil-decoupaged

8. Use a box with precut holes to hold pencils until they dry


My son joined in the fun!


After the pencils dry, sharpen the lead to even out the edge of paper if needed.



Now, what can I decoupage next?  😉



  1. These are so cute! I used to decoupage all the time, but I haven’t done it in a while. I have several teacher friends who would love a set of these as a fun back to school happy!

  2. STOP!
    Remember teachers have to buy their own pencil sharpeners if the issued one gets broken! These paper covered pencils reall do a number on electric sharpeners! First hand experience! The paper gums up the blades in the sharpener. I tried putting a high quality old fashioned hand held sharpener but they don’t do the job. Please don’t send these pencils to school!

    1. Oh no! I had no idea. We’ve been using them with our cheap manuel sharpeners. I’ll add a disclaimer into the post! I don’t want anyone to break their sharpener. Thanks for the info.

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